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Hallucinogen - Twisted


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This is superb! Perfection! Simon Posford is truly the godfather of psytrance,

and this album was soooo ahead of its time, that it's almost scary!.. With

'Twisted' S. Posford wrote an important chapter in the ever-growing

history-book of psychedelia... Shamanix and LSD are my personal highlights, but

the rest of the album is pretty fucking fantastic as well!.. All in all, this

is some GOOD SHIT! 'The way I feel I don't expect to go to sleep for a year.

I'm on fucking fire!' 10/10

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Well, what can I say. Great debut album from one of the best psy-trance artists

ever! Yeah, Yeah - I think you all knew this allready. Great melodies, lots of

twisted acid sounds and super feeling. I think what is the most beautifull in

this CD is chords and strings that create unique atmosphere. I only can't

really agree with most of you that Shamanix is the best track here! I simply

can't understand why - is it because of irish melody, the sample "the way I

feel..." or the stupid pop-chords part at the end? This track doesn't really

get my attention in contrast to LSD, Orphic Thrench, Alpha Centauri, Fluoro

Neuro Sponge or Solstice. Anyway - great CD and a piece of history of

psy-trance so if you don't have it then what are you waiting for? 9/10

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Guest Goa Sage

Perhaps the most classic Psytrance album of all! And...it's famous for a reason

- it's a mindbending madness, that will never stop teasing and twisting your

brain cells! :) The best tunes are "LSD", "Shamanix" and "Dark Magus". BUT, I

still like ´"The Lone Deranger" better!

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Guest Dead74

Okay, this is the ultimate classic trance album of all time. I feel as though

all the different styles that exist today derived from this album. For

beginners, it may take a while to get because the kick is not as hard, but if

you focus on the psychedelic sounds and Hallucinogen's solos, you will

immediately understand. He talks with his synth and somehow you understand

exactly what he means. There are no bad tracks on this album, and the thing

is...it gets better and better! "LSD" is a sure classic. "Shamanix" is

probably one of the sickest trance tracks ever made. It ends with "Solstice,"

which is a beautiful track that puts you into a deep trance and makes you want

to listen to the album again. I would have to give this album a solid 10/10

for all it's done for the entire trance scene.

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Guest chis[at]matrik.ndo.co[dot]uk

LSD, a timeless classic. Alpha Centauri - towering, imposing and worth all 10

minutes. Dark Magus - an unsane scarer that'll just leave you dripping for

more. Sponge with it's kicking time change! And Solstice - dreamy melodies

across an otherworldly acidscape. (and the secret tune is a corker too!)

Sadly I just Can Not listen to Shamanix any more, that vocal clip is still a

masterstroke on Simon's part but the whole track really is starting to sound a

bit too much like Riverdance!! Makes no difference - this album is mixed to

perfection: Twisted is classic acid PsyTrance. Deep, penetrating rhythms and

seriously cutting 303 lines. This is the album that all trance fans MUST have

in their collection - and for all other trance producers to learn by. The

trance Bible, baby. Better than anything Juno, Mushroom or Astral have ever

put out. Astonishing stuff. 10/10

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Guest xal[at]go2[dot]pl

Well, i dont think i can say anything that wasnt already said about this album,

i totally agree with all of u that this album just kicks butt, but i just want

to say that antic is absolutely right, Shamanix is the worst track on this

album, i didnt like it back then and i dont like it right now, besides that

this album is an absolute classic and i think its a must have for all the goa

freaks, my favourite track is LSD

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yes, it's true: one of the very best psychedelic albums ever created! simon

posford set new standards for trance in 1995, and created a whole new

dimension of psychedelic music. you like infected mushroom's "the gathering"?

guess what album was their inspiration! even now, 5 years later, this album

doesn't get old. in fact, it sounds much fresher that a lot of modern stuff.

an absolute must for any psychedelic collection.

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Guest daoistraver[at]hotmail[dot]com

This album IS the defining standard for Psy-trance. It is still the most

psychedelic and the most intricate and meaningful on the whole of any goa/psy

album..of any trance album period. Some artists may make tracks better than

some of the tracks on this album (shamanix is ok, but no biggie) but no one

has touched L.S.D. or Solstice.. unfortunately not even the great Mr. Posford

himself.. L.S.D. is a song that will bring you to tears the first couple of

times you hear it, but perhaps only if you REALLY understand it... untouched

and perhaps untouchable, this is the Beethoven's 9th Symphony of Trance. 10

out of 10.

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Guest sysweed

The production and sound effects of this album are excellent, and it gets even

more impressive when considering that this was released in 1995. There are

many weird noises and psychedelic melodies. It is hard to pick any favourites,

because all songs are very good.


Score: 9.3/10

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Guest sprong song

X-SEE-LENT DEBUT! every song is good no losers here its a fluero

neuro sponge, the album lives up 2 it's title TWISTED. thank U Simon 9.6/10

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Guest slinker

a timeless classic....everytime i listen to it it sends me away and gives me

goosebumps at the same time...the most technical and innovative album ive

heard not to mention VERY influential...and this sure was the first album like

this i can remember, totally got me into the psy-trance scene from the first

listening...every track is outstanding...fleuro neuro sponge..(WOW) sparkling

black mable (WOW X 2) and dont even mention LSD...if you havent heard this

then you dont deserve to have ears!

