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Help a brotha out!


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Ok, so I have a bunch of 'saved for later' albums on emusic and I can't decide what to download, these are kind of the ones left over after picking the ones I wanted most. I don't remember anymore what led me to add each specific album to the list. Since I don't have as much time for music as I'd like these days and finite money as well, can you help me sift through and grab some good ones? THANKS!

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This is hard but let's give it a try...Off course this reply is a reflection of my taste, so don't shoot me If you don't like it Posted Image


I'll try to give some information about the artist and If I know the album, I'll try to be more specific. I don't know if that's necessary, cause you can pre-listen probably?


And it is off course impossible to know what your taste is. I'll make it quick.



Reefer decree - point of you is progressive. But more melodic and a bit funky. It's not like their earlier work but still good.


Artifakt II I recommend = Melodic psychedelic trance, he has it's own style. Many people like this one, and so do I


Jimi hendrix seems obvious


Aes dana is ambient, but imo very chill. Not that bad!


Prana is goatrance, melodic goatrance. I like goatrance so I recommend it.


Astral projection - Amen is one of their least albums. I would not recommend it.


Enter the wu tang was my first Hip hop album. I never enjoyed hip hop that much, but this album is pretty good and according to friends of mine that listen to hip hop a classic.


The delta I also recommend. If you like trance with good dark atmosphere, a sort of shelter/basement concept.


Abakus is good. I recommend it. I like their ambient. But I don't know if that specific release is ambient. I guess you can pre-listen.


Duca is very good progressive. I recommend it. I like Duca and so is Antix!


Peace therapy is very good ambient. Do it Posted Image


SFX is astral projection earlier. So very melodic morning trance (goatrance)


OOOD - free range has a unique style. A bit funky sometimes. With lots of nice influences. This is good trance!


Asura is also good ambient. Imo better then Aes dana.


Electrypnose is again unique trance. Very different from others. Also to recommended. A bit forest melodic.


1200 micrograms - the time machine is very cheezy fullon. I would not buy it. Go for their debut album.


Flowjob is a combination of progressive and fullon. Very subtle trance, not overloaded. Gentle.


Vibe tribe is melodic fullon. Very cheezy.


Shiva chandra is Shiva chandra. No matter what time period, it is imo almost the same. I prefer his earlier work.


Unusual Suspects is good! Buy it!


Ultravoice is like vibe tribe. Less melodic. But the same patterns.


Dementertainment is a good compilation. Do it!


Absolum is dark. and Etnica is imo almost always good.




I don't know if this post helps you out.




If I had to chose this would be my top ...


Artifakt II






Reefer decree

Unusual Suspects

Peace therapy

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I would say roughly in this order:


Yagya (get this first!)

Blue Planet Corporation (only if you like old school trance)

Artifakt (great stuff)

Dementertainment (classic Twisted complilation)

Asura (great chillout)

The Delta (dark and awesome)

Ishq (more great chillout)

Dub Trees (even more great chillout)


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I would definitely also go for

Yagya - Rhythm of Snow (dub-tech/chill)

Asura - Life^2

Aes Dana - Leylines


and if you want some trippy old pioneer Aussie psy-trance you should also go for


Shaolin Wooden Men - The Hungry Forest


very unique release

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Thanks everybody (especially Sideffect... for the long-winded reply)

Based on your recommendations, I got:


VA - Dementertainment

Yagya - Rhythm of Snow

OOOD - Free Range

Asura - Life2

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My downloads refreshed so I got:


Ishq - Orchid

Artifakt - Artifakt II

The Delta - Scizoeffective

Prana - Matsuri 2


I haven't had time to listen to any of these eight albums yet :/

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