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Akshan - The Tree of Life

Jon Cocco

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Akshan - The Tree of Life
Altar Records, 2012

Psy-Chill, Psy-Ambient, Trible-influenced Trance, etc



The Tree of Life is an awesome release. How often do I say that? You must hear this album. You must!

1. Aborigen's Dream begins with an ethereal, ambient introduction. It's relaxing and meditative. A beat soon arrives along with a downtempo, Goa-esque melody at around 1:20. Feelings emerge from the second minute forward though. The middle act involves the beat going mid-tempo, enticing a batch of catchy, new spices. The beat later changes up at around 5:55, a clever move, and the last third incorporates tribal influence that elevate the song even further. A-

2. Adagio for the Braves has more energy than the previous number. It's like out of a movie. Very beautiful and contemplative. After a voice sample in the middle act, it breaks out wonderfully, soaring above the clouds in the final act. This is a strong song with a wonderful ending. A

3. Angels Never Cry begins darker than the previous two numbers (quite catchy). Piano notes mix in with the provocative atmosphere nicely. The beat soon arrives, coupled with chilling atmosphere. The song becomes more psychedelic and arresting, though the middle third evolves a little less than the previous two songs. The final third is like clouds parting as light emerges, a wonderful surprise. Well done! B+

4. Symphonic Tendencies has more oomph in the beat, strong ambient work, soundscapes, and a gripping buildup coupled with female hymns that enhance the driving rhythms. This is another solid number. A-

5. Eternity is more ambient-influenced, coupled with haunting echoes, delectable psy work, and an increase in energy later on. Excellent track. A-

6. Back to the Origin is another psychill-influenced track. A trekking tribal sound early on grabs my attention with another tune before the floating interlude. A sample soon arrives that sounds like Morpheus from The Matrix. After this, the feel of the song changes up; there's an echoed, clunking industrial sound (very catchy!). Suddenly at around 5:20 the entire beat switches up, producing a more electronic sounds. A psychedelic synth/sound emerges. The cool thing about this song is that it incorporates gentle with more energetic elements. The results are great. There even seems to be a touch of opera here around the beat. Very nice! A-

7. Jungle Fever is more goa influenced to me than any of the songs here due to a tasty layer in the last third, another great track! A-

8. Waiting For You reminds me of Asura a little in the opening before blosseming into its own. There are some really nice psy/skipping sounds, melodies, and relaxing/contemplative parts, the latter two further accentuated in the final moments. This is a beautiful closing track. I cannot find a single, negative thing to say about this album surprisingly. A-


Every track is strong on this album IMO. It's a rarity. Every song... numerous songs are excellent, wonderful! You must hear this album. It's an comprises a strong and engaging mixture of ambient, psy-chill, tribal, psy, even touches of Goa influence IMO! It's packed with harmony, feeling. It's evocative, provocative, contemplative. We need albums like these filled with heart and soul. Tracks comprise substantial chapters in a thoughtful and developed story loaded with creativity, catchy sound/melody work, atmosphere, and more. The songs develop and evolve throughout. There are no fillers. Some of the BEST songs I have heard IN YEARS are on this album. I love the last act of track 2, numerous others, and the strong variety throughout. Every song is different, distinct, unique, and memorable. This album deserves more people to be aware of its existence, hear and enjoy. Thank you Akshan and Altar Records for this passionately produced and imaginative release. Highly Recommended!


Favorite tracks - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8... oh, that's all of them.



Sample / Order



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very touching music here, wouldve never thought that a progressive form of ambient would come out, and i love the fact that it's not depressive as downtempo can be.


really amazing and unique music. 2,3 and 9 top my favs

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This is a very nice album, quite enjoyable - nothing exceptional in my opinion, but a nice hybrid of downtempo +progressive + goa vibes..


:blink: I'd be very interested to hear what you consider an example of an exceptional hybrid downtempo/progressive/goa album!
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Well, in terms of genres it is exceptional because it's a good concept - the progressive chill thing. But I just don't hear a whole bunch of creativity in the music - as an album it plays it all very safe - so it's an album I enjoy but it's not really etching itself into my memory as something that stands out..

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First my imo (my personal experience and thoughts, don't shoot me :) )


I have listened to this album many times now and tend to disagree with the progressive "touch" that has been referred to.

It is not because an artist lowers down the BPM off it's baseline that it suddenly becomes progressive as we know progressive

within the concept of psychedelic trance and beyond. This is just a slower trance baseline, downtempo.

Actual progressive doesn't even lower down the BPM but uses different kicks and patterns what creates a progressive experience.

There are no elements enough around to consider some tracks as progressive but I do understand the link because sometimes it comes very close.



Second :)


The album itself is amazing. It seems a new trend between quotes to use more slower baselines

and this Ultimae ambient style like Solar fields has done before and even

the latest Aes dana - pollen contains. I can only applause such a thing cause damn, I like it!

Akshan is filled with great melodies, not too long stretched and varied enough to keep me busy the entire release.

The chose of sounds is nothing new but each track Akshan goes a bit further in it's concept.

The melodies and atmosphere become stronger track by track and so do his baselines which are also varied in their patterns.

Is this still ambient? I don't know. I experience it as relaxing but it's pure downtempo to my ears.

It's not to warm or fluffy but then again not cold and chilly. A very good release, and totally different.


Good work from Altar Records and it's Artist.


Thanx & more of this please :)

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This album is excellent.


If you like Psy-Ambient, Psy-Chill, Tribal/Psy-influenced Trance, etc. This album combined it beautifully.


My favorite Chill-releated album of 2012. There's so much feeling and mood.


My honorable mention goes to RA - Unearthly also released by Altar Records.

Check out the samples. We need more stuff like this. Keep putting it out there. Wake them the world with this stuff. And make sure to market it, youtube, facebook. Positive, wonderful music! :)




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I don't know how I missed this one in 2012.

Just recently I heard this album and was totally mesmerized by it.

Track 2 is the stand-out track, but the whole album is such a beautiful experience.

Every track is hypnotizing, sweet and well.. perfect.


Ordered it yesterday from Altar (only few copies left) :)

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This along with his latest CD are some of the most remarkable downtempo and upbeat trance I've heard. Such passionate and emotionally stirring music. Truly a soundtrack replete with lust atmosphere. I hope he still produces music.


This is the E-mantra of the downtempo genre.

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