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The artists' names pictionary game


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^^ i think that is incorrect because discogs doesn't show any psytrance artist with that name ;)


i don't normally believe in rules but i think there should be a rule here where the artist has atleast one album released lol..


nah not an entire album is needed is it?! Plenty of projects with good names and only compilation and EP releases... but I can agree with you that I think they should be listed on discogs at least!




the pic is damn difficult... as dolmot says Dark Soho is the only name I can think of that makes any remotely sense to London and some dark street for me... :unsure: and they might even use live instruments as they/or one of them is from the metal scene, so should be able to play a guitar or something :P

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Half a mile to the west it would be Dark Soho...


I'll transport your reply half a mile westwise and say you're absolutely spot on.


This doesn't count as Soho? Oh well, since Dark Covent Garden isn't a psytrance act, it just has to be Dark Soho.


Good job, mister. Your turn. :)

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