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Dimension 5 - TransAddendum


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Artist: Dimension 5

Title: TransAddendum

Label: Suntrip Records

Date: February, 2013


1. Altair

2. Zarkon

3. Strange Phenomena

4. Return To The Source

5. Caprica

6. Symphonic Switch

7. Alpha Particles

8. Deep Space 5D (Thai Remix)


de·vi·ant - deviating especially from some accepted norm : characterized by deviation (as from a standard of conduct) <socially deviant behavior>


I think I'm a deviant.




Me peeking into Joske's window seeing what he's got up his sleeve. I mean, what he's listening to. Yeah, what he's listening to. What did you think I meant?


Whoa, whoa hold on...he's way older than me. It's not like I comb the elementary schools for unsuspecting prepubescent boys in hopes to lure them away from the twisty slide and ask them if they will fart on this sandwich I've got in my bag. That's messed up.


And a waste of a perfectly good sandwich.



Suntrip: "What the f*ck? We asked him for this?"



Ok, so I'm not a deviant, not even close. But you will see why I might be exhibiting deviant behavior. Here we have a release by one of if not the greatest Goa Trance acts in history full of stuff you've never heard before. Their album Transdimensional was one of the most superb goa trance albums of all time with more melodies than you can shake a stick at. All wrapped up in some thick deep space atmosphere.


Now I'm still not over my man crush on the Mindsphere and Etnica releases and Suntrip goes and drops this gem on me? Oh well, like a dutiful Mormon I just smile and say the more the merrier. But carrying on a relationship with three people may cause some to label me a deviant. Moving on from one album to the next like the goa whores we are can be signs of deviant behavior.


Or the greatest party of all time. Said every single guy ever.


Now I believe that with Patience From Heaven and Live in Athens 1996 the bar has been set in the modern era.





Ok first things first the artwork (by Fabián Arturo Jiménez Gally) is light and beautiful. Nice enough in fact that I would love a poster of it on my wall. Except my wife would probably tell me to take my hippy sh*t to the basement cause it clashes with whatever motif she's currently got going on. I swear all my sh*t is down there, it looks like a hoarder lives there. Secondly there are going to be comparisons to Etnica's Live in Athens 1996 and that's understandable. Both artists are legends and two great labels are releasing tracks that have never been heard or are ridiculously rare. The difference is that this is a single disc of unreleased tracks. To be followed by another disc of rare tracks that were only on obscure vinyls. Pretty smart too cause the minds at Suntrip know that some people already have those tracks so why jack them for some stuff they don't need and make 'em buy a double album?


But you know you're gonna get it, so just set aside the 20 euro from your part time job as a fluffer and don't think about it. Look it up.


So how is it?


The most important label in today's goa trance has an incredible track record consistently releasing quality album after quality album. For some perspective, in the big leagues if a player hits .400 he is phenomenal. I think only one player in the history of baseball (not sure, I hate baseball...so f*cking boring) has ever had a batting average like that during his career.


Well this player averages near 1000 over their 9 year run. Melodic goa trance is what they do and they do it better than anyone else. Now I could be the fanboy that I am and just tell you that this is their greatest release to date, and everything else pales in comparison. But that's not how I write. This is a great album with 8 tracks that you've never heard before. Melodic and old school to the bone with more of their trademarked atmosphere you crave. At times it hits hard and during others track lengths are measured in trippy light years not minutes. It sounds great which is another feather in the cap of Tim Schuldt. And there is no question that if you're a fan of D5 or goa trance than you should most definitely buy this. Maybe I got spoiled by the Etnica release, but I missed having an insert detailing what the story was behind the tracks. But that has nothing to do with the quality music so who cares?


But it's not Transdimensional 2.


How could it be? When you've reached the mountain top how much higher can you go? There's a reason these were unreleased and the ones on Transdimensional made it to the album. That album is an absolute classic. So much so that Suntrip (damn these guys are good) already re-released it. They knew. But they also knew that we as fans of goa trance have a hunger for unreleased stuff. If there is a possibility of good tunes out there that we haven't experienced then why not let them see the light of day? But please don't call these b-sides, because I think that title demeans what they are. Whether they made it on the album or not, we wanted them. We needed them.


Good on you Suntrip, this is a fantastic release.













