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  1. The Grobians - Tripwire Back from Daniel’s travel to England and the magically successful London Arkona Creation party, Grobians return with an unsurpassed EP full of inspiration from this mystic Celtic land of misty Avalon. It consists of three tunes with techy like beats, infused with oldschool and groovy psygressive flavours. They are melting sub genre restrictions in a coherent expression of creative and cutting edge progressive structures. The music itself is free flowing truly trippydelic trance with Swedish overtones. Released on Arkona Creation Records who are absolutely proud to present this experimentally original music. Artwork by Ivgenerate (Arkona Creation) www.myspace.com/ivgenerate Mastered by Jurr Pradox (Arkona Creation) www.pradox.com More info about artists: www.soundcloud.com/thegrobians www.myspace.com/arkonacreation www.arkona-creation.org creditsreleased 15 March 2011
  2. http://soundcloud.com/thegrobians/the-grobians-le-funky-fransman We did this track last week. Lets groove:) Enjoy. BOOM BLAST LIVE FAST!
  3. BOOM BLAST LIVE FAST Yo freaks! Here is a remix i did on our track Green Concrete. Original track will be released on Sonic Chakras Rec. Hope you enjoy. BOOM!
  4. Hey. Here is a pretaste of our upcoming album "Psychedelical Warfare" more to come. enjoy Twisted Discodance
  5. Yo nerds! The Grobians - Rainbow Swamp So here is a track we made this summer after some freakout time in a swamp. Pretty smooth kind of morning track.. Enjoy!
  6. Djuna Thanks for support man:) Frozen dream thanks:) we got some stuff to be released in a near future..for the moment we are working on a bit goainfluenced ep.
  7. Yo! Here is a new Grobians track. Inspired by the nice forests of Tyresta outside Stockholm. Blast it! Enjoy. Many rainbow hallucinationz!
  8. what do you want to call it? we just do psychedelic music and having fun with it!
  9. The Grobians at Summer Ritual So people. Here is a set we recorded at Summer Ritual ,Stockholm, Sweden this summer. Its a bit ruff played but it was party haha:P Enjoy. Have a nice ride! For many rainbow halluzinationz!
  10. hehe we cant wait to play them out in the forest:P see you at the summer ritual. or for you gothenburg people next weekend. bless
  11. So it was about time for us to upload some new stuff. 4 new tracks is up on www.myspace.com/thegrobians enjoy!
  12. cool to hear from you again:D and the remix you did on our track is great! keep it up. and btw..we should start doing some shit together soon.
  13. enjoy the beats from this crew. http://soundcloud.com/groups/blaster-ulf-disc-o-collective edit. mixes..not remixes..duh
  14. haha the door is open it was great. its so bad its good haha. what about the ananda shake it was just plain boring. it just says nothing.
  15. cool..that synth is really funny to work with.
  16. great to see this finally out:) best wishes for domas and his projects.
  17. cool that you like the For the Freaks cover:D we got it out really soon:) the cosmogenesis cover is really nice. stylish and funky. montemapu was cool too..i like those pretty poor covers made with a smile. guy mantzur really really good cover.
  18. nice one:D i have waited for this and finally its out! good work guys. best wishes for this one.
  19. i like when mixes are cutted up. you still dont get the whole so its even useless for a dj. most reggae and hiphop mixtapes are cutted into tracks and its good to see wich artist done wich track etc.
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