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V/A - Dancing Mavka


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V/A - Dancing Mavka

Lookinglook Records


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01. Pandemicus - Out Of Space 08:20

02. Joytish - 1000 little Indians 7:36

03. Celestial Consciousness - Astral Dance 10:00

04. Ufomatka - Vega 7:32

05. Spirit Medicine - In The Brain Machines 10:04

06. Sky Technology - Reactor Of Life 8:13

07. Zelur Project - The New Creature 8:10

08. ShizoLizerGin - Pony Ponyslas 5:24

09. Space Vibes System - Space Energy 10:36


Lookinglook records is a fairly new label from Ukraine. Previously they have released only ambient/downtempo, 2 main albums and one compilation. Now it seems they had enough Ukranian(Yes there is actually enough Ukranian neo goatrance artists to make a full compilation!) goatrance artists to release their first 100% neo-goatrance compilation. This compilation was actually released digitally back in November 2010 and was supposed to come on physical CD soon after but this did not happen and for the one or two people, me included, looking forward to having the CD were greatly disappointed. Time passed by and here it finally is and I will put this in the 2011 forum since it's the physical that got released in 2011.

Looking at the tracklist only few seem recognizable from other compilations. 1-2 tracks here and there maybe. Celestial Conciousness and Sky Technology had EPs on UAF records and Zelur Project aka SynSun have quite a bit of material released already but other than that not much seems familiar. Now personally I've been amped for this compilation since it was announced, just because of that Sky Technology track which sounded simply brilliant from the previews. How will the rest sound though?


Also I want to mention the album art is in the style of Ukranian Easter eggs, Pysankas. Very rich patterns on the inside and back cover. I really like the fact they are promoting the national art in a Ukranian-only compilation. Makes it a solid, thought-out, package.




Pandemicus - Out Of Space

Pandemicus makes his debut here, hasn't seemed to released anything else yet. Track starts with chirping and a palpable spacey atmosphere, sweet acid lead appears and the bassline plus kick. The progression towards the first melody at 2:30 is solid work. The melody however lifts this track up a bit. It's very hypnotic, interesting and the effects and leads that accompany it are simply strong. Acid forever! And when the melody disappears comes the atmosphere back again. Solid track, takes it probably a bit safe because of the lack proper climaxing but it isn't generic by any means.


Joytish - 1000 little indians

Again a debut for this artists, no other releases. Echoiy beginning where bassline hihats and then kick evolve in a fast manner until the first melody which is amazing. Fractaly spiraling, rattling and sweeping alien acid melodies, then it takes a complete turn and transforms into this hypnotic melody accompanied by those alien leads. This track is quite other-worldly throughout. The effects leads and melodies are fantastic. It does a small climax towards the end where everything comes together once again and rolls off smooth.


Celestial Consciousness - Astral Dance

Celestial Consciousness has actually released an EP, called Spiritual Antidote on UAF Records and a track or two elsewhere, but still a fairly newcomer to the scene. I described the ep with words like "Very angry/dark mood" at least the first two tracks on the 3 track EP. The bassline seemed forceful and melodies a tad mysterious/spacy. Astral Dance starts with the same spirit, mysterious/spacey atmosphere and then a forceful kick that is a small reminiscence of a horse running. I actually like the bassline quite a bit here as it just keeps pounding and pounding. It's accompanied by a crackling/tearing noise to set the tone for the track at the beginning. This is a bit of an odd track in the sense it dives into small breaks and then introduces something different. It's darker neogoa for sure and is reminiscent of psytrance in spirit, somewhat because of the amount of layers present and no real mass lead melody. And may I add, the effects are strong! Growling acid anyone? Mysterious, trippy, a bit spaced out, unique and interesting throughout. I think this artists is showing a lot of promise to be able to make such an interesting track at a whopping 10 minute timing. Edit: actually the whole track has a small problem with this really odd sounding hi-hat that seems out of place, notably @ 6:20.