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Dimension 5: TransAddendum
Suntrip Records

1. Altair
2. Zarkon
3. Strange Phenomena
4. Return To The Source
5. Caprica
6. Symphonic Switch
7. Alpha Particles
8. Deep Space 5D (Thai Remix)

Prior to 2013's releases of TransAddendum and Transstellar, I thought I had heard all of Dimension 5's tracks; D5 being one of the most famous groups in Psychedelic Goa-Trance. The debut, Transdimensional is a great album that many consider classic. While I didn't feel the same about every song, I found Deep Space 5D, Psychic Influence, and Flow some of the best songs ever created, with numerous others on levels of greatness. My expectations weren't high with TransAddendum; I was just thankful, really curious, and excited to hear unreleased songs by D5. Surprisingly, I find some of the songs on TransAddendum better than some of the ones on Transdimensional, and vice-versa to be fair.

1. Altair doesn't throw the best stuff at you just yet. It's not filled with many events, twists, and turns. The first half is decent, but with D5's melodic edge and ingredients that enhance the recipe along the way. The last third articulates the melodies, showcases them more. This is just the opening track and it's solid. The more I hear it, the more I like it! B+

2. Zarkon has a strong, melodic passage than stands out more than the previous track. The song really shines in the first half, from 2:26 to 5:47. The voice samples are unique. The interlude in the second third is nice too! I don't care for how the otherwise effectively psychedelic synth line changes up from 3:48 to 4:25, reoccurring from 5:19 to 5:58. I find it distracting and unnecessary. The song without its reprisal would have sounded bare, but something different in the fifth minute could have sufficed. Others may have no qualm with my gripe. Fortunately, the artists bring back the tasty lead in the last two minutes which salvages the end. This is a pretty good song with elements of greatness. B

3. Strange Phenomena is the first song to really grab me with the synth lead. The intro is short and emotive. The lead that enters in the second minute sounds determined and gripping, and the usage of voice samples compliments. The lead returns several times which is nice; the melody/sound work around it is solid. The song breaks for an interlude. Then suddenly evolves into Cosmosis-esque psychedelia, as if inspired by Synergy(!) around the fifth minute. Strange Phenomena is kind of like the Psychic Influence of TransAddendum to some degree with the melodies, driving direction, and voice samples. I'm amazed that this wasn't released before. Though nothing groundbreaking, it's better than numerous songs from the classic Transdimensional album in my opinion. Excellent work. A-

4. Return To The Source involves synth leads less prominent than Caprica. The supporting structures stand out more; they're more psychedelic, textured and immersive as if to load the vehicle with options. The track grows catchier as it progresses. It isn't very eventful though. That said, the layering is well done. Continuous blending takes precedence over changes of scenery so to speak. Overall, this is great song! A-

5. Caprica begins like something out of NeverEnding Story. The opening is ethereal, heavenly; it's gorgeous, like a castle floating in the sky or a beloved fantasy film unfolding before your eyes (ears). I love the work at the beginning of this song that reprise later. The style becomes more elaborate as it unfolds. During a floating interlude, the opening notes return. This approach is wonderful; the notes seamlessly flow into the uptempo work; it's catchy! I love songs that get better as they progress. The artist's have produced another gem with Caprica! I think a tremendous downtempo song could come out of the fantasy sound here with more development of those sounds. The first and last several minutes is magical; everything in-between deserves attention. Superb work! A

6. Symphonic Switch for some will be a melodic Goa fanboy's dream. It's one of the most melodic songs D5 has ever made. I love the nostalgic sound in the opening two minutes, the lead at 0:30 like something out a futuristic movie; this could have been on the Tron: Legacy soundtrack! I love the ambient notes, the plucking sound in the second minute that later reprise, the melodies, soundscapes, tune-driven interludes, and how the song develops. The last two minutes could have been tighter though, from 7:37 to close. Or the song could have ended around 7:37, without the drum roll, because the last two minutes didn't express much. Furthermore, the song doesn't seem to know when to end; how and when it fade seems odd and abrupt, as if soon after the song attempts a third-wind, so to speak. This song could have used some touching up towards the end, but as a whole, it's great. The melodies are wonderful. A-

