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Hallucinogen - Twisted


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Guest Vir2alExp

This Masterpiece was one of my first goa-trance cd´s (I Call It Goa-Trance

becouse i dont like trance music its way to simple) But this cd is my jewel in

my colection. this album lives up to its title TWISTED and this CD Is totaly

twisted with all those SCRATCHY sounds Simon is one of a kind if you have

money enough to one cd buy this one And second make it Infected Mushroom - The



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Guest Floydian

Wow, words cannot express how much I love this album! Can't seem to pick it up

on vinyl though, d'oh! Any ideas? Any1 know of any sites that would stock it

(even 2nd hand would be good). Definitely 10/10

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Guest Zeitti

Mr. Posford is a true genius of our time. As the guy above says, I too can't

express my feelings about this album, I just love it so much. I mean.. you can

listen to other producers, x-dream, pleiadians, infected mushroom but whenever

I put Twisted or The Lone Deranger on, I realize that they don't come even

close to Simon's skill. I've listened to LSD so many times, but still, when I

hear the melody at about 1:30 of the song, I just get so much adrenaline in my

body it's amazing! If there's someone out there who loves goa trance and

doesn't have this album, I cannot recommend getting it enough! Every track is

a pearl!

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Guest heierli[at]library.ethz[dot]ch

Not good. PHANTASTIC! One of my favourite CDs (after Pleiadians). Posford is a

genius. The CD is perfect, from the beginning to the end, very good mixed (how

zeitti say: every track a pearl). Beautiful melodies, acid-bubbles and

oriental influences, that's true goa (i like progressiv-goa too, but not so

much how Oldschool-Goa). Best tracks? Very difficult to say, all tracks are

phantastic, but my favourites are 2,3,5 (!) and 8. The change of the melodies

in Shamanix between aggressiv acid-lines and wonderful melodies... i can't

describe it. You must hear it self to believe it. Rating: 11/10. (I'm on

fucking fire)

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]8-} ]8-} ]8-} ]8-} ]8-} ]8-} ]8-} ]8-} ]8-} ]8-} ]8-}



TuMTuMTac TuMTaC pa salirse de la pelleja....

ThE BesT WorK, I WanT To ShAkE My NarDo BoRRiKeRo WiTH ThiS AlBuM. eR NaBo eN

eR CuLo TKB MaRiKoNa.

BesT WiShes. AJOyAGUA |[AciD]| no_name ...

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Guest Joemrmeat[at]hotmail[dot]com

I think this one is greater than the lone deranger. More trance and shamanix

sounds. He will make you fly...

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Guest Diepeveen

Everyone knows this cd... And everyone loves it... So why should't i? ;) - Pure

insanity! Best tracks: 1,2,4,5,8... Rest is also very good... Weakest track,

Alpha Centauri, is "just" good... Overall a 9/10

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Guest cybergirl[at]thevortex[dot]com

sniff sniff... *in the verge of tears*


it's really touching to see that other people see in Twisted what i see. no,

i've never taken LSD or anything vaguely psychotropical; but listening to this

Masterpiece -in its entirity- comes very, very close.


the well-known starting phrase "I BELIEVE..." made my heart turn the first time

i listened to it. now it turns even more because i know what's to come. this

CD is definitely a MUST. it's amazing how Simon (i talk about him as if we

were old friends..hah!) managed to put these many emotions in such a little

container...an emotional rollercoaster full of surprises; a deep,

well-thought, mind-blowing piece of art.

My own personal favorites are Fluoro Neuro Sponge, yes, Shamanix, and SOLSTICE.

100!!!'NUFF SAID!

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Guest urdu[at]sympatico[dot]ca

A remarkable album which is timeless. Harmoniously textured and powerful

layers of psychedelic sounds. Intricate but exquisitely melodic high hats.

Totally original, mind-bending and uplifting tracks. I'm appalled that no one

commented positively on Snarling Black Mabel - my all time favorite Posford

track. My least favorite were LSD (cheesy introductory voice sample) and

Fluoro Neuro Sponge (too many video game type sounds at the interlude around

1/3 the way in).

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  • 2 weeks later...

Simon is by far the master of psy trance he makes everyone else seem like

children. Just listen... You listen to twisted or the lone deranger and then

put in any other psy trance group. Can you stand it? I know i can't... I

just put in another of my assorted simon cds! ha. 10/10 for ever release he's

put out. He's toped twisted with the lone deranger (many dont agree, but lone

deranger is VERY VERY HIGHLY PSYCHEDELIC, and that's what i like) and he's

toped Are you Shpongled with TOTI. We can only imagine what Hallucinogen III

will be like.

