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SynSUN - Unstoppable


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SynSUN - Unstoppable

Spliff Music 2007: SP2CD018


Disc 1: Psytrance (72:57)

1 Dancing Machines (8:00)

2 Unstoppable (Album Version) (6:55)

3 Science Fiction (7:02)

4 Embryo (7:57)

5 Ride The Lightning (7:24)

6 Psy Hit (8:06)

7 Vampiria Night (9:37)

8 On The Tron (Bonus Track) (8:00)

9 MDK (9:52)


Disc 2: Freestyle (71:40)

1 Zak (2:28)

2 Neo (6:08)

3 Laser Show (5:36)

4 Asian Dub (5:58)

5 DNA (7:50)

6 Sleep Now (6:48)

7 Classical (3:43)

8 Slow Down (6:28)

9 Eldar (7:36)

10 Storm (5:50)

11 Reason To Live (3:14)

12 Ragga Fagga (7:42)

13 Guitar Particle Illusions (2:13)




A brief note:


Well, here it is. I hope that I'm not the only one here that needed a change of pants after reading the announcement for this monstrous double album! SynSUN are two gifted, talented musicians that clearly pour a lot of love, time and effort into their music. Sure, their production shares sounds and styles of other psytrance artists, but considering how insular this genre is nowadays, you have to expect this. So why do they stand out? Melodies, arrangements, structures, every aspect of their music screams of a greater depth and ability than many other trance artists (psy or otherwise). I would dare to say that these guys and Safi Connection (and perhaps Sattel Battle) are pretty much the only artists bringing any sort of creativity to, at least melodic, psy any more. (I'm not talking Goa here, we have Suntrip after all :) )


What of the album itself? Well, I'll be honest, I've barely heard it through once so far. But I can already tell you that it is an overwhelming journey, overflowing with great melodies, breakdowns, and sounds. And as much as I love the trance disc, the freestyle disc is possibly even better. Some slow trance tracks, downbeat tunes, chillout numbers, but not a whiff of generic Shpongle New Ageiness. And quite a bit of guitar. Yes, guitar! No cheesy power-chord riffage either, but lots of understated, sympathetic soloing on tunes like Laser Show, Sleep Now and Guitar Particle Illusions. If you have even the slightest love for the Ozric Tentacles, you need to hear this!


Perhaps I'll add some more to this over the next few weeks, but for now I'd urge EVERYONE on this forum to get this album. For a genre so steeped in copycats and mindless "sound effect" full-on artists, an album such as Unstoppable doesn't come along too often, and you'll be missing out if you don't try it.



Samples :-





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No samples at Saiko Sounds??! :blink: Not cool. I can't even sample the second disc songs on psyshop. :o:angry:




SunSYN's work on tracks like Zygote, Ceremony, Tataria, Prelude, Phoenix, Mami were very well done and I'd hope to see more great songs. Quality and super songs over average-good ones.


The first disc on SynSUN's double album sounds more Full On to me than any CD this artist has released to date. The opening song seems a little too inspired off Talpa's My Kingdom to me with that main leading, somewhat aggressive, stacotto melody. Embryo is the first song that reminds me of SynSUN, the melodies.


I'm more interested in the second CD on the double album here. The first disc generally sounds too Full On for individual private listening to me. I imagine dancing but there isn't a whole lot more left there to explore from what I've heard so far. Vampiria Night seems to have more character, stronger theme present. It stands out. On the Tron sounds like something I heard before, pretty good.



I want to hear second CD samples.


Cool cover btw.

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Unstoppable is the third main album by SynSUN, a double album for very little more than the price of one. I imagine the melodic Full On style on the first disc will attract some. The experimental, more chill, downtempo-esque second disc will attract others. It sounds like a great idea in theory.


If I ever buy this it will be because of the "other" [chill, downbeat, downtempo, world, experimental] second disc.





An album filled with new full on psytrance songs. On The Tron is a great psytrance song but it's been released on a previous main SynSUN album! Disc 1m the psytrance/dance side in the double album lacks new, exclusive, excellent tracks, in my opinion.





The most stand-out, impressive work on disc 2 to me is Neo, a beautiful, dreamy, floating ambient trance piece. It is wonderful, musical track. I'd love to see more songs like that!



In my opinion both of discs here should have been sold separately, two different albums releasing the same time for a total of $9.95 a piece. That's a great price for less and appeals to the two different genre's of fans it's marketed for. What SYNSUN should do is make a Down/Mid-Tempo chill album with all new, top (I mean awesome) tracks in the style [at the level and beyond] of Zak, Neo, and previous hit Tataria! This could be an awesome, amazing album for all those fans and listeners in the mid and downtempo genre and potentially break new ground! :)



4:00 Samples: http://www.saikosounds.com/english/display...ase.asp?id=6362

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On The Tron is Synsun's best work ever. Just an amazing piece of art, leaves me speechless everytime.

Agreed, completely. I'd say it's even better than anything off Symphonic Adventures.


A shame, then, that about half of the trance disc is just new versions of old tracks. "On The Tron" is just "Tron" off Phoenix. It's an awesome tune, guys, but why were you so lazy not to include more NEW material on the trance disc? :(

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What I love in SynSUN is that they have NOTHING to do with all the neo-full on artists around.

Their music is so unique, I love it!

The first cd is awesome but most of the tracks are remakes of old ones. Still Embryo is amazing (remake of Zygote).

The second cd is superb! All the tracks are unique and beautiful. My favs are Neo, Laser Show and Asian Dub.


9/10 because the first cd is a remix one, otherwise 10/10.

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I had to revive this topic after getting this CD. It is really good.


Its not your average same-old full-on and the freestyle is very beautiful.


Both CDs bring something to the table and both impress, solid release of '07!

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