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  1. I may have overstepped my bounds. There is one who is a badder ass motherfucker than Tim Healey. Yo, sorry Samuel, I won't do it again. But Tim Healey is a close #2, dammit.
  2. Tim Healey is a badass motherfucker. Period. He was a badass motherfucker when he was half of Quirk, he was still a badass motherfucker when he started doing Electric Tease, continued being an even badder ass motherfucker when he was putting out stuff as Slide & Healey ("Fear" still makes me cream on myself!!!) and Allen & Healey, was slightly less of a badass motherfucker but still a pretty damn badass motherfucker with his Coburn releases, and is back to the top of the mountain as the most badass motherfucker with his most recent self-titled stuff. No arguments. His music is hedonostically luxurious psychedelic karaoke porn If you don't like it, then I've got a really killargh Soniq Vision or Vibe Tribe CD you can listen to while plugging fake ecstasy in your bum and pretending to reach true goa enlightenment.
  3. Anybody know where to get this (physical CD or digital)? I've not seen it in stock at Saikosounds or elsewhere for years, and G+ doesn't seem to sell their stuff digitally anywhere. I heard samples before and thought it was great, but it seemed to be scarcely available for only a short amount of time.
  4. Yeah, but I know what sort of fantasy women you like - when you were passed out in the stadium on Sunday afternoon I looked through your wallet and found an autographed picture of your #1 favorite DJ: Irene (strangely it was somehow stuck to a picture of Sven Väth with a mysterious "glue")
  5. A couple recommendations... Evan Marc feat. Steve Hillage - Dreamtime Submersibles (somewhat similar to the stuff you linked on on thinner) Lulu Rouge - Bless You (less minimal, more edgy/soundtrack-ey, but still completely brilliant)
  6. Just got my copy of Tetrahedron in the mail today so I'm digging this topic up. Tetrahedron is nice for old-school sounds, but IFO still beats it. Granted I'm not one of those people who was drooling all over IFO saying it was one of the best albums ever created, but I still always thought it stood above most other things from that time. Tetrahedron is still good and it's refreshing to hear this sound 12-13 years after the fact, but it probably wouldn't have stood above the pack for me back in the day like IFO did.
  7. Yeah, I'd recommend the first Dragonfly compilation, Project II Trance from 1993. For me, it really rides that line between trance & early goa - it's still a little bit more primative than what you were already hearing in 1994-96, but it's still got that flavor running through it, which separates it from a lot of other stuff out in those days. Also some really early tracks from Razor's Edge - I'm thinking specifically of the "Exquisite Sin" single.
  8. Cool performance. Silly at times, cool at others. The new songs seem cool - I'll probably get the album when it comes out in 2025. Hearing their rendition of DMT sent chills down my spine till the goddamn guitars took over....for some reason they reminded me of Santana or something. He'll have to call it "Black Magic DMT Woman" on the DVD. Michele Adamson was positively awful. How the hell did she get a spot on that stage? At least he pulled in the original vocalist for "Once Upon the Sea...." to do the main parts properly, or I would have spontaneously combusted in my fucking chair, probably taking the entire eastern half of Germany with me. Looked like an overall cool concert, but I'm not kicking myself for missing it. BTW.... http://www.krelmatrix.com/audio/Shpongle-L...-31.10.2008.mp3 ssssshhhhhhh.. It's a direct rip from the stream that I recorded for the hell of it since I was just sitting at my desk. The quality is bad since it was coming from the low-quality stream, but hey, deal with it and don't waste your time complaining or you'll get a nasty response. Grab it fast 'cause I'll take it down on Sunday.
  9. And what's this lesson? Don't you dare sell out or all of your old unwashed dredlocked & geeky fans will hate you and constantly ridicule you on internet message boards (even if you have 100x more new fans, a constant worldwide touring schedule, a mansion in LA, and more money than you know what to do with). Let them serve as an example that selling out just isn't worth it. Awesome website, though. I just have to keep my computer speaker muted to avoid having my ears raped.
  10. Rex!!!! http://www.myspace.com/rextable still my favorite psychedelic breaks from the last 5+ years.
  11. Listened to their samples. Fuggin' fantastic stuff! Exactly the sort of breaks I like to play. Thick & trippy breaks, much like Rex or Introspective. There's not enough of that nowadays. I'll have to go on a beatport buying spree now.
  12. Honestly, what's the problem with these promo texts? They are written for marketing purposes only, so of course they are going to be as positive as possible about the release in question. I write these things for several labels (although currently not for any full-on labels and definitely not the ones quoted above - I would have done a much better job ), and the aim is to give some description of the artist & release in question in the most positive light as possible. These texts are purely for advertisement, sales, etc. so of course they are going to be superlative & highly biased towards the positive. Of course, that doesn't stop 90% of them (IMO) from being horribly-written & laughable pieces of crap, but I'm also biased. And these texts are also not purely for the end buyer to see. These get sent out with the promo copies that go to the DJs, reviewers, distributors, retailers, digital download stores, etc. Consider it a sales pitch that ends up being seen at all steps of the sales chain. Even a niche market like this one is still a market.
  13. Heh...That MinusmanRMX sample sounds utterly fantastic to me, but then again, I've officially been declared a "Crazy Techno Bitch" by friends of mine, so I'm probably not the most impartial judge.
