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Hallucinogen - Twisted


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Hallucinogen - Twisted


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Artist: Hallucinogen

Title: Twisted

Label: Dragonfly

Date: 1995


Track listing:


01. 06'41" LSD

02. 07'17" Orphic Trench

03. 10'17" Alpha Centauri

04. 07'30" Dark Magus

05. 09'59" Shamanix

06. 07'24" Snarling Black Mabel

07. 06'54" Fluoro Neuro Sponge

08. 08'06" Solstice




VERY GOOD album !The best one made by Hallucinogen :-)

Best Tracks are 1,2,5 and 7 ... Track 5, Shamanix, is the best Track ever made

by Simon !

You should also notice there are transitions between each track, so it's

better the listen to it in its entirety to trip higher :-)

Rating : 9/10

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Guest Mindbender

An ablsolutely awesome album, the best one I have. All of the tracks are

brilliant and they are nicely varied. Sometimes I like one song the best and

the next day another, but Shamanix and Orphic Thrench are usually at the top

of my list. This album is pure genious. Words don't do this justice, so listen

to it yourself. I'll try describing it all the same:

It is very melodic, with loads of original and unexpected ideas. The sounds are

generally very clear, despite the amount of acid sounds. The tracks progress

just at the right pace and the variation between and in tracks themselves are

great. Some parts are whipping and stomping bright coloured darkness, while

others are just the ultimate happiness. This is very visual, but also

emotional with enough energy. 10/10.

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Guest yoo_hias[at]yahoo[dot]de

I bought this Album 1997 with Astral Projection - Trust in Trance

and I think this 2 Albums are the Best Albums of the Trance-Goa-Sound! 10/10

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Very intelligent album with music that evolves all the time. All the tracks fit

perfectly together, and there is not a bad track. My favorite is Shamanix with

a wonderful melody at the end. "I believe that, with the end of the century,

we'll discover a new way to think."

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Guest Tequila

Very enjoyable to listen thanx to the great transitions, Twisted is the best

ablum of Simon.

The melodies are never the same, so we feel like transported in an other

reallity.You're an artist Simon.

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Guest vm[at]alphatrance[dot]org

Well, it's "Twisted." You gotta hear it to believe it. I am not aware of

another piece of music that is so psychedelic and entrancing. The concept:

"This is your brain on acid." I can't even come close to describing the

multitude of emotions that listening to this album can produce. From the

ecstatic morning joy of "LSD" to the crazy naughtiness of "Shamanix" to the

mysterious question marks of "Alpha Centauri" to the symphonic grand finale of

"Solstice", this is a trip from start to finish. The music is so rich and yet

subtle, you can literally get lost in its intricacies, the same way you can

get lost in your thoughts while on acid. I consider this to be one of the

most important compositions of modern times, right up there with "Sgt. Pepper"

and "Dark Side of the Moon". Its influence may not be quite apparent yet, but

give a few dozen years and you'll see. And make sure you leave your CD player

running after the 8th track is finished, you're in for a little s!

urprise... :-)

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Guest ChrisdeeACiD

This was my absolute favorite a couple of years agoo. But no longer =( LSD and

Orphic Thrench are still perfect but somehow "Shamanix" does´nt do it for me

=( I can´t find the rythm and the Psychedelia is too enormous? But it´s truly

one of the best ones out there still today. A have to have. 8/10

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Guest Andre_Buter[at]yahoo[dot]com

A classic album, and one of the best goa albums to date... LSD really kicks

this cd off to a good start and the whole album is in fact great. There's also

a hidden track, an ambient version of 'Angelic Particles' just some three

minutes after the last track. Listen to that and chill out after the

mindblowing experience Simon gave you before... Absolute must buy!!

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Guest "purple-ohms"

super-spychedlic, simon is a genius (i seriously think he is!!!) he should be

recognised as the start of a psy-revolution and written down in the history

books. he's able to access every part of you with this cd. it's like a key

that fits perfectly, and then turns you to open u up. and after that , well

who can describe such millions of ununderstanable inexplainable *things*

screaming at you around you past you per the millisecond. then the cd ends and

the wondering starts....hehehe

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Guest chaffi[at]caramail[dot]com

I recently got space cat beam me up album and got very surprised as it really

sounds like shamanix ! There is the same insane atmosphere , same sounds, same

wicked melodies , same short delay on sounds and room reverb on all the parts

, no seriously it is very similar ! I advise you to take a closer listen to

shamanix and then to the space cat's tracks . So did simon invented the stompy

israelian trancestyle ? gotta think about it...

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Hey Chaffi, read the credits on Space Cat and you'll see Simon Posford sprayed

all over it. Spookier to me is listening to Shpongle and then listening to

Classical Mushroom; sounds like a tribute album. BUT on to the point, which

is Twisted. This was my first-ever trance CD, and it, no word of a lie,

changed my life. The path I carved through about $3000 in sound toy purchases

and God knows how many thousands of dollars in CD purchases [and still going

strong] definitely begins _here_. This record will always be a special place

for me. If I hadn't heard this I might still be listening to bloody Jesus

Jones. If you have only one disc ... well get X-Dream "Our Own Happiness".

But if you have two, make this the second.

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Guest AtomikElf

yeah, freak, cool review. i also love "our own happiness" - it's so lovely.

"twisted" is a rollercoaster ride of note - there's so much to be discovered

in this cd - the subtle sounds that evade you in the beginning start to stand

out above the other more noticeable sounds. and you make new little

discoveries all the time. this album is crafted by a master. simon really

knows his shit. get it, and enjoy. 8.5/10

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Guest gig_[at]web[dot]bg

God deamn GOOOD album. Ane of the best psy-albums I've ever heard!!! Original

style and tracks too. LSD is one of my favourites. Don't wonder why this is

the best track in "Your Favourites" section! Juuuust HEAR IT! IT's an ORDER!

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Guest SpaceCowboy2002[at]hotmail[dot]c

Sonic waves permeate the membranes of perception whilst one undergoes audial

absorption and integration. Welcome to the paradox of illuminating darkness.

This one is going to be hard to beat. Ever. Surely a milestone in the ever

growing library of goatrance music. Though still among the best goatrance in

the world, it loses half a point because it contains a less than reassuring

?He?s losing his mind and feels it going? fully verbalized in the widely

renowned track LSD, and ?I?m on fucking fire? in Shamanix. What the heck was

he thinking? Simon Posford is no doubt a genius, but I think it is apparent

that he made a big mistake in adding those hellish voice clips to an otherwise

fully acceptable album. However, aside from containing those blatantly

negative sound clips, they are both flawless tracks. 9.5 out of 10.

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Guest Infected Max

When i listen this CD "i'm on fuckin Fiiiiiiiire" too. In Year 2000 lots of

bands still sounds like 1995...but in 1996 Simon P. already sounded like

2000...Listen the CD..does it sounds old??? Naaaaa

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Guest Kuldipsidhu

ya ya it is psy trance history book this is master pic we should all keep it

cause we have to make our children listen this album my own thought love kuldip

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Guest mokujin45[at]hotmail[dot]com

Oh my God. I got this album purely because of Shamanix. I just can't believe

the genius of this song.. Shamanix made this album.. nuff said..

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Guest clark_303

LSD is still one of my favorite songs of all time(still can't find anything

wrong with it) and Shamanix is an unforgettable piece of music too with its

crazy melodies and shamanic atmosphere...The only song that I don't like a lot

on this album is Snarling Black Mabel and that is because I've heard it a

million times(because it appears on a lot of compilations). I wouldn't say

this is a perfect album but it's a very good one and has 2 songs that everyone

should have. -Clark

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