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How can we make Psynews more active? Post your ideas/opinions.


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So after evaluating the changes we made to the forum structure, for a while now. I think it's safe to conclude, that it didn't change much, in terms of activity in the reviews section. So I suggest we try putting the: "Latest Topics" section which is at the bottom now to the top, and restore everything else to how it was before. Since the most popular section seems to be the news section. And it was kinda on the top before if I remember correctly, so I suggest putting the news section high up, under the lastest topics tab or something. :) 

Let's hear what everybody else thinks/have for suggestions. As for the rest I think it's good, people probably check the news section first, then scroll down to the general section or so, and see the promotional sections while doing so. So those sections get their share of exposure, which is good I think.

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