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The Water Tracks


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I've heard lots but I can't come up with them names :angry:


There's this one though.. watery feel.. Jean-Michel Jarre - Equinoxe track 2

anyone agree?


I remember playing it out (loud) when my mom walked by and she instantly called it 'water music' B)

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Heres a watery track


Element "From the Rain"


Nice detail, for me about this track, I once used it on a prerecorded set me and some of my friends where listening to at this really nice cottage my ex girlfriends father had. The cottage was overlooking the most beautiful lake in Denmark, with forests all around us, and was situated on the side of a hill.... So, all in all, a marvelous place for tripping, listening to music, with natures beauty right next to you as well as the comforts of modern civilization such as high quality hifi, a roof, terasse at tree top level...


So, once that track began, it also started raining slightly outside, in the morning :-) Heres a picture from the terasse view, with the rainbow in the background :-)


Posted Image


- Krell

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Is there tracklist?

Hai Kochira desu


Ozric Tentacles - Waterfall Cities

Scorb - The Aquarium

Bluetech - Prayers for Rain (in Dub)

Rena Jones - The Passing Storm

H.U.V.A. Network - Rain Geometries

Solar Fields - Water Silence

Rena Jones - Undercurrent

Union Jack - Water Drums

Jaia - After the Rain

Asura - Amber Rain

Mystical Sun - River Goddess

Omnimotion - Aquatic

Solar Fields - Swimming with Stones


for watery tracks

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