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Blisargon Demogorgon - Book Of Magic


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Artist.....: Blisargon Demogorgon

Album......: Book Of Magic

Label......: InPsy Media

Url........: www.inpsyde-media.com

Rls.Date...: Feb-23-2007

Tracks.....: 09

Playtime...: 70:43 min


Track List:

01. Samara Is Back [07:34]

02. Toxic Soul [07:18]

03. Legend Of The Past [07:41]

04. Shadows On The Road [07:49]

05. Book Of Magic [08:01]

06. Fear Of Hell [07:30]

07. Illusion Of Death [07:59]

08. Black Zodiac [08:15]

09. Magical Portal [08:36]



Blisargon Demogorgon (AKA DJ Montezuma) behind which stands Valentino Trencev (Macedonia) presents us with his first creation called “Book Of Magic”. As the title of the album says this creation will take you through a magical journey from the ages of alchemist, strange rituals, old temples, dragons and magicians a journey that will take you into deep and dark state of trance. It will make you ask you the essential questions who prevail through centuries Who am I ? Do I belong here? While your mind will kick, scream and manifest the insanity that has been lying dormant within you. I’ll finish this introduction with By no means think of this as a game – wise men elate and drop everyday for the use and abuse of this arcane science. Dare to risk the insanity in these chapters?


#1. Samara Is Back [146 bmp]

This is the introduction track of the album and surely it has that taste that leaves behind it. It begins with great mysticism like your expecting somebody to come, and somebody is coming – Samara. The kick drum and bassline give you that feeling. They are calm and when you just expect they go in a full explosion they bring back that expectation moment back. The FX are great they give that dose of mysticism to the track that take you centuries in the past and you get a picture of an old oltar, cold fog on the ground and a full moon in the sky.


#2. Toxic Soul [148bmp]

Toxic Soul you can look on it like the continue of the first track, the drum kick and bassline are almost the same (148bmp a little bit faster) with more aggressive FX or let’s just say toxic and twists that squeeze your brain like a lemon. So toxic soul it might describe the soul of the expected one.


#3. Legend Of The Past [150bmp]

Now here begins the part of the album I love (well I have noticed the tracks I very like vary from 150bmp to 155bmp). And what a beginning that spite bassline followed by very intense mystique FX and those twisting sounds characteristic for Valentino. The drum kick will kick your brain inside your skull and stir it like an alchemist stirs some of his potions in a big pot. The track in a same way is deep so deep it will take you on a journey into the past.



#4. Shadows On The Road [152bmp]

You guess it more spite and darkly deep bassline (the bassline trough the whole album goes into progression of deepness and spiteness more and more until the end when it returns to the beginnings) that give this track a real atmospheric feeling that you’re in abandon dark place surrounded with shadows. Somewhere on the beginning of the end of the track Valentino plays with the bmp’s that will make you feel like time goes faster and slows down so you can see all that fast moving shadows and the end is a killer.


#5. Book Of Magic [154bmp]

The title track of the album. Like all the energy from the album is concentrated in this track the origin of the magic, the mystique elements.. the source. The FX that follow the very spite bassline and kick drum are so mind twisting the sound characteristic for Valentin (and he gave the best) which all of his fans and the ones familiar with his work will recognize that makes this track his signature on the album.


#6. Fear Of Hell [152bmp]

This definitively is my favourite track from the album. With more darkness from the previous but non-less spite bassline and kick drum and I’ll say it is the most dark and spite track from them all (from my stand) and the FX and the conversations in the track (there are few more here, but … I like it) give it even more dark feeling and all you can think of is red skys fire and lava around you… the fear(picture) of hell that is put in us from the day we are born. I won’t say anything else for this track I leave it to you.


#7. Illusion Of Death [150bmp]

With this track ends the culmination of the album witch started from track 3 (those magical 150-155 bmp’s  ). So now we decent with the illusions of death everybody has(had) that moment when he thinks about his death, this is one of those with the bassline pumping your heart while you’re lieing on you’re bed and you’re mind is so far away in another part of the universe, the darkest parts, travelling with light speed trying to explain the unexplained. Excellent track.


#8. Black Zodiac [148bmp]

“…you see these they represent the black zodiac…”. Track with great darkness inside with not so dark kick drum and bassline but very spite FX! So spite you get the feeling the want to bite your brain, and did I say not so dark bassline ehehehe wait for the start of 2/3 from the tack and the track is completed, average but excellent average.


