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My New Commecial goa track "Psyn"


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You now have your records, i think you are most successful guy in goa scene today.


Short story about label:




My name is NHJO HYENNRO.

born from South-Korea, Seoul.

NHJO HYENNRO made by me (name).

We label want to psychedelic and technology and logic etc.

We love Psytrance, Goatrance, Psychedelic Trance, Rock, Metal, Etc

I'm 1978 born (07/16).

I'm Label President and I seek staff.





President of all goa heads!

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However still got hard feeling about Nhjo being a troll, but what the hell, it's funny and why not keep feeding him :)


My thoughts exactly, it all seems a bit too 'good' to be true, doesn't it? :lol:

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My new junodownload single "PSYR"

That track is full-on style fast goa psychedelic trance.




Please buy my tracks. :)

My new album is now working. soon release at 1 month.


and My single "PSYN" is on junodownload goa/psy trance, single chart at 101 of 500. I'm now nice feeling.


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