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Sephira - Imagination in Motion


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Artist: Sephira

Title: Imagination in Motion

Label: MerKaBa Records

Released: October 2011


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1. Where's My Map (Intro)

2. Learning To Walk

3. More Than Human

4. Memory Access

5. Life Changes

6. Destiny

7. Lost Vegas

8. The Beginning Is The End

9. Shamans Lullaby


What??!? No review for this record? I hope the reason is because all of you are lazy writers, like me. What?? 30 pages of useful information about the new-upcoming-and-outstanding AP album? Well, then it can't be your lazyness, must be some sort of slipping under the radar. Cause I think that a lot of you would like this.


Matthew Crick's debut as Sephira is released through Ektoplazm and MerKaBa Records, got really good feedback there and went quite high in Ekto's Best of 2011 Poll (no.4). I would place it even higher and for sure not only because of OOOD's mastering.


Where's My Map is, well, an intro and I'm happy that Sephira hadn't searched for too long how to get into this record.

Learning To Walk starts with some gentle breakbeats and you can already here where this ride is going. It takes its time, it is spacious, it is moving slightly, nice melodies and spirals are passing by. If this is how Sephira learned to walk, I can't wait to hear him running.

More Than Human goes in the same direction, slowly built, melancholic and trancing. Whale-like sounds, an ongoing melody and these well-put breaks and effects give me an underwater feeling and let me dive deep.

Memory Access starts instantly, but we are still at 120 bpm. Well, what to say, after the first two tracks I don't feel the need to describe more - I only love how the tracks are evolving and rolling and sounding. And I want a shot of hazelnut schnapps right now. And to push repeat.

Life Changes and so the tempo. It's gettin faster, we're in progressive territory now while still enjoying Sephira's deep rolling basslines, spacey feelings, subtle melodies - I'm writing this while standing and assshaking.

Destiny seems to mean here still lovely melodies, thoughtout effects and breaks, outerspace and melancholic yet dark overtone. Same recipe in every track? Boring? Well, I'm still standing.

Lost Vegas is another great deep and dark track. But it is somehow outweighed from the great journey which was going on here before.

The Beginning Of The End is the longest track on this album and I really really hope that this won't be the end for us to experience your music, Matthew. This is another beautiful building and sedate walking piece of trance which brings you back with a slow build-down. I'm sitting again.

Shamans Lullaby is the closer and honestly I don't care much for it at all.


Imagination In Motion is a beautiful Deep Trance Album, full of emotion with a dark overtone and a great journey to listen to completely. The structure of the music may sound repetitive and simple, but believe me, it's well thought out, uplifting and knows how to entrance. And by saying simple I don't mean brainless uninspired sameness. You can rather hear how this music flows out of Matthew's hands easily. So, what else to say? Nothing except: Wow, still surprised that this hadn't been reviewed before. What went wrong T2MU? You get everything, don't you? Well, it's never to late, pull off your Iono underwear and have a listen. I'll go for another hazelnut.


You go here!!

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Haven't listened but that is one hell of a cover 0063.gif

the music is as good. spooky stuff.


edit: some not so spooky. Quality music overall.

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Artist: Sephira

Title: Imagination In Motion

Label: MerKaBa Records

Date: October, 2011




01 - Where's My Map? (120 BPM)
02 - Learning To Walk (120 BPM)
03 - More Than Human (120 BPM)
04 - Memory Access (120 BPM)
05 - Life Changes (130 BPM)
06 - Destiny (125 BPM)
07 - Lost Vegas (125 BPM)
08 - The Beginning Of The End (128 BPM)
09 - Shamans Lullaby (125 BPM)


"The question you face is...which path will you choose?"


The gauntlet was thrown down upon me a while ago, but I finally got a chance to listen to this. One word comes to mind.




There are a lot of things to like with this release. Blubber was right. He takes his time to get you where you need to be. None of the transitions are jarring. All of it is just smooth. Catch that 303 on More Than Human? It'll show up again in a few other tracks. Life Changes is slightly more aggressive, but even here the mellow vibe isn't disturbed. The effects bubble and the leads caress creating a very soft and introspective listening experience. He also shows skill in layering textures gently on top of each other. Is it dark? Yeah, the same way dusk is in late October. Not dark enough to scare the sh*t out of you, but there's a cold bite in the air that let's you know you better be getting home soon before you lose your way.


I would highly recommend this. Easily one of the best releases on Ektoplazm and one of the best of 2011.


BTW, Memory Access is an awesome track.


Free at Ektoplazm



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