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Guest mr_shih[at]yahoo[dot]com

beautiful, amazing, unbelievable. such depth, such emotion, such power, such

genius. moving, imposing, humbling. every song is outstanding, and when they

are combined they make a complete symphony. when i remember that this was

made in 1995, almost in the days of windows 3.1 and 486 pc's, i am awestruck

and disbelieving. if this album were released today it would be ahead of its

time. a timeless treasure and masterpiece. without hesitation 10/10.

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Guest kim.ake[at]nic[dot]fi

I think that the amount of comments here shows just how utteringly special this

album is.

I think that pretty much everything has been said about this already.

This is just so beautiful. There are no words to describe the multitude of

emotions and visions this album always manages to conjure. Even now I'm

literally trembling with excitement, even though it's been months since I last

listened to this. The same kind of adventurous excitement that can be felt on

a beginning of a long journey, unsure of the outcome and all that can be seen

and experienced on the way...

The holy book of Goa Trance. The only really symphonic and coherent album ever

in this genre, really. It's all so connected and alive... Just like living

organisms and the whole fabric of live and consciousness that is Gaia, the

planet and the huge matrix of mystic being that is the all of us.

I can say no more. I'm not sure if anything quite like this can be made in the

same style.


It's just so sad the technotrance has killed the benevolence and goodness, the

solid light and holyness that used to surround psychedelic trance. Luckily

people still strive for the godhead through their music, but the parties, the

official label releases etc have gone quite astray lately... Let there be

light... Time will show what endures and what is doomed to oblivion. These

vibes will endure, I believe, and hope.



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Guest nickp00[at]hotmail[dot]com

"There are doors, that they're afraid to go in." And that's exactly what this

album does: enters unexplored doorways and dimesnions in psychedelic trance

music. The melody from 7:27 till 8:07 in Shamanix really finishes off this

track with a BANG! But not as much as the hidden track does for the entire

album!!!!!! Just one more question: where can I find more of this guy's work

besides The Lone Deranger????? If anyone can help please do.

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Don't you just love how you can hear what Simon listens to in what is regarded

as futuristic music? This album is insane! Buy this and put it on & you will

hear that this isn't purely recreational music like a lot of trance is these

days! I wish there were more music being produced like this today, the

attention to detail even for such an 'old' release makes my jaw drop to the

floor everytime I hear this. Better than the second album for sure ***Perfect


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Guest Nelson,  Colombia - South Americ

Although I'm very fond of trance music, i've been experimenting with psy trance

and other kind of substances, I gotta tell you I kinda bumped with this track,

LSD, but you can´t imagine how good it is, where i live i doubt i can find the

CD so i'll just have to download the entire album, it's nice to see how many

people have an interest in this type of music and how this music can change

their lives, lots of peace to all of you ... "relax and enjoy" !!

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I agree with Nelson and the rest of you too, I've known of Hallucinogen for

about 3 years, but only recently have I got more involved in Goa after I re

listened to some old classics by Hall. What can I say "LSD" is perfect for

tripping. Dark Magus is just pure dark and "Alpha Centauri" is simply out of

this world. I give this album a Perfect Score not to mention the Artist. I

look forward to discovering the world of Goa with eager wonder.

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Guest Big D, Phoenix Arizona

Incredible sound. No other type of music seems to express what Hallucinogen has

packaged for us. Samples, beat changes, unorthodox sounds. This album, and

Deranger, are the epicenter of Psy-Goa. Hallucinogen was the beginning for me,

and it helped me discover the others like Infected Mushroom. I'm glad someone

out there had an idea to create a sound that was completly original and it

worked perfectly. From someone that never uses any hallucinogens I can say

thus album IS a trip by itself

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Guest NFalke666[at]aol[dot]com

Years later, its still the best... drop a couple and let simon take contol

(seriously!)... it really is missing angelic particles though. maybe he wasn't

finished writing it at the time. I think thats what the hidden track turned


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Guest stmwho[at]mail[dot]com

L.I.Q.U.I.D. This cd IS the standard! Still not beaten, not even by Simon

himself, lone deranger is crap compared to this. Imagine this will be the best

goa album ever, scary ha? You live now, you heard it, maybe goa will never get

better than this, touching isn't ? Well, it hits me like hell, tears in my

eyes. Best tracks: 5 and 8.

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