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Tristan - Chemisphere

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Tristan - Chemisphere


Nano Records, 2007


We have just officially welcomed Tristan and Laughing Buddha to the Nano family! Both have released on Nano over the last few years and are close friends already, but now they are 100% part of the team and will both be releasing albums on Nano in the near future. First up will be Tristan with his brand new album "Chemisphere" set for release in the first quarter of 2007! We are so happy to have both of them onboard and really feel their music is exactly what Nano is looking for.




UK based, Tristan, has been dj'ing for nearly 15 years and should need no introduction. He has travelled to many parts of the world through his work including New York, Tokyo, Israel, Paris, South Africa, Brazil, Zambia and many more... the DJ career has risen hand in hand with the production in the studio, which has included many collaborations with artists such as Manmademan, Process, 100th Monkey, Dick Trevor (of Green Nuns fame), and currently has plans to work with Simon Posford and Koxbox.


He is presently working on his third album and first for Nano: "Chemisphere", which follows his first solo album: "Audiodrome", and second: "Substance" (both released on Twisted Records). Tristan has been a close friend and supporter of Nano since the beginning, along with releasing tunes through the label too. We are over the moon to have him on board and look forward to a bright partnership with our buddy for a long time to come.


taken from http://www.nanorecords.co.uk


Other vital links:


- some clips from Ozora Festival 2006 (THE festival of the year) brought to you by Psytrance.pl crew, where you can see the main man in action - this is what is call psychedelic trance


http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fusea...endid=72683437- Tristan on myspace - I strongly advise you to listen to "It's up to you"


http://www.djtristan.com/ - Tristan's webiste


Although his last album didn't impress me at all, his recent output on various compilations is just outstanding. Plus his show at Ozora 2007 was THE performance. Though there has been a shift in labels (from Twisted to Nano), I can't wait for the album!

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Guest Rezwalker



Release Date: 2007-04-06



I think we have here a very interesting release! imo some of the samples sounds very nice.

suggestion : listen carefully the track 7 "Terrordactyl" ! sounds amazing! :o


even if the samples are short i think i will buy this cd..at least there is no here the foolish israeli basslines/kicks (except the track 5 :P ), and there is a quality production in general IMO.


---> SAMPLES! <---

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Why did he switch from Twisted to Nano?

I agree with you Trolsk.Why did he left one of the best psychedelic and dub records in the world?

Rezwalker showed me the links to hear the samples!

It's awesome especially the track Terrordactyl!

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mmm tristan, didn't like him that much on full moon,

@ the other hand it was the 4th day so my interest in goa was a bit low :rolleyes:

Aha, I get it, fourth day on amphetamines is a very hard thing. :P

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Aha, I get it, fourth day on amphetamines is a very hard thing. :P

not it's not that's just the fun off it :P


but those days are over, no more, and it's good,

you might say after 12 days no sleep reality looks like a small dot hidden in the corner of your room :lol:


now it's everywhere :ph34r::D


thanx for the reminder, now I'll be thinking of meth all day long <_<:lol::P;)

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