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I have really been getting into this genre lately, never really indulged in it before. I'm really liking Silicon Scally at the moment, also Autechre's Tri Repetae which may not be purely electro but I think it has some of those influences. I've tried some of my usual places to search for new music (Discogs, Last.fm) but it's always so much easier to ask for recommendations, so what have you got? :)

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Start with the legends:


Anthony Rother


The Hacker



Try out these V/As as well:






I am no electro head though, but the stuff I listed above convinced me that this genre had a few more tricks up its sleeve. These are no hidden gems or unknown, no name releases - the above represents some of the most wicked, cerebral and experimental stuff labelled as 'electro'.


And naturally, need I mention Kraftwerk? Above all, check out "Man machine" (AKA Die Mensch-Maschine) and "Computer world" (AKA Computerwelt).


I reckon if and when you check the above, maybe it's time to dig out those obscurities!

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plus check these dj-mixes - the concept is similar for them all: first cd - techno, second cd - electro


Dave Clarke - World Service



Dave Clarke - World Service 2



Luke Slater - Fear And Loathing



Luke Slater - Fear And Loathing 2



and try out this one - pure electro - http://www.discogs.com/Robert-Görl-Dark-To...ny/master/75344

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Here's a few you could try out:


Bangkok Impact (Traveller, The Creme Years)


Legowelt (Dark Days, Dark Days 2, Vatos Locos)


Parallax Corporation (Cocadisco)


Juan Atkins (20 Years Metroplex: 1985 - 2005)


Dj Stingray (Aqua Team 2)


I'm with Rino about Drexciya - that's good Stuff.

Danny Wolfers (Legowelt) has quite many aliases you might be interested in, all of them some degree of electro.


Hope you find something that suits your taste.

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I'm hearing some songs by Anthony Rother at the moment, sounds really good so far!

Anthony Rother is a genius...


Father, Hacker, Nacht der Götter, Little Computer People, Don't Worry, My Name Is Telekraft ... just to name a few songs...


Anthony Rother has an air of technology-critisism in his music that I really have begun to like with a passion. And if it's not technology-critical then it's some stuff that makes you think. Or it's just plain good.


And it's double good if you understand german.


BTW, check out his remix of Kraftwerk - Trans Europe Express!

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it's amazing how the minimal trend killed this genre.


since you like anthony rother, try some old stuff from Alter Ego, Zeta Reticula did also some nice breakbeat electro (his known as Umek in hard stuff, now does minimal shit too), Luke Slater as mentioned before especially the horn track remix, T Raumschmiere.


a very personal preferation, if u find it :)...Primal Scream - Autobahn 66 (Alter Ego Remix)

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