7. Alpha Particles is more futuristic than the previous numbers. It involves more emphasis around the beat; the song's delectable, driving, and infectious. The first two minutes isn't anything great. They are more or less buildup to an indelibly designed liquid vehicle that comes to fruition in the second and third act. The pulsating bass line is hypnotic. Alpha Particles is a more sophisticated and advanced; it's crafted with technical skill and attention to details outside of melody leads, twists, turns, and climaxes that are generally associated with Goatrance. The song's inventive, kinetic, and mature. The purposely incoherent, skipping, vocals in the last third's background blends in with everything else remarkably. This song may take time to grow on numerous listeners due to its melody work taking a backseat to the experimental approach. Well done! A

8. Deep Space 5D (Thai Remix) is like an ethnic-influenced version of the original to some degree, that being the most famous song on the debut. The classic, opening notes get me drunk with euphoria. Listeners will enjoy the vast, creative differences of the two versions. The hypnotic sound was simply more hypnotic in the original version. The hair on my head doesn't stand up this time. I'm not induced into a deep trance, but that's not a bad thing. The song is more aggressive and showcases catchy ideas and approaches from that of the original. Sold remix! A-

In Conclusion, D5's TransAddendum is a splash of old-school, nostalgic bliss with updated production values. D5 is huge when it comes to catchy rhythms and melodies, and TransAddendum is no exception. It's Psychedelic Goatrance in one of its purest forms. While the first two songs are solid, I didn't care for some of the distorted synth work in Zarkon. My attention was grabbed from Strange Phenomena forward, and going back, I enjoy the album straight through now. This release is filled with talent, delectable harmonies, and rhythms. It's for fans of Goatrance, both old and new. It's D5 as you remember them, a list of carefully selected, unreleased songs from the 1990's, mastered (or re-mastered) and released for the first time. The strange thing is that they did release a second album called Second Phaze... and it wasn't as good as this one!

Thank you D5, Tim Schuldt for the wonderful mastering, and Suntrip Records for making this album possible along with D5's Transstellar album. Highly recommended for fans of Goatrance!

Favorite tracks: 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8,


Samples / Order


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The Great Tracks



Return To The Source -> Best track on the album even though it seems like it may have been incomplete?


Alpha Particles

Deep Space 5D (Thai Remix)


The Not So Great Tracks



Strange Phenomena

Symphonic Switch -> Awkward chord progression in the main section


This is not to say any track on here is bad. They are all well thought out. Some lack refinement and detail while others could easily have fit on Transdimensional or Second Phaze. The same general Dimension 5 sound is here. The leads, the kicks, the super bright snares, the bass lines. I can't see how anyone who likes Dimension 5 could be disappointed in this treat. Thanks suntrip and to whoever found the hidden vault full of these songs.

