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I.F.O. or Tetrahedron


I.F.O. or Tetrahedron  

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  1. 1. Which is the best ?

    • I.F.O.
    • Tetrahedron

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Best track without a doubt for me Daffy Duck... The melodies in the second part of the track, jummy! :D

+1 What a track!


indeed but somethings wrong with that baseline :unsure:

What's wrong? It's a great one IMO.


I personally like IFO more than Tetrahedron. I think the melodies are more solid in IFO. Tetrahedron is, for me, a bit like Filteria's Sky Input with melodies which are hard to listen to (melody structures I don't really like).

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Just got my copy of Tetrahedron in the mail today so I'm digging this topic up. B)


Tetrahedron is nice for old-school sounds, but IFO still beats it. Granted I'm not one of those people who was drooling all over IFO saying it was one of the best albums ever created, but I still always thought it stood above most other things from that time. Tetrahedron is still good and it's refreshing to hear this sound 12-13 years after the fact, but it probably wouldn't have stood above the pack for me back in the day like IFO did.

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I think i've changed my mind about it.

IFO has some stronger tracks, but also has some that i don't like at all.

Tetrahedron is more constant, it's much more enjoyable to listen to it from start to finish (for me).


So if i could change my vote, it would now go toward Tetrahedron!

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I maintain my opinion that there's 4 great tracks on IFO: Maia, Alycone, Electra and Calaeno.


I can barely stand to listen to the others, they just don't have it.


Tetrahedron is all pretty decent but nothing out of this world as IFO had.

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