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One Soul - Gappeq: VA-Satellite


...Very nice, has a clarinet that reminds me of the Peter and the Wolf ochestra opera musical whatever it is...


Who is Grappeq? A side project? Very talented individual IMHO..

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Czech producer Jiri Tomasek - and yes, I really like his stuff too... Especially all his opening tracks on Ketuh compilations - most of them are stand-out tracks...


Supposedly there's an album on it's way from Ketuh Records - though it's been a while since they released anything, so I don't know their current plans...



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GAPPEQ!! One of my favorite artists!! making some excellent and very unique darker/melodic/funky/psychedelic tracks....


He's mostly released on Ketuh, but also has an excellent track on VA-Satellite (Oxygen Records). There's also another czech compilation called 'Bioplex & Statistikka' that came out in 2003 that has a few of his tracks on it. The next Ketuh comp, Psychic Imprint, which according to saiko sounds, should be out in the next few months has a Gappeq track on it as well...Word is that he's down in Australia now making music....

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yeah gappeq is amazing i really love his stuff..

Like death posture said very well, his tracks are always stand out tracks on compilations and that's exactly what made me discover him..

I love his subtle melodies and samples well placed within the tracks..

As far as i know he's got those tracks released:


- 3bk1 on a compilation called sonic pantomime

- Birth of the dragon on peacemaker

- Digital art on A little lunacy

- Theory of everything on In crypto

- Tower of babel on The numinous

- One soul on Satellite

- Genetically dirty on sonic pantomime

- Macrocosmos on Sundaze


Can'T wait to the album !!

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He's like the only reason to ever buy a Ketuh release :) it is about time for an album!


As far as I know he is to release an album on Ketuh Records.


In any case, I hope it will be sooner rather than later - Always hard to predict how releases turn out.


We booked him for one of our events to take place in November, flying him in from australia.


Looking very much forward to his live set :-)


I think, his tracks have a diverse sound, interesting approaches and ideas + work very well - All qualities that rarely go hand in hand as well as they do with Gappeq :-)


- Krell

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