Ufomatka - Vega

And here I was, sitting on my chair thinking this guy was Finnish since his artists name translates to UFOTrip in Finnish. I wonder where he got this name from? Well enough of that, he is definitely Ukranian. Track starts with a surprisingly old schoolish trippy sound and then some space acid sweeps through like wind in the air and track gets on it's way. The general direction is definitely UFOMatka though, when the first melody arrives at 1:50 you'd be surprised just how alien and atmospheric this thing sounds. Also to every old schooler here, the acid leads are so, SO, SO GOOD. bodong bodoung! Can't help but to love it. The whole track just reeks of old school goodness. For example at 3:30 if you were to play that as a clip to me, I'd ask what MFG track is this? Whole thing sounds trippy and alien. God, it's magnificent. Fantastic debut track, just fantastic! I'm definitely keeping an eye out on this guy, I hope much more comes soon. Though I need to point out something is off with the mastering, it sounds quite distorted when those hihats land, shame really.


Spirit Medicine - In The Brain Machines

Ok so Spirit Medicine has had only 3 tracks on compilations and both of his inputs on VA - Magic Dew and VA - Shamanisma were seriously good dark/foresty goatrance tracks! (And may I mention, Shamanismas track had a constant old schooly acid lead the whole way through, definitely check it out.) I was actually quite looking forward to this track because of those. The goay dark forest(A bit like Ka-Sol) sound is found here as well. The bassline is just wet, muddy, dirty and I can't help but to love it. It also accompanies the melodies by changing the tone just like you'd expect for a forest track to do and that makes it rather groovy. The details like drums, metallic leads, acidy bubbly rivers make the mood so much more dense. Some foresty melodies ensue later on though and they sound quite trolly if you can say that. There is a repeating sample throughout which talks about the brain machine I believe. I think some may find it a little cheesy by the way it works, reminds a little of samples they use in EBM/Industrial, but I think it's ok. 10 minute trip through the dark Ukrainian forests, solid forest goa. This track is more twisted than the previous inputs, but I find both of them overall just a wee-bit stronger. I am definitely hoping this guy will grace us an album in the near-future as I personally enjoy this Ka-Sol-esque goa style.


Sky Technology - Reactor Of Life

Here it is. Here it finally is. Sky Technology released an interesting and a very unique track early 2010 on Phototropics compilation Goatronika and from there on I had been quite interested in what more can he offer with the unique spiraling bubbly fractal soundscapes. Later 2010 he released an free EP on UAF records called Time & Space which showed truly what Sky Technology is able to produce with these unique sounds. Just check out my thoughts on it here

The track starts off with already spiraling spacey atmosphere and evolves into a massive landscape of spiraling crystal fractals with a thumping bassline. 1:08 arrives and the melody is already transcending the listener to a mysterious, colourful, rich, detailed, sharp starscape. The melodies are immensely epic at just about every point. Very much like I pointed before on the Goatronika track, I feel they're close to an edge of being overly ridiculous so, but Sky Technology has this skill to keep it contained, it never goes over the line, and that's what makes it work so well. The many layers accompanying those melodies are throughout interesting, quirky, colourful, spiraling... I really feel a loss for words. This track is so fucking good, I can't avoid stressing that. The amount of power contained in here is absolutely ridiculous. This thing makes me sweat while sitting! Ancient Race on the free EP had same levels of powers but I feel like Sky Technology is improving with his production and everything here is so much more consistent. Reactor Of Life is giving me same goosebumps as Filteria did when first time listening to Sky Input. This thing would cause me heart attack on the dance floor. Just amazing, fantastic. Transcending experience.


Zelur Project - The New Creature

So here's a track from the SynSun guys and if you aren't aware, Zelur Project is a goatrance project from them which had a couple of albums, Zelur Project and The Full Power Of Goa released not long ago that had only unreleased older material, so I don't know if this is old or not as well but this sounds like from the Metapsychic Records era. I.e. Pyramidal Transcendence. Great uplifting(not cheesy) crystallized melodies throughout, pumping bassline, lots of layers, quirky effects. It's just solid, no complaints! If you've heard Zelur Project before you know basically what to expect but this really is great, powerful melodic goatrance!


ShizoLizerGin - Pony Ponyslas

Here we have a goatrance debut once again from a very new artists. They've only released a couple of downtempo tracks on Lookinglook so no idea really what to expect here, aside from the fact they probably know their atmosphere. Which is what turns out to be correct. This is a very interesting, albeit very short at only 5:24 long, through dark mysterious magical landscape of an alien planet. No clouds, two colourful suns casting light. You can clearly see patterns in the stars. Bassline is very deep and thriving. Ethereal atmospheres, details to rich the experience, mysterious melodies. I very much enjoyed this short trip.


