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If you could have the skills of 5 artists...


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If I get back into making music scene again I'd like to have the skills and sounds of Skinny puppy and kraftwerk. I'd like to live the rock'n'roll dream like Mötley crue, make business like Warren Buffet and have a bigger dick than John Holmes :blink:


That would turn me into the most brilliant muscian ever (in my opinion). A complete party monster, dropout and junkie, one of the richest guys on the planet, with an enormous dick. Thats all I ask for...


Muggz, BotfB

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if I could have the skillarghz of 5 artists, I know for sure none of them would be trance artists. no offence, it's just the truth.


how about a combing a mutant from underworlds made of Jimi Hendrix, Miles Davis and some other living ones. would be pretty cool huh!!

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Green Nuns of the Revolution



Electric Universe

Medicine Drum


5th was hard to choose but anyone who has heard all 3 albums from Medicine Drum knows they can do it all. brilliant stuff. Each of those groups/guys has their own brilliant way of making psychedelic soundscapes ;D

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