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how do u fall asleep?

Guest neurogen

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Do you drink coffee or anything else with caffeine? I used to take up to 2 hours to fall asleep, and I consumed a lot of caffeine at the time. I stopped caffeine for almost 10 years, and during that time I got to where I could generally fall asleep in 20 minutes or so. When I started drinking coffee again, it started taking me longer to fall asleep again.


Coffee has indeed a huge effect on my sleep pattern, it has even an effect on how many times I wake up (for a second) during the night...

That's why in the week (or when I have to get up early) I drink decaf, otherwise I don't mind.

For instance it's holidays in Belgium right now, yesterday, today and combined with the weekend, so I'm drinking coffee all the time, I like coffee a lot :)

It's is noticeable in the amount of posts I wrote today for example :D

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I enjoy total and utter silence. If there is even any kind of noise(aside from chill/downtempo/ambient music) and im just a little bit aware of things (i.e. not too tired) I will notice it and pay too much attention to it. Another way for me to fall asleep faster is to have cooler air coming in, though it's a bad thing when it's winter and it's way too cold when I wake up.


Hate noise, hate too much warmth, I just cannot sleep like that easy.


^ this.


The problem is, I live in a loud house. I hear the neighbor when he's shitting. What's really awful though is, that I hear them snore too. No joke. there's times where I hear people snoring. In the house.

It's totally awful at times. Earplugs do take some of that out, but sometimes there are cases where I can forget it because it just goes through (or it goes via the vibration of walls and not the noise itself -- yes, I am sensible enough to notice). I have been to the point with the noise where I was lying on the couch in the other room, earplugs in, then headphones above them and playing running water sounds (for hours) on youtube just to make me sleep ... which eventually worked, but not for long. The problem is, the noises aren't even loud ... people would laugh at me if I complained. But it causes a lot of stress when I can't relax :(


That leads to the fact that I suffer from insomnia every now and then .... and I had it the week before again and had to get some benzos from my doctor again to make it go away. Fortunately I have already been off them again, so it was just a brief episode...


So ... when I don't have insomnia or anxiety attacks in the night that keep me awake - one of which happens every two weeks or so - then I just lie down and am asleep in the next 15 minutes. Sometimes ambient music helps to fall asleep even faster. I used to do it to Sync24's album Source pretty often. And when I did it, then I usually didn't even get past the second track before I was gone.

That's when it goes well. Sadly it doesn't always...

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