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  1. Hi. My new 3 track. Bpm145 nice goapsychedelic trance. Artist: Nhjo Hyennro Catolog: NHCD 06 Release date: 2011/09/14 Style: Psychedelic Trance, Goa Trance. Bpm: 145 Shop: www.junodownload.com/Labels/Nhjo+Hyennro Thanks. 1. Psyd 2. Psye 3. Psyw www.nhjohyennro.com www.nhjohyennrorecords.com
  2. Hi. My new goa/psy trance single. "PSYK" www.junodownload.com/Labels/Nhjo+Hyennro Title: Psyk Artist: Nhjo Hyennro Genre: Goa/Psychedelic Trance Bpm: 120 Catolog: NHCD 5 My new single track with low bpm but good sounds. www.nhjohyennro.com www.nhjohyennrorecords.com Thanks.
  3. Hi. DJ Beauty? asl? I am really serious. I want europe and us or etc. If you want marry with me really, email to me nhjohyennro@naver.com If marry day, I'm carry jorg kessler for wedding taller. and big psy party. please notice to me dj beauty or etc email.
  4. Hi. This single was uploaded at junodownload.com and my site (www.nhjohyennro.com) see www.junodownload.com/Labels/Nhjo+Hyennro 3 My new tracks. Sound just like Full-on and twisted sound and energy and arp etc sounds. and I seek Art designer for my album or single cover. and We accept any good psytrance artists. www.nhjohyennro.com www.nhjohyennrorecords.com nhjohyennro@naver.com <Demo send. Thanks
  5. Hi. I seek my wife. If good, Psytrance producer or dj or model or rich woman. www.nhjohyennro.com <my profile, pic, song etc If you interest, email to me nhjohyennro@naver.com I prefer world wide, but more prefer europe and us woman. but not, if you good is ok. I want to tall woman. If you marry with me, then I will educate to you for my this time songwrite technik and technology. If you interest mail to me. Thank you. my email is nhjohyennro@naver.com nhjo_hyennro@hotmail.com was hacked don't see. and I change my avatar. more good maybe. Thanks
  6. Hi. My new 3rd single "Goapsychedelic" Released and Free released. NHJO HYENNRO 3rd SINGLE "Goapsychedelic" free released. Hi. My 3rd single "Goapsychedelic" released at junodownload. Artist: Nhjo Hyennro Title: Goapsychedelic Label: Nhjo Hyennro Records Catalog: NHCD 4 Format: Digital Album (wav,mp3) Released Date: 2011/08/12 Nation: South Corea Http: www.junodownload.com/Labels/Nhjo+Hyennro Track List: 1. Yesterday 2. Trancepsy 3. Goapsychedelic 1. Yesterday 2. Trancepsy 3. Goapsychedelic My 3rd Goa/Psychedelic Trance Single released and free released. More than "Psytrance" Sounds. More Layer and more Twisted sounds. Fat Synth Arp. Trance leads and Unique bass line and sounds. You will satisfy. Thanks. My Next album will be great. www.nhjohyennro.com www.nhjohyennrorecords.com nhjohyennro@naver.com sorry My nhjo_hyennro@hotmail.com was hacking, don't login and I want to my album picture designer. please if you interest contact to me.
  7. Hi. My new album "PSYTRANCE" now free released at my site. http://www.nhjohyennro.com http://www.junodownload.com/Labels/Nhjo+Hyennro <If you have money my album buy it. You can found my new album section and then download and enjoy. and If you wand cd wav quality sounds, and have paypal or credit card, you can buy my cd signature album. u can found it section. If you buy my signature cd, and then email to nhjohyennro@naver.com for your address. and If you good my this album, please write album review. thanks.
  8. Hi. I decided to my track free release 1 songs. I put to the my site background music. Music will be change if new released. www.nhjohyennro.com <background www.nhjohyennrorecords.com This will be your buyer choice.
  9. Hi. Thanks reply. My new album will be soon. More full-on, more pro, more sounds, more psychedeilc. will be 8-10 tracks. And I found my album listening tips. I check my track "Psy666" on my album "Psytrance". I play this track in my friend's car with loud level volume. This is great sounds song. More volume needed. other song are also good. and My sales report, 1 track and 1 album solded. thanks.
