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Hey, can anyone direct me to the Cat Pictures thread? I've got a great pic of my sister's pussy-... What, I just won a game? Hey, some people are just born lucky, I guess. Sorry to anyone who was actually seriously playing.

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Guys, guys, wrong thread! Winning!


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how old is your sisters pussy and is it well groomed?


I'll answer that instead:


my sister's pussy is young and nice, but it's not well groomed because her groom is a jobless wanker <_<


yet this idiot girl is going to marry him! :(


on top of that: she is not my sister.

just a really dumb-in-a-cute-way lass that I like to call my sister because I like her so much :wub:

really shit to see her marry this guy


I don't even know why I post that in his thread here :D


Doesn't matter. At least I win.

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Tell her that you really like her, then go out on unofficial date, seduce her, have fantastic sex, tell her that she shouldnt marry that wanker and see what happens ;)


I'll try ;)

Besides, there are signs of turning tides in this matter. Time for me to set sail soon! Hehe...


oh and you lose :)

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