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Robert Rich & B.Lustmord - Stalker


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Robert Rich & B.Lustmord




Dark Ambient



1 Elemental Trigger (6:06)

2 Synergistic Perceptions (10:59)

3 Hidden Refuge (9:36)

4 Delusion Fields (9:33)

5 Omnipresent Boundary (15:00)

6 Undulating Terrain (5:36)

7 A Point Of No Return (11:35)


I had heard that this album was the cornerstone of dark ambient. That it summed up the whole genre managing to create dark bleak soundscapes. After hearing all this I knew I had to see for myself so I ordered it off of amazon.com & waited patiently for it to arrive. When it arrived at my house late one saturday night I quickly ripped it onto my ipod & went outside to take a dark midnight walk. The setting was perfect to be accompanied by this album, I went through a dark forest then stumbled upon an industrial graveyard full of old broken down cranes & steam rollers & big big holes in the ground. This album was the perfect soundtrack to that walk & I was instantly in love.


I'm scared of the word dark in music, usually it's used to describe some cheesy cheese fest trying way too hard to sound evil but just sounding like something that accompanies a disney villain.


This album isn't scary, it's dark, it's bleak, it's desolate & it's really quite beautiful. Well it is if you like bleak, dark desolation.


1. Elemental Trigger

Starts off with dark bubbles popping on the surface of the music. These remain in the background but at the forefront is a big oppressive atmosphere. Long dark drones, non-human wails & sci-fi bleakness make up this black hole of an opener.


2. Synergistic Perceptions

There is a hint of malice lurking beyond my senses. A deep dark baseline & wind like drones complimented by big watery plops in a puddle of despair. Almost inaudible whispers lurk in the background like a conversation you shouldn't be witness to and a long wail like suffering in silence.

This is dark in it's own deep way, no dark cliches, nothing obvious just bleak desolation. The non-human voices towards the latter part of the track just some up the dark beautiful suffering of Synergistic Perceptions


3. Hidden Refuge

There is a melody hidden in this darkness. It's surrounded by strange glitchy sounds and a deep bass but it's there and screams to be acknowledged. It pushes itself out while remaining insular but it kicks up the power in a desperate attempt to be heard. This creates an amazing atmosphere filled with panic, slow panic with no source. Eventually, inevitably it loses & all we are left with are the broken shells of forgotten promises echoing in the smoke rings clouding the back of our minds.


4. Delusion Fields

With the clearing of the smoke screen, things seem much clearer now. I can see far across the wastelands & now must try & make my way across. Into this soundscape are many random visitors brought on the droning of the wind. The visitors themselves seem harmless enough but even the sound of the wind seems menacing. Lurking just beyond my immediate perception is a malice I'm not fully aware of. I feel hopeful yet fearful unaware which is reality & which is my delusion.


5. Omnipresent Boundary

Whispers in the wind, dark promises of chaos drone through the start. The night wind blows here & there and brings with it the cries of the damned. You can hear their voices clearly lost on the wind. Quickly though the voices are stifled & all you can hear now is the sound of their forced labour. Pushing, Grinding, Lathes & Steel. When this forced labour ends we are left listening to dark thoughts. A simple soundscape with no direction or theme, just dark & continuous with no purpose you can fathom until the wall come crumbling down in a quietly destructive fashion leaving only an uncomfortable serenity!


6. Undulating Terrain

The soft flute breaks the bleakness but keeps the oppressive atmosphere. They hint at signs of life which is good but the dark edge behind it gives unease a door into your soul to slip through. The false promise broken only serves to deepen the feeling of isolation & loneliness.


7. Point of no Return

This is it, there is no going back. If you have managed to make it this far you must be hooked & in need of more. It's addictive, even if you don't want it, you need it.

The darkness, the bleak desolate atmosphere, the depressed feelings of long lost joys are all things you don't want but when put into a musical soundscape the quality of this you can only crave more. This track almost makes me want more things to go wrong in my life so I can understand it better. It's different from the rest of the tracks because it has less direction but the randomness just adds to the aura of confusion that is built & makes you feel lost in your own mind. Perfect way to round off the album.


To summarise.


It's proper dark, no cliches, no attempt to sound evil just pure unadulterated darkness. The atmospheres come so easily, so unforced that you come away with the feeling that this is the true essence of darkness! There is no try, there just is!

An essential album in any open minded persons collection. It's definitely not for everyone as it is dark ambient in the truest sense of the words.

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Yes, one of the most intelligent dark ambient albums. Two of them are perfect collaboration.


Organic, alienish, detached sounds and atmospheres. This one is top notch. The definition of spook. 10/10

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What I have heard from Lustmord in the past was extremely dark. Robert Rich is a big name too but produced more diverse stuff, and very relaxing for sure.

I can't remember.. but Lustmord produced a terrifying track, it is a short track with crows singing, my brother was a big fan of this kind of ambient but I can't remember the name of this track.

abasio if you read this maybe you know...

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Thanks Starkraver, I actually had a check on Lustmord Bandcamp page and I did not find the track. Then I had a flash, it is not a Lustmord track but it is by Michael Stearns (memory can be pretty amazing!) the track name is The Gathering. It is not on YT but I found it here https://vk.com/video59336076_158993160



Back to Lustmord (since I posted on his album review), here is his Bandcamp page https://lustmord.bandcamp.com/

He is immensely talented. Problem is you have to listen to his music alone, your friends and family will think you are a psycho if they find out! :D can't be any darker can it??

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