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  1. great i love all the other albums too.. and i see he has a song featuring Toast3d.. that guy has some great full on too so i bet it will be a cracker
  2. too bad there isnt a whole lot to chose from in this genre.. but its one of my favorite by far 3 of my favorite psychill albums are: Shpongle - The remixes Abakus - That much closer to the sun (cant wait for next album) Shulman - In search of a meaningfull moment (some really awesome tracks on this, i especially go mad for the unexpected visitor, its such awesome quality)
  3. some more ambient/trance Bluetech Ticon (progtrance) Ishq Electric universe as for unmentioned goa i'd say Bamboo forest Wizzy noise Astral projection (i dont really like it and wouldnt really call it goa but you might like it) MFG Synsun and as for downtempo Abakus Shulman Tripswitch
  4. im still listening to this album once a week minimum its really good
  5. listened to the album like over 50 times now, liked it from the beginning and started to like it more after each time.. so i can only say its good
  6. ur asking too much for 2nd hand cd's man.. some of these cd's are even cheaper when u order them online
  7. some nice names there and im in the mood for some chill so ill check it out in a couple of minutes =))
  8. Yes project genesis is a really great album.. and honestly i dont know any astral projection albums that do the same for me.. ok they got more stand out tracks all together maybe.. but their style is a bit boring.. maybe not their fault, theyre copied into the extreme, but most tracks are alike already anyway so i pick MFG
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