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  1. Modulation,zeta reticuli, maia, elektra, and the pleiades
  2. My favorite ive mixed so far hope you guys enjoy it http://www.mixcloud.com/SunkaWicasaDOGMAN/yggdrasil-visions/
  3. Mixing some dark.psy trance Love this track The Exorcist by Psychoz
  4. Mixed this yesterday 2hrs with 57mins http://db.tt/vLDHNHuk
  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sh7WgojPwzM&sns=tw
  6. Something i mixed http://soundcloud.com/benjamin-castro-2/goa-trance-april-set http://soundcloud.com/cosmic-indian/goa-psy-trance-junes-set
  7. Got parvatrip 3 need to stop buying so many music si far ive doent around 4500 usd on goa tracks and meditatiin music on itunes Take care
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