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Logo for web site about Goa DJs


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you can draw one, it is not hard to draw an intresting Mandala like goa logo or something like that or edit a sunset and make it with psychedelic colors, if youtype psychedelic in google picture search you will find a lot of goa logos aswell, which are very interesting.

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If you want professionally designed logotype for your brand, product, website, or whatever, you can contact us there, iPsy and myself are doing various type of designs in afforable price range.

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Oh, please mate. Posts are spam. Btw, I klnow your designs very well. PS is not a professional logo design. Would suggest to start working for a serious company ONE TIME IN YOUR LIFE and stopping trying to sell your raster gifs.


Next time on posting to my topic, please insert a coin.

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Ummmh strange, after you added me on facebook (if I remember well) and contacted me, you asked music from me, than you asked an artwork for your release (even you never tried to contact me back and cancel that artwork, which was supposed to be done for free, even I was busy in that period of time, but getting a credit on a new compilation that should promote goa trance music, was enough for me), than you offered your music to me for possible releasing (on Neogoa/Graviton), and in the end you wanted a free copy of Mindsphere CD for a review on your website (even I had only two extra copies for sale). Funny thing about whole situation is that some people are getting offended when someone values his own work and creation, even I made a bunch of free artworks and even I wanted to help you with that part no matter the fact that you somehow managed only to ask things from me from the very start. You and people like you should be ashamed! Not because the fact that you're attacking me publicly here without any proper reason given, but because you're rude and does not appriciate someones help, and I indeed wanted to help you out.


Speaking about my friend and co-worker at Neogoa Design iPsy, there is no reason to be bitchy, that same poor gifs are made by him and I think he's a talented guy who is actually working in serious company and we both share same passion and ideas regarding the psychedelic visuals and art. Speaking about my own works, I'm trying to have and keep my own style and vision, someone will like it, someone won't, i'm totally cool with it and in the end the most important thing to me is that all sides are happy. And FYI, no, i'm not living from graphic design, but it's enough to pay most of the Neogoa related things.

Couple of iPsy's creations at ND:










Anyways, goodluck with finding what you're looking for, I just wanted to give you another choice / an option for your logo/website.


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well done/said Richpa.

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