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  1. Takim karate special moves works , really cool u used that special move in that track Ethnic vibes behind can't miss it no sweat man looking 4ward to ur album.
  2. Houdini's cover is sweet dunno why you haven't posted it here . do it man. TOP music yea i'm tripped out with the samples deffo one 2 get. Agneton is reaching or reached his peak Silver Shadows Lifeforms Chapter 2 - Jean Michel Jarre sort of vibes , then some Morning Trance i'd say. Back 2 Hyperion - Instant Bliss yeeeeeeeeeee just throw it in ur coffee or tea and ur set. ZAP cannon hahaha the break is fokin awesome LOOOOOOOOOOOOLLL Wizards from the Future mad Sync ACID 'n breaks , rubber bass Agneton's specialty then ethnic percussion ... hummm Rama is behind hehehheheh most probably . Then sum major Abraham melodies. Giganraptor i knew it that KICK LOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLL Master of the Universe yea really good. Serious Kick n Bass. Last song , the credits rolling , interesting watching Elias doin downtempo quite a challenge. First impressions are very good , deffo one 2 get. PLUS Houdini Cover Art... Sweet.
  3. any synthesizer with 2 OSC will do. yes. then if u want dig deeper look for one that can sync OSC , FM etc ...
  4. thing is some music you cannot feel but some other people can because we all have different perceptions of reality that's the interesting part for myself. you can try some stuff in music you dont dig but some other people will because each one will see a different thing in the sounds , whatever goes in the brain the most complex machine ever. the synthesizers can express music or create atmospheres not necessarily calling it a song but i guess im explaining the fact that instruments violins etc can create an atmosphere without the means of playing melodies n such.
  5. hahahaha i was joking man its all good same with ur album man hope ur twisting the whole thing round with ur album 3 years to find that gigantoraptor hahahahaa! looking forward to it 'Houdini' yea ur Houdini now ahhahaha :PPPP 2nd thought yea you spoiled it now u owe us a million cookies !!!!! you're grounded arghhhhhhhhh XD here wait i couldnt eat that many... damn , consider yourself excused ... this time ... lol now man just watch out for that squid.... shiiittttttttttttttttttttttt..... will captain nemo and the nautilus prevail or will the whole thing blow off?? shit what a dillema LOL Don't miss Pandemonium PART 2 in an underground store near you , that is if they didn't blew off first... ... or sank... or... shit its Pandemonium! LOL hope to see u soon man FOR FUNSAKE! LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Seriously don't miss this shit u'll be blow off by the imense power of Pandemonism lol.... if u don't believe me just wait for more samplez brighter than the sun itself cover ur eyes... oops we got teleported.......................................................................................
  6. 7. Gigantoraptor Resurrection xD here we go... 3 years?! Agneton what took u so long to find that Gigantoraptor? :ppp fun stuff
  7. it's nitzhogoa lets see what ur pulling out of your sleeve this time Houdini break the barrier do different things don't be afraid to experiment . still remember ur first track it was really memorable you were being yourself 100% thats why its memorable for me. all the best.
  8. OFC it is man who's brainwashing ur head? Electronic music is made with synthesizers which are musical instruments so there u go it's a different way of expressing music with different tools. Jazz is mostly improvisation i think it's really cool cuz they show u a lot of things without even saying a word much like electronic music i'd say. As a composer | producer for example i don't even have to feel the song i can do it just , play it and let other people feel it that's quite interesting
  9. the spirit of old skool must go on . wish that the scene was like that nowadays. at least everyone had their own way of making music n expressing their stuff in an unique way its not like today most of the new stuff became obvious, ok not sayin anything else damnit. bring on more old skool . here's one from P.Cok , he'll take u to a supreme acid ride that ull get to see Shiva lol : really light tune : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xmEX3Vh8z30&feature=relmfu
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