  10. Hi. My first album "PSYTRANCE" released at junodownload. Artist: Nhjo Hyennro Title: Psytrance Label: Nhjo Hyennro Records Catalog: NHCD 3 Format: Digital Album (wav,mp3) Released Date: 2011/07/28 Nation: South Corea Http: www.junodownload.com/Labels/Nhjo+Hyennro Track List: 1. Psytrace 5:45 2. Time 6:43 3. Was ist das 7:03 4. Trance 7:03 5. Trancesound 5:45 6. Psy666 7:03 7. Psysound 7:03 8. Trancebeats 7:03 My first goa/psychedelic trance album "Psytrance". Many Arp sounds and bassline and kicksounds. Bpm145. Full-on Goa/Psychedelic Trance. Dance Floor and Drive and home listening etc. Thanks. My Next album will be great. www.nhjohyennro.com www.nhjohyennrorecords.com nhjohyennro@naver.com sorry My nhjo_hyennro@hotmail.com was hacking, don't login and I want to my album picture designer. please if you interest contact to me.
  11. Hallo. Any My label nhjohyennrorecords.com Now Accept goapsy tracks. send demo mp3 to nhjohyennro@naver.com thanks.
  12. Hallo. My new junodownload single "PSYR" That track is full-on style fast goa psychedelic trance. http://www.junodownload.com/Labels/Nhjo+Hyennro Please buy my tracks. My new album is now working. soon release at 1 month. and My single "PSYN" is on junodownload goa/psy trance, single chart at 101 of 500. I'm now nice feeling. Thanks.
  13. http://www.junodownload.com/labels/Nhjo+Hyennro/releases/ sorry. this link.
  14. Hi. My first goa psy single "PSYN" Label: Nhjo Hyennro Format: SINGLE DIGITAL Release Date: 2011-07-19 Genre: Psychedelic Trance. Catalogue Number: NHCD1 My first single release. Style is Goa Trance and Psychedelic Trance. Melody just like Juno Reactor - Pistolle? (Mwnn mix) 1. Psyn My new goa trance song will be release soon. Thanks. http://www.junodownload.com/labels/Nhjo+Hyennro/releases/ www.nhjohyennro.com www.nhjohyennrorecords.com nhjohyennro@naver.com <Info and Booking and demo (mp3).
  15. Hallo. My new commecial track "Psyn" This track will be placed at junodownload, psytrance section. Thanks. Single review welcome. Song placed at my label site. www.nhjohyennro.com www.nhjohyennrorecords.com <here
  16. Hallo. My label nhjohyennrorecords.com site opened. This time too simple but will go to large. Forum will soon. and We want label staff. and want demo. please visit my label site and fun. www.nhjohyennrorecords.com nhjo_hyennro@hotmail.com <If you interest staff and info.
  17. Hallo. My cd price "NH1" not 15000 usd. that is my mistake. cd price "nh1" is 15 usd. At paypal check if you, u will see 15usd.
  18. Hallo. My dvd album sold by finland people. This man is first my album. Thanks. and other people if you interest my album, buy it. price was sold by 18 usd.
  19. Hallo. 7/16 is my birthday! I'm 78 any 78 here? please donation to my site. haha. and my new real goapsy will be made and distribute via junodownload. soon. wait. and I wanna my wife, I want tall girls (producer or dj good).
  20. Hallo. My pic updated at my site. and my mix set v1 link updated. and marry section. www.nhjohyennro.com and my more link. soundclick.com/nhjohyennro myspace.com/nhjohyennrom <new track soon. facebook.com/nhjohyennro twitter.com/nhjohyennro thanks.
  21. Hello. I'm Nhjo Hyennro. Thanks reply. and I put the my mixset v1 to my site. www.nhjohyennro.com <at mix set part. and my site will soon. www.nhjohyennrorecords.com thanks
  22. Thanks. Mixset made by cubase and mp3 files. next mixset will soon. more powerful and psychedelic and goadelic and hard and dark. www.nhjohyennro.com www.nhjohyennrorecords.com nhjo_hyennro@hotmail.com <for DJ/Live Booking world wide. Thanks.
  23. Hello. My Psymixset. Hello. My psymixset releaed. 1. Agohori Tantrick and oil - Heckler's Tamasha 2. Man With No Name - Vavooom 3. Samadhi - Multiverse 4. Man With No Name - Own The World 5. Infected Mushroom - Return of the Shadows 6. Hallucinogen - Shamanix 7. Tim Schuldt - Ohm Shiva www.nhjohyennro.com www.nhjohyennrorecords.com nhjo_hyennro@hotmail.com thanks. and If you want my liveset and djset contact to me.
  24. Hello. My New Psy Label. www.nhjohyennrorecords.com Site will soon. Also I domain purchase. Distributer will junodownload and etc. Goa Trance Psy Trance Psychedelic Trance Progressive Trance. welcome. nhjo_hyennro@hotmail.com <Info nhjohyennro@naver.com <for Demo (send) thanks.
  25. Hi. My new melody Goa Trance Released. www.nhjohyennro.com <title song www.nhjohyennro.com/Untitled-169.mp3 Thanks If you want full song, contact to me. say me.
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