10/10 classic and dare i say unbeatable (until infected mushroom arrived that

was...hehe) =^,^=

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Guest _megatron

bow down before 'Twisted'!! this is quiiiite an album ;)

i don't think there's anything i can add to what's already been written

here....i just love 'Fluoro Neuro Sponge' and the "hidden" ambient version of

'Angelic Particles' now THAT is great Goa trance! 10/10

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Guest joszim[at]swipnet[dot]se

I really love fluoro neuro sponge, it's the best trance song ever. It got

several different timesignatures and it's got really psychedelic melodies that

evolve throughout the track.

Exellent album, a classic!

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Guest smokeBuddha

This is definitely one of the greatest psytrance albums ever! And it will

remain that way forever! Pure brilliance. And, not that anyone cares, every

time I have ever taken any kind of psychedelic drug (uh, not that I have...) I

have listened to this album. Every time! This should be in everybody's

collection. 10/10

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Guest doktor604

Still probably the best CD I own. Put it on, turn out the lights, close your

eyes, and get ready for the best 70 minutes of your life. Brilliant from

beginning to end.

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If your are reading these reviews and you do not own this album, I can only say

one thing... buy this 'twisted' release and your life will change. Artist like

this crazy fellaw are making history in the evolution of electronic music... I

think the reviews say enough till you hear the sounds . just listen to the

intro of the second track (Orphic Trench)... isn't this extraordinary... this

style is a cyberdelic neuropsychotic trancedental mindcrasher, this is Posford

going out of control !!!!


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Guest Jonas engberg

twisted was my first album that a buyd so i have a spesial

plase in my hart track 1,5nd 8 are my favorites number 8 gives me a feeling

that i am flying ower a beutifol forest with lackes an hills i lowe tath

fealing an hav alwase locked for more music with that feeling sphonel ar

close, i raly locking forward for future ralises from you,i lowe your work ;)

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Guest a1adam[at]yahoo[dot]com

Before I get stuck into my personal opinion of "Twisted", I should preface my

comments by saying that nobody here can begin to appreciate the blood, sweat

and tears that must have gone into making a record of such exquisite detail,

beauty and genius. Somehow picking holes in the few little things that annoy

me about "Twisted" feels incredibly petty and cynical - it is, after all, the

record that virtually single-handedly opened my ears and mind to ANOTHER

WORLD. In that respect, it is totally beyond rational criticism - trying to

articulate the raw emotions that "Twisted" has inspired in me is like trying

to describe in words what it feels like to be happy or sad. Yes, folks, this

is just as much SOUL or FUNK music as anything by James Brown or Aretha

Franklin. It's just that the human soul and funk is accessed via an almighty

electronic, psychedelic filter rather than via vocal chords and conventional


So onto the tunes themselves. First off is "LSD", the overture, if you like,

that instantly sets the mood for the rest of the trip (within five seconds: "I

believe with the advent of acid we have discovered a new way to think...").

Now this sounds a little thin and weedy in comparison to later psychedelia,

yet the basic structure has a timeless aesthetic, finishing in an almost

classical flourish of musicality. For me, "Alpha Centauri" makes the logical

next step, both musically and literally - nearest star to Earth, first port of

call if you see what I mean;-) Again, the sound has lost a little of its edge

over time (but then, I must have travelled this particular sonic trip at least

a hundred times!), but my spine still tingles when THAT 303 blasts its way

into proceedings.

"Dark Magus" is a rattlin', metallic banger that teases briefly before

accelerating up into hyperspace. "Solstice" and "Orphic Thrench" also mix

together to form one huge long constantly climbing voyage, yet there are still

moments along the way to rest briefly and enjoy the panoramic views!

With the love-it-or-hate-it "Shamanix", Simon P takes a radically original

rhythm and, er, "bassline" (for want of a better word) and overlays it with,

variously, something that sounds like a cross between Rolf Harris's wobbly

board and the Trans-Siberian Express; almost "conventional" dancey stabs; the

sounds of the John Lilley-influenced doctor in "Altered States" trippin' his

tits off; brain-piercing 303 strokes; a spiritual cathedral anthem; and to top

it all, a ludicrously happy melodic finale! One of the most perfect sequences

of sound I have ever heard.

Finally in my own customised running order comes "Fluoro Neuro Sponge", which

starts off with an elastic, springy time signature that morphs imperceptibly

back to 4/4 for a really wired dance stormer. (I don't really dig "Snarling

Black Mabel" - just my opinion!)

Well, sorry that was so long, thanks for reading. I don't write this much about

every album I listen to - but "Twisted" demands such a response, even now over

five years later...

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Guest Vir2alExp

This Is The Best!!! Cd in my Comp Sadly i lost it at a party. The Cd is pure

insanity, freaky and atleast twisted i´ll give it 11/10

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Guest Simon Magus

OMG!! This is the album that changed my life. The GREATEST ever.(sorry Astral,

but some one beat you for once..)If you are a trancer and don't own this GET

IT NOW. L.S.D. will make you cry the first time you understand what he is

trying to say with this song.. and Solstice.. holy shit!!! Wow!! Too bad the

rest of his output never got to this peak again (except Angelic Particles,

which is the greatest trance song ever made, perhaps the greatest possible..

it says everything...)

Also, if you listen, you will hear a recurring theme throughout the album, a

certain sequence of notes/chords. I think this is why the tracks are mixed..

it is a trance symphony.

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Guest Psymushroom[at]goatrance[dot]com

EXCITEMENT. That 's what we 're talking about. Two or three or even four years

ago, getting ready to party, to get the real psychedelic feeling, when parties

were exciting, and not just another excuse to have some drugs.

Shamanix is my favourite tune in the world ever. All the rest are simply

amazing. I love this album... excitement!

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