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HUVA NETWORK - [ Ephemeris ] - coming really soon

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HUVA NETWORK - [ Ephemeris ] - coming really soon


The two boys made it again. After a few travels Sweden-France and vice-versa, Solar Fields and AES Dana

cooked up 10 immersive tunes infused with oniric trip-hop, ambient geometries and morning trance.

The album is planned for an early March release. We'll be putting audio samples online soon and launch

pre-orders next week with another of our newsletters.


[ Ephemeris ] is a deep sonic ground swell, an album of contrasts, 10 tracks structured upon subterranean bass lines, transversal and luminous pads, crisp, crunchy beats. A mesmerizing ensemble of fresh atmospheres and intense, forward driving melodies.


The inspiration for the album title comes from the artists Vincent Villuis and Magnus Birgersson's collaboration process, determined by the patterns of encounter in time and space, the alignment of creative moods and coordination of life's innate forces.


:posford: :clapping:

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It will be huge!


I heard them live this summer in Greece and this was propably the most surprising live act of the all :) Their ambient tracks were deep and magical, there were also 1-2 progressive downtempo trancy tracks as well... :)


Now the Carbon Based album and 2009 is already a bomb :D

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Posted Image


"When Solar Fields meets Aes Dana" this sign is cheesy :rolleyes:


Hehe yeah, where edges meet is in fact, when solar fields meets aes dana :lol:


Tbh, the samples and promo track doesen't impress me. Sounds quite boring.

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Greetings !


We are shipping the packages containing H.U.V.A. Network's new album today.

We noticed a bug on the booklet; the printer is going to make new ones which we should receive next week.

We will then send it to you in a letter so you can swap and have a good looking one.


With our warm regards from Lyon where Spring is showing the tip of its nose J


Sarah, Vince and Sunny




Am I the only one who's thinking "collectability" here?


Lets see what happens in 20 years.. :posford:

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