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Dimension 5 - TransAddendum - 2013
1. Altair
2. Zarkon
3. Strange Phenomena
4. Return to the Source
5. Caprica
6. Synthonic Switch
7. Alpha Particles
8. Deep Space 5D (Thai Rmx)
Mastering: Tim Schuldt
As far as I can remember I have always been a Dimension 5 fan.
And until now that hasn't changed. I can tell you that this effort combined with the Blue moon release http://www.psynews.org/forums/index.php?/topic/64905-dimension-5-chi-ad-&do=findComment&comment=1003079
Thank you Suntrip!
At this first sight I made the so called mistake in my mind of comparing each track the the original albums all the time.
This sounded more like second phaze and this sounded more like Transdimensional. It started annoying me like hell. When I stopped doing that and analysed it as entire fresh release my perspective totally changed. And although those are tracks written in the 90's.
This is actually an entire fresh release. Glad my winkers fell off and I started looking through different glasses.
The mastering of Tim Schuldt is like always a very strong variable.
Every thing sounds neat, clear, and the baseline is well present.
I don't know off this album should be defined more direction "second phaze" or Transdimensional.
Here I'am again. It's neither and both which is good. A new Dimension 5 to my ears is more then
welcome. Off course the approach of direction is very recognizable if you know to the first albums
by head. This is dimension 5 like it should be and like I wanted it to be.
The more I listen to and the less I compare it to it's 2 releases this is a great succesor.
Reviewing track by track isn't my style anymore but some detail would be fine imo...
1. Altair
As always Dimension 5 creates a good atmosphere starting by a nice intro (what actually counts for all track, so repeating
that would be useless.). It's direct chose of speaking melodies,one layer trance appeals to me. All is very warm, gentle and the choice of sounds is pure like D5. Nothing to fast, nothing to overloaded. Very floating from one sound to another.
In Altair I give more credit to the fact that one melody is more sharp within the D5 concept substantiated with the
floating spirals we all love so much.The spoken samples are very mystic just like we recognize them from the previous albums.
This is a very good intro track and it inspires me what's coming next. If this is the way it's going, hell yeah!!
We've got a winner.
2. Zarkon
Again good intro blablabla. And all the above elements that I described in Altair are still there.
The bass is a bit more uplifting. The concept more dreamy. It's great. They change often their sounds,
not being repetitive over and over. So the variation is well done. In this track a 303 minded melody occurs and is been used over and over in many different ways. Together with the good mastering is sounds excellent.
D5 is telling a story with goa/melody marks. And they are doing just fine.
3. Strange Phenomena
The bass of strange phenoma reminds me a bit off one of my favorite tracks from D5, "Deep Space D5" and I love it.
Again all mark/elements described in the above tracks are there (what a boring review :) ), 303 melodies, very short one
after another which is totally different then the the first 2 albums. I'm starting to noticing that D5 uses more trance
layers in the substantiated which is not entirely my cup off tea to be honest.
But it goes well along with the concept. So it's growing.
4. Return to the Source
Return to the Source is less varied, it's more monotone compared to the previous tracks but fits great with the
concept of the album. Still good job.
5. Caprica
The intro of Caprica is sooooooooo great. The tune reminds me of another electronic track. I have been searching
in my collection but can't anything, "Vangelis" crossed my mind at a certain moment. Maybe some ideas?
Caprica is certainly the reason why goatrance is still alive. This is a masterpiece. I can't find anything wrong
about the built up, on the contrary. This feels/experiences a live! This is why I still think D5 are one (not the) off the
best goatrance artist ever. This type of track proves my judgment. Experience it and enjoy. Money sooo well spent, timeless trance.
This one also but maybe good emotional, 10/10...
6. Synthonic Switch
It feels like D5 is going for the same quality as Caprica which I can only applause. The light squeezed melodies are doing
great and keeping me busy all the time. D5 travels beyond the stars into the galaxy. "Buckle up we are going into hyperspace, ladies and gentlemen". Touching, melodic & travelling.
7. Alpha Particles
The same goes for Alpha Particles, no use in wasting your time with words I have already used.
Or telling you how it schiffers my spine, or how high it reaches the sky :rolleyes: and all that stuff, those days are over,
not my cup of tea anymore. Suit it yourself :P
Just Synthonic switch and Caprica a 10/10. Alpha Particles is probably a bit less emotional.
8. Deep Space 5D (Thai Rmx)
This is certainly my less favorite track on the album, well one has to be. I love the original version off Deep space,
So this rmx isn't needed at all and the original track is 10 times better. I tend to skip it.
This is a collectors item for Dimension 5 fans.
This is a great releases for all who ever felled that the latest goatrance release is to tensed or different.
This is original stuff from the 90's.For who has never heard of D5, money well spent. Go for it.
But it's still melody after melody that's true...
Keep it alive and I can't wait for Transstellar to come :)
Grtz Koen!
Edited, some days later...
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5. Caprica

The intro of Caprica is sooooooooo great. The tune reminds me of another electronic track. I have been searching
in my collection but can't anything, "Vangelis" crossed my mind at a certain moment. Maybe some ideas?


Dimension 5 - Ganymede (or Guitar Mix)?

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Found it, I knew I heard that tune before, I had to find it and I think I did...

And it should be Vangelis - End Titles From Blade Runner - 1994


Dimension 5 - Caprica - 2013 - starts in the beginning...




Vangelis - End Titles From Blade Runner - 1994 - starts at sec 25....


No harm meant to D5 btw :),

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Sorry mate but it's not the same melody. There's some vague resemblance yes, but in the end when we look at - making a choir like synth sweep at the beginning of track is not at all a new invention and the chances are you come across two similar melodies sooner or later.

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Probably it can be more the choice off sounds I guess,
combined by my youth memories, printed that way.

So I hear it differently, or want to hear it that way...


I'm glad somebody responded, thanx for that :)

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Thanx Jos, you didn't have too ;), but still thanx!


A lot off tunes sounds similar but considering this one I had from youth,

And probably never heard since back then I started sort of linking it in my mind...

That's what I like, analyzing music :) Never promised it would be correct all the time :P



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