Space Vibes System - Space Energy

Can you really get more spaced with your artists name and track title? I really don't think that's possible. Apparently this guy has been producing for quite a while but never really released anything except a forgotten digital release(which you can get from Here) which I will surely take a look at. This track starts with very much so neogoa that sounds a bit like Liquid Flow but with a space-edge. Vortex leads until 1:46 where the track takes a break and lets the atmosphere ooze in. Then it starts building up again and the melody seems to go, surprisingly, towards a trancy style! I really, really like this combination. This is not really made clear to the listener until 4:45 where we are greeted with an epic space riff and then at 5:30 the trancy influence really gets off, ethereal uplifting magical melody grows out it. Such atmosphere. Some may think it goes a note or two too high at parts but I think it doesn't go too far. Actually very nice melancholic neogoa for a change.



What can I say, this is a surprisingly strong Ukranian goatrance compilation that came out of kinda nowhere. I kind of only wanted to review and own this solely because of Sky Technology's epic Reactor Of Life. I just can't understand how amazing that track is, it really is the high point of a lot of modern goatrance. These kind of melodies never existed in goatrance previously. So in your face, so powerful. So transcending. This is one of those tracks that just takes me elsewhere, and those aren't found so often. The rest of the tracks here are solid goatrance from start to finish as well and I should suggest everyone to check this compilation out. What a nice start for 2011. B)



Where to get it?






This review is best read with the "blue darkness" forum skin option.

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Glad you guys liked the review.


Very nice review. If it's ok with Penzoline, I would love to add it on Neogoa website as well :)


Sure I'll message you when you can add it, there's probably a couple things I need to fix first.
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Posted Image



Artist: Various

Title: Dancing Mavka

Label: Lookinglook Records

Date: July, 2011



01 - Pandemicus - Out Of Space (142 BPM)

02 - Jyotish - 1000 Little Indians (150 BPM)

03 - Celestial Consciousness - Astral Dance (148 BPM)

04 - Ufomatka - Vega (139 BPM)

05 - Spirit Medicine - In The Brain Machines (150 BPM)

06 - Sky Technology - Reactor Of Life (145 BPM)

07 -Zelur Project - The New Creature (145 BPM)

08 - ShizoLizer Gin - Pony Ponyslas (145 BPM)

09 - Space Vibes System - Space Energy (145 BPM)



Finally getting to give this the attention it deserves. First of all good review Penzo, I don't think there was one stone that was left unturned. Love the artwork but the music is just as good. Pandemicus opens with a blistering aural assault and then Jyotish and Ufomatika follow suit. Definitely three artists to keep an eye on. The latter's track is so bad ass I think MFG actually was on the phone to their layer with all intents to sue. Astral Dance is balls to the wall intense and at 10 minutes it'll wear you out. The first four tracks are very impressive indeed.


When I first heard In the Brain Machines I didn't care for it, but it definitely grew on me. Like Penzo said the sample is on the cheesy side, but the rest of it is so gritty and bubbly and filthy like you threw a diaper against the wall and it stuck. Not that I've done that, but kids...they'll make you wanna sometimes. It's another long one, so make sure you pee.


Which brings me to the Sky Technology track.


Posted Image

I think I'm totally crushing on you. Uncomfortable yet?


Arabic melodies cascade down amidst the wall of force and it's just relentless. Loud twirling melodies, in your face pummeling music. This is what it would sound like if you put Filteria and E-Mantra in a blender and then were somehow able to reassemble the parts into one all powerful super goa producer. Like the Fly with umm, less tooth loss.


Like the rest of you I enjoyed the goa albums that SynSun made and here's hoping that they hop back on that train. This track shows they still have it with frenzied leads and blistering bass. So stop with the full-on and come back where you're appreciated.


Pony Ponyslas is an eerie deviation from the other tracks. Very melodic and rich but without the power and aggressive tone. Another impressive debut.


The comp closes with an atmospheric and powerful tour de force that I'll be honest didn't think he had in him. Everything you could want in your goa is represented here. Melodies that float above the fray, guitar that doesn't sound cheesy, and changes in direction that keep you focused. It was a nice surprise. Wasn't sure at first, but then


Posted Image



Hats of to these Ukrainian aliens for bringing the house down. A superb compilation that is a worthy addition to any goa trance lover's collection. The fact that it is free leaves no excuse. So just clear your schedule, get your favorite tube of lipstick, and let this wash over you.


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