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what style is this?


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Hmm I would say Electro House or something, although it has a kinda chill vibe too.. Wouldn't say deephouse, because deephouse tends to have a jazz or funk influenced vibe.. Anyway, sounds nice. :)


Deep house doesn't always have to have obvious jazz influences, it is true that a lot of it does, but deep house is defined as not as vocal as regular house and without the disco-inspired beat that regular house has.

Also, I like the track and I like deep house so I will call it same :P

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randomly stumbled on this tune and I liked it a LOT, but have no idea where to look for more since I don't really know the style... some sort of melodic minimal house?




BTW this is officially classified as progressive house.

Here is the full track-


Lemmiwinks, if you are looking for more like this you could browse the progressive house or IDM sections.

It is hit-or-miss finding great music anywhere though.

OH, have you heard Max Cavalerra - eternity ep? similar sound to this classified as deep house.

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