#9. Magic Portal [146bmp]

So this concludes our journey trough the mystical and old and what greater name then “Magical Portal” the way out, the exit. Exiting this world trough a portal something like warp drive trough space followed by the flashes from the visit of that magical world (the blurry voices) called “Book Of Magic”.


At the end what can I say a great work from Valentino. I had this album for a longer period but didn’t have the time to listen to it and when I did … what can I say then “you recognize a great work from the start of the first notes, the vibe of the bassline. Overall it’s typical work for Blisargon Demogorgon who has listened his tracks from the many VA’s he is featured on will get the general idea and have in mind that Valentino put his heart and soul in this album (firstborn) so if you have heard his track this is *100 times. I rate it 9/10




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I think that this album is one of the best release in dark psytrance in year 2007.


This crazy guy from makedonia if is one of my favourite procucers!!!!!



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Pssh... Judging releases by their covers is like judging breasts by the jacket she's wearing.

I didn't judge it by it's cover :P I like the album, but the cover (and tracktitles too) is fucking awful and gives the impression of something "evil" :lol:


e. This is one of the best psytrance albums of the year ;)

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Why is it awful!? Its a BOOK! A BOOK of MAGIC! its supposed to look like the cover of a really old arcane text or something. I don't see why that's bad... But I guess you can feel however you like about it.


And I agree, its a great release!

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Why is it awful!? Its a BOOK! A BOOK of MAGIC! its supposed to look like the cover of a really old arcane text or something. I don't see why that's bad... But I guess you can feel however you like about it.


And I agree, its a great release!

It just seems a bit "wannabe evil" and gives the impression of some awful noisy darkpsy, but that's just me. End of conversation from my part, no point going on :)


The weird thing is I never liked any of his compilation tracks, but here mr. Trencev managed to create some great moods and the whole album seems like a package too good to pass. Listened to it more and must say it's the best psy album of the year at this point ^_^

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I liked a few of his compo tracks, they had their moments, the ones that come to mind are the 2 on Stone Age's Ctrl Alt Del. But this album, yes, is like a whole level above his previous work, even on recent comps (Neverending Story 2 for example).

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First i would like to thank CERBERUS for his review....and thanks to all for their pozitive and negative critics...


I am really happy that ppl liked my sound and its true that comparing my older releases is a very diferent sound but the future releases which are coming will be more in this style also....


About the cover that was the whole idea book of magic which means we want an ancient book which gives u some kind of magic when u open it so we give our designer open hands to make what he want on this idea and for sure we liked it on the end....


thanks again for all who liked my one year work....i have given my best in this one....


take care all and more will come sooon



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"Your darkest fears will soon be realized as your soul burns in hell!"


The tactics of the girl scouts during cookie sweeps has gotten downright aggressive.


I've been reviewing a lot of goa trance lately so I feel it's time for something different. Pack some extra trail mix and patchouli we're firing up the old VW bus (it runs on the dreams of hippies and vegetable oil). Wave goodbye to the light and positive vibes.


Boy it sure did get dark all of a sudden. I hope I went the right way. The guidebook is this big red thing that looks really old written by Valentino Trencev from Macedonia. Look at those track names...someone didn't get enough hugs as a child. It's chock full of scratchy darkpsy leads and evil distorted samples. The scary effects are thick and not very welcoming to someone not within the darkpsy coven. That said it is still less intense than some other artists in the genre.


This is now 6 years old and while he shows competence with some layers he's still working with a limited arsenal. It's like watching an older movie that is in need of a reboot. If goa can sound samey at times, this might as well be a group of nonuplets. Look it up it's a real thing. How many times can you tell me what I seek shall never be found or I'm going to hell? Pfft, I knew that already from my masturbatory frequency.


For me this is just another darkpsy album that lacks depth or appeal. I appreciate what he was trying to do, but ultimately it was too thin and lacked the storytelling atmosphere that would've made it work. Time to turn the bus around and get the hell outta here. Got any extra hippie dreams?



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  • 9 years later...

I still think this is a good album but the artwork still does not work for me. I get annoyed when black metal bands use the whole occult catalog just as an image. It's nice to have this kind of shit available but would be a lot cooler if they actually practised occultism.

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