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I Dont Like Koxbox.


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Oh, do shut up. Had you bothered to read the thread before playing the victim card by proxy, you would have noticed that it contained nothing but amicable discussion of the topic (including two regular posters actually agreeing with sneila), up until the post which contained this:




Whether sneila is actually trolling or not, he or she received exactly the kind of response warranted by his or her attitude. Taste in music has nothing to do with it.


Well done mate

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What's more entertaining are all the diehard fans (included in this forum) who seem to take a personal grudge against people who do not share their at times fanatic fascination of Posford's music or the man himself. Not that it's not good music. But at times I feel like saying "Get a life" :)


It's also great fun to see how hard these diehard fans will go to extra lengths to research who's who in the debates and what they eat and when they fart :)


On another note. I thought this topic was about KoxBox's music?


Your music is rubbish.

I think watching a paint dry is more entertaining than most of your discography. Your track on Space Cat's debut album is the only thing that prevented from it being a perfect album.

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It's a shame that thread disintergrated into a slanging match. one of the things I do like about this forum is people do say which acts they don't care for and usually it's not a big deal like it would be on some other forums I visit. I think it's good to be able to speak your mind. sometimes it's worth saying the psychedelic scene is a bit too quick to just throw a load of artists names at us that we are all to love and take to our hearts not everyone is going to love all these acts and it's good to have an outlet to say this.


for the record I've always enjoyed KoxBox stuff. I'm not so keen on Shpongle though for me they just don't work on any level, all those tempo changes annoy me and they are just too noodley for there own good with songs littered with bad vocals.

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