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Artist: Various

Title: Lucid Flux

Label: Anjuna Records

Date: November, 2013



1. Prana - Taiyo (Process Imperfect Simulant Remix)

2. Chakra & Eddie Mis - X-Files (Visitors Remix)

3. Syb Unity Nettwerk - Sun Invaders [Full Moon Mix]

4. NervaSystem & Aether - Distorted Waves Of OM (Slight Return)

5. Aurax - Inordinately Haggard (Live)

7. Graham Wood - Spaced In

8. Ufomatka - Varstar

9. UX - Master Of The Universe (Epic Live Re-Mix Live with Front 242)



"The pond was a nice little beautiful floating...stream going over a nice little dam. And we sat there and water flowed over us and it was beautiful, beautiful. The sun was glistening off our beautiful young bodies and we climbed up out of the water and found that we were all...covered...with...leeches!"


I love being a goa trance fan these days. There is so much variety and different styles from which to choose. One trend that labels like DAT Records, Zion 604, and Anjuna have honed in on is our seemingly insatiable desire for unreleased old school goa. Apparently the artists of the golden days knew this time would come so they held on to their DAT tapes of tracks that previously never saw the light of day. Anjuna is a label that is really going balls out with their releases including limited edition inverted CDs as well as T-shirts. Tribal Encore (their debut compilation) was a success releasing tracks you wouldn't hear from other labels. I didn't like all of them, but Anjuna realizes that all of the tracks are part of the rich history of goa, and pleasing everyone all the time is an impossibility. I've had discussions with them and they are more concerned with keeping that history and old school spirit alive than in turning a profit. Once again their latest compilation contains tracks that were either previously unreleased or only found on vinyl.




Taiyo (Process Imperfect Simulant Remix)- The original track can be found on Cyclone and the Chakra Remix can be found on Geomantik. I like this one the best. It sound s more organic with beeps and squeals above the deep bass.


X-Files (Visitors Remix)-




Yeah...no. This is some thumping psy with tribal screams and I don't care for it. Whatever, I didn't like the original version either. That said as a remix it's a win because it is so dramatically different than said original.


Sun Invaders [Full Moon Mix]- Syb Unity Nettwerk (Kris Kylven) doesn't make bad tracks and this is no exception. Constantly evolving this is pretty good.



Distorted Waves Of OM (Slight Return)- Nervasystem and Aether deliver one of the tracks of the compilation. It squelches and squeals coalescing it's layers into quite the stomper. Lot's of folks are excited about Anjuna's next release which is some unreleased Nervasystem. Me being one of them. Awesome track and you gotta wonder how this puppy never saw the light of day.



Inordinately Haggard (Live)- Psychedelic goa to the core! Browling like a lion and bubbling like a vat of steaming acid this track shrieks to anyone who'll listen. Sometimes sharp sometimes laid back it's a definite highlight.


Full Potential- Another track that never made it to primetime or anytime actually. Lots of alien noises and dark psychedelia especially near the end.


Spaced In- Graham Wood (Half of the Infinity Project) up next with another unreleased gem. It gurgles and bounces with head nodding goodness. Nothing too intricate, but when you layer all that bubbling it makes twirling much easier.


Varstar- If Distorted Waves was number one than this is 1A. Darkness has a name and it's Varstar. Feel that low bass deep in your physical center as sinister vibes bursting with evil froth over. God it's so clear and lush I feel as though I could squeeze it through my fingers!


Master Of The Universe (Epic Live Re-Mix Live with Front 242)- And now the one that got mouths salivating. Already one of the greatest goa tracks in history, but now with more Front 242!




It's live so you can hear the crowd cheering which I like. Always gives a boost of energy. I don't know what part Front 242 played in this tale, but I don't hear additional vocals until near the end. It sounds slightly different with a more symphonic quality.



This second release from Anjuna is two scoops of win. Rare and unreleased old school goa trance will always be welcomed as far as I'm concerned. Like the debut compilation I didn't fall in love with all the tracks, but I respected them. And please, remixes that don't sound just like a clone of the original? Where do I sign up? The sound quality is rich like chocolate cake thanks to Mr. Tim Schuldt. That guy is boss.


Highly recommended for all your psychedelic goa trance needs. Congratulations Anjuna!





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Listening to this now & it's super nice. Anjuna beats IMHO is the best retro Goa label for me with the harder sounds I always loved, hope they keep afloat for a long time. Big respects from Australia for such awesome music. I might have a chance to spin these tunes at a beach gig here on NYD :)

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Track 2 is the only track which could have been left out, the world didn't need to hear this :) The rest of the compilation is blistering.

4. NervaSystem & Aether - Distorted Waves Of OM (Slight Return) Awesome track and you gotta wonder how this puppy never saw the light of day.

Well it was released, see here. Anjuna itself says might be the same. Now, if the 12" is really 10:40 long as per youtube, either the 'Slight Return' tag means it has had some tweaks on the CD or it might have had some seconds trimmed off, maybe with some other tracks to fit since CD is 78:53 long.

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The OG 12" is fucking slick.

It is easy to understand why one was released and the other not. They are different, but no need to release two versions of the same track at the same time.


And if you haven't heard Seven Serpents before, well, one cannot explain God. One has to witness it...

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Wonderful compilation, really amazing!!! :wub:

Just one notice, one interesting fact. There`s only one modern artist in Anjuna releases - Ufomatka (Alexandr Yemelyanov from Kiev, Ukraine). But he is good enough for these compilations!

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