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Jikkenteki - The Beginning Is At The End [EKTLP06]

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01 :: Blindsided (100 BPM)

02 :: Forgotten, But Not Gone (100 BPM)

03 :: False Hope (120 BPM)

04 :: Recon-Figure (147 BPM)

05 :: Default To Zero (120 BPM)

06 :: Self Destructing Mechanism (120/147 BPM)

07 :: Some Things Last Forever (110 BPM)


Ektoplazm and PAR-2 Productions are proud to present The Beginning Is At The End, the third studio album by Jikkenteki (Rennis Buchner). Building on the unique and individual style heard on The Long Walk Home and Flights Of Infinity, this seamlessly mixed concept album is a dark, introspective, and moody opus infused with considerable emotional depth and artistic maturity. Although it is primarily a downtempo album, the heavy industrial undertones and occasional excursion into unusual psychedelic trance experiments make this a completely original production. Mastered by Akhentek at Ilum Studios, B.C. Artwork by Alexander Synaptic with photography at Kiki AKA Keely Chu’s studio in Kensington Towers, Toronto.


Download it for free in MP3/FLAC/WAV or purchase it on CD direct from Ektoplazm:


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Yes, but there is a cut version available if you would like the album split up into tracks. Since it was designed to be a continuous listening experience the original is presented as a single file with an attached cue sheet for CD burning.


If the single file is confusing I can always make the cut version the default for downloads... it seemed okay when I posted the Freeform Human album so I went with it :)

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There are handy cue plugins, which show the tracks as separate playlist entries in your player, just like they were multiple files. I think this does it in Winamp. QMMP is a nifty clone for Linux and supports .cues natively.


Cue splitters also exist for various file types and OSes if you want to create a permanently split copy for portables etc.

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No problem, I can cut it myself on cubase.

All I really need is the length of the individual tracks/parts.


Sounds great btw, If I can put some money on my card I'm gonna order the cd as well.

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Thanks :)


No, the CD is broken into tracks with no gaps in between. It is still a seamless audio voyage!


Since there is a strong interest in the physical copy please keep in mind it's a Kunaki CD. It is not a "CDr" but also not a traditional glass-mastered CD like you would get from Psyshop. The quality is still good and guaranteed--in the unlikely event you receive a defective copy you can always contact me for a replacement!

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