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  1. If I get back into making music scene again I'd like to have the skills and sounds of Skinny puppy and kraftwerk. I'd like to live the rock'n'roll dream like Mötley crue, make business like Warren Buffet and have a bigger dick than John Holmes That would turn me into the most brilliant muscian ever (in my opinion). A complete party monster, dropout and junkie, one of the richest guys on the planet, with an enormous dick. Thats all I ask for... Muggz, BotfB
  2. Mugge


    -->about worshipping trance DJs <-- Try yo change "Tiesto" to Asterix, IM, Raja ram or any DJ that is worshipped by you and your friends...
  3. Cameras at parties should be forbidden (long time ago it was more or less a rule that you didn't take pic at parties)... these parties are all about getting wasted to some really freaky music and the last thing you wanna see when you're lost is some sober 15 year old bloke wih his new camera in your face. Fuck that.
  4. I would vote for "other". There ar things that are much more important these days: Good looks, hot clothes and a big collection of fresh progressive shit or boooooring full on to get "inspiration" from are the most important things to make your way to the stars. Some other usefull things are: * A nose that you can turn white in a bag full of "good" coke so you know that you're one of the "coool" dudes. * A nose that you can turn really brown in some "labelmanager" or clubowners big fat. ass. * A really bad attitude (If you don't have it, take it easy, that comes with the blow). towards the people that goes to the party. A good way to show this is: - Don't smile to anyone, thats not cool... - Wear sunglasses, it's a good way to avoid eyecontact with the audience. - If you play at a party don't talk to anyone, unless he is "cooler" than you, then offer them some of your coke, they might sign some of your new "cool" full on trax. * To know a couple of the "cool" DJs that are spinning the hottest "full on" tunes. * Make sure that you have the lastest hardware, software, plugs... its not necessery to know how to use (or not to use ) them , just make sure that you have a good kick and a fat bassline. * If you don't have that fat bassline and that kick (that sounds like all the other kicks), take a pill, it's be much better that way, if it's not good enough, take one more. * Make sure you can do some serious namedropping, underground stuff like Asterix, IM and GMS are always useful know
  5. I think its time to mention a this "talla 2xlc" dude from "suck me plasma", "technoclub /dorian grey" he has been around for ages, and also a band called Konzept... nice early techno / trance stuff. I also think Aphex twin / polygon window / ... deserves some cred and not to forget... "the Shamen". And maybe bands like Kraftwerk, Front242, D.A.F , Nitzer ebb, Frontline assembly, the klinik, Skinny puppy, eventhough they are more EMB than trance/techno. There are also a lot of people from the Acidhouse scene that had a quite big impact on the scene: Phuture (acid trax), a guy called gerald, 808 state, Guru josh, ... not trance but i guess there would not be a trance scene as we know it without them...
  6. If you like for early Quirk stuff, you should start to dig deeeeep in to someones old DAT bags you might find some intresting stuff from squid / sephalpod, it's quite early Tim Healy stuff that is absolutely wonderful.
  7. ...and if you're lucky you'll be unaware of his existance and his music. Your life will be much better that way
  8. Probably something frpm Ka_SoL... or maybeeeeee Dårdoktorn
  9. Yeas... it's a fantastic tune, as everything else Nick Taylor did... and in case you missed it check out "Itchy witches of androgenetico" by Reflecta, its even more unsane.
  10. There is a feeling you can get when you make music that is quite hard to beat... that is probably the "perfect high". Havn't done any music an a long time now but i'd like to have that feeling again. Hmm, maybe it's time to start to produce some stuff... It's free and legal
  11. Somewhere i have a 12" From a band called chapterhouse (can't remember what it sounds like..,. some kind of pop/house music ). The funny thing with this one is that it's remixed by guy called Simon Posford...
  12. Last things i heard (and thats many years ago) was some housey stuff released on some Japanese(?) label... but it was still good stuff.
  13. I think it's time to mention Nick Taylor... -For me he is the no1 Psytrance producer.
  14. Hmmm... yes they can be quite happy and fluffy, but they have some trax that could probably scare the living daylight out of this stuff and it' true as Ukiro say: Don't judge him by the released stuff, thats just the disco However, This Japanese music is really good, maybe there is some hope fore the psytrance scene
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