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Artist: Various

Title: Graham

Label: Equinox

Date: March, 1997


1. The Infinity Project - Intro

2. Mystery of the Yeti - Part 4

3. Woodski - Woodski

4. Excess Head - Hopscotch

5. The Infinity Project - Noises From The Darkness (Dub)

6. Excess Head - Strange Thing

7. The Infinity Project - Mystical Experiences

8. Excess Head - Subcurrents

9. The Flippidy Dippidy Project - The Outro



"You're going to be able to meet these people, talk to them."


Graham Wood (half of The Infinity Project) brought his TIP buddies together to make a very odd album. It's downtempo and ambient with a goa flair. Graham is featured on every track under various aliases. My favorite was Part 4 by Mystery of the Yeti as it was the most musically interesting and complex.


Some weird sh*t going on here though.


How high did you have to be to make Woodski? Hopscotch? Noises From the Darkness? When those three tracks ended did the stock price of Doritos tumble? The whole middle of this album is lost in a green haze of cannabis smoke. Very trippy. Strange Thing still sounds like I'm caught in a hippies disjointed dream, but at least I can follow it. Mystical Experiences is a great slice of ambient found on the Infinity Project album of the same name. Full of sounds that continue with the floating. Sub Currents churns with juicy bass for almost its entire length. Even the outro aims to conjure and shape your hallucinations.


If you're searching for that album that you can zone out to look no further. Set hallucinogens to maximum wood.



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This is one of those comps I've been hoping to come across in a shop but never managed it.

The tracks I own, Mystery of The Yeti Part 4, Noises from the darkness (dub) and Mystical experiences are all trippy goodness and I'd really like to get the rest of them. Unfortunately prices on discogs are too high, except the one in poor condition :(

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Strange Things is on Global Psychedelic Trance 3. Hopscotch is on a 10". Both are quite cheap...maybe not very convenient if you're looking for those tracks only, but I've ended up buying both at some point so my collection is strangely complete concerning these tracks. That leaves a few exclusives - Woodski, Sub Currents, Outro? Can't remember what's in the intro.


But hey, isn't $37 for a CD just normal in Japan? :D

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Actually, yes it is but I buy most of my music on the internet and it's cheaper to buy them one by one abroad and pay for postage and packaging to Japan than it is to buy them here. Japanese still love physical media though which is why CD pricing remains high and the music industry remains, relatively, strong.


On Topic,


I've listened to these tracks on youtube and they are all fantastic, good enough to own. I am a big fan of downbeat goa and this is a fantastic collection of such tracks.

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This comp is really really nice. Trippy acidy playful downbeat stuff..


...Mystical Experience .. Let us briefly talk about the nature of the experience ;)


Wonderful intro and outro. Many great tracks one this one Part 4, Mystical Experience, Excess head tracks (which I heard for the first time after getting this track). Really nice downtempo acid stuff. Hopscotch is such an amazing track. Love that Acid :)


Fav Track: Hopscotch, Sub Currents

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