  14. hellfuckingyes!!!! I've got a fever, and the only cure is more Delta! Bring on the crunchy tek-trance - these guys do it better than any others, and the samples are damned promising. Huh? Aside from their first two early "hits" more than 10 years ago ("As a Child..." and "Travelling...") when could the music of The Delta have ever have been described as psytrance? The b-side of the "As a Child" single (Tribaliser) in 1997 was already far more techno than psytrance, and anything new they did after "Travelling..." had very little, if any, psytrance influences. These guys already abandoned psytrance started making first class Techno more than a decade ago.
  15. Ooh......repeat of last year's London madness? Consider me tempted.
  16. This album is kind of disappointing, and I've more or less loved everything Ticon's done in the past. Whereas their last album had only 2 or 3 songs that were not fuckin' excellent, this one is generally just above the mean, with only a couple songs that are blinders. I'd still call it a 8/10, but I've come to expect a 12/10 from these guys. I guess my main complaint is that (for the most part) they are just rehashing that whole electrohouse thing which has been done to fucking death in the last couple years. Yeah, they are putting their own flavor on it. Yeah, it's going to rock the dancefloors. Yeah, I'll probably be jumping up & down screaming like a little girl whenever I hear half of these tracks at a summer festival. And yeah, they are doing it better than 99% of the electroproghouseclones, but it's still not much of anything new, and for the first time since probably their debut album, you can more or less classify this album (with the exception of a couple tracks) under one general label - electro-house. That said, "Spitfire" & "Weekend Warriors" fucking rock and are a cut above the rest of the album, period. I don't even know what you'd call them - beefed-up techno? Spitfire especially.... Not that I had any specific musical expectations for the album, but that's the sort of unclassifiable innovation in sound I'd expect from these guys. Try to listen to it loudly on headphones and not start pumping your fist and spontaneously screaming out "Javol!" like some methed-out Brandenburg techno-prole. If they would press "Spitfire" to a single and put a proper bleepin' stripped-down remix on the flipside, I could see it getting play even in the ultra-snobby Berlin techno scene. With the rest of it - yeah, the techno scene would take a shit on it.
  17. I sat next to some wanker named Colin on a couch in some nasty after-party in London once. He claimed to be some sort of goatrance superstargh, but I'm still not sure if I believe him, since I never saw one single hippie-groupie offer him über-shanti blow jobs. But he let me lick one of his ass-length dreds, so I guess he was a nice guy.
  18. Yeah, it's amazing how many labels don't even do quality control on the files they send. The first time I had a problem with one of their files (something from Electrofly Records), they checked the original file, said it was a problem with whatever the label had sent them, then just immediately gave me a credit since they didn't want to make me wait for the label to send them a proper file. Fair enough!
  19. I had this happen 2 or 3 times with tracks in the 3+ years I've used the place, and every time they fixed it or gave me a refund/credit within a couple days of me contacting customer service. So I can't personally say that I've experienced anything bad with the place. But I've heard of other people having a far worse time getting a response. Unfortunately, I think their customer service might be one of those things that just depends on which way the wind is blowing or how many chickens you sacrificed to Cthulu in the last week.
  20. I guess it's appropriate to post a link here to a mix of mine with this musical style. It just went online a couple days ago on the site of some people here who are promoting the whole trippy minimal sound here in Leipzig. It was a last minute sort of favor for the guy running the site so it's not utter perfection, but it still works somehow. Go here --> www.psychelektro.de Then (for all the non-german-speakers), click on the red text that says "aktuelle Mix" on the top of the page (Aug. 31 blog entry). The download should start.
  21. It seems like I'm playing mostly minimal-tech oriented stuff lately...a lot of it is damned trippy these days. Here's some artists/tracks in my playlist lately...I tend to go for the darker, more rhythmic style in general: Lee Curtiss (especially his remix of "Viktor Casanova" by Italoboyz) Vanilladisiak - Decor (Nadja Lind Remix) Shonky (almost anything of his is great, new or old) Pan/Tone - The Tear Jerker Rekleiner We Can Do It! - Der Geist in Der Muschel (fucking amazing minimal tribal bootleg of the Ghost in the Shell theme...maybe hard to find) Sian - William Flynn (not sure how minimal it really is, but works well in that sort of set) FALSE - Fed on Youth Dominik Eulberg - Grunschenkel (2000 And One Remix) Does Stephan Bodzin count as minimal?
  22. Bitchin'! I just bought my plane ticket for the trip about an hour ago. Looking forward to seeing some of you freaks again and meeting a few new ones.
  23. I've grown to like minimal tek more and more as time passes. It's so simple, but still so trance-enducing in its grooves. I heard Jesse Rose (minimal tek with dirty tech-house influences) and Krause Duo Nr. 2 Saturday night and was just lovin' it. I would definitely recommend checking out some of the guys coming from the Jena scene for some good trancey minimal tuneage - Krause Duo 2, Wighnomy Bros. (plus their solo & side projects) are a couple names that come to mind. I think the 2 big labels out of Jena are Freude am Tanzen and Musik Krause. Or just go to Berlin, walk into just about any club in the city, and take a look through the record bag of the DJs.
  24. I wanna chime in....I recently got this album (thanks, Colin! ) and I must say that it is one of the best albums of 2006 for me. There are 2 or 3 tracks that I'll definitely be playing in my sets for the next couple years, and the whole album throughout is a joy to hear. It's fun, funky, melodic, and psychedelic as hell. It's proof that some people still are going completely in their own direction and ignoring any musical trends. The variance in bpm & feel between a lot of the tracks makes it a nice listening album since it never wears you down with the same sound track after track. I probably still prefer the (related) Voice of Cod album a little bit, but that's like saying that I prefer a macadamia nut encrusted mahi mahi filet to a seared tuna steak. Great job overall!
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