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V/A - ISRAliens


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V/A - ISRAliens


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Artist: Various

Title: ISRAliens

Label: HOM-Mega

Date: 1999


Track listing:


01. 08'18" Mascok : Mascok

02. 09'08" Children of The Doc : Impossible Vortex

03. 08'04" Infected Mushroom Feat Xerox : Acid Killer

04. 07'51" Oforia : Aquatech

05. 07'48" Psysex : LSDance

06. 07'35" Infected Mushroom : Crazy D

07. 07'38" Xerox And Freeman : Time Bubbles

08. 05'51" Resistance Activity : G Tests

09. 07'38" Passenger : Easy Rider




Yihaaaaa!!!!! My second best compilation (after Dream-Creation)!! The is the

finest, the greatest, the most crazy and the most full on dance music of


I can't say which track is the best one of this CD!! => They're all the best!!

(Track 3 And 7 are really hell!!!!) If you love hard (Israeli) Goa-Trance, you

need to buy this piece of plastic as soon as possible!! Enjoy!!! Bom Shankar

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Guest djonanis[at]hotmail[dot]com

In spanish we would say that this is a CERDA compilation... that means... kill

your braining tunage.

Excellent material from israel, as we are used to.

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Nice modern israeli trance comp. Best tracks are definitely the tracks by IM,

Xerox And Freeman, and Resistance Activity (aka Sandman), and especially Time

Bubbles. The rest is not great, not bad either. Overall 7/10 I think.

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Guest manicmagicmmushroomman[at]hotmai

Generally very good.

I agree that impossible vortex is an absolute killer.


But does no-one else find that the Ellll Essss Deeee sample becomes a bit

irritating after you've heard it for the zillionth time in one listening.

Apart from that I love this comp.


All the tracks work really well with each other, and the whole thing has

direction and continuity, which seems to be pretty rare on comps these days!!


Bravo, Hommega!!

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Guest itay_oron[at]yahoo[dot]com

The best compilation ever !!!

great sound, great melody, great psychedelia, and great music !!!

it was one of the firsy cd`s of trance i have ever bought, and i guess that why

i love trance.

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Just picked this one up...what a gem! I started with Acid Killer and it didn't disappoint. Such Power! If Infected did music like this I would still be a fan. Impossible Vortex was ok, but I don't think it aged well. L.S.Dance didn't impress me but Crazy D wasn't bad. Time Bubbles was a juicy treat but didn't hold its promise.


Overall, Acid Killer is the only smasher here for me, but I am not upset. After all this was the beginnings of full-on and I think everyone was suffering from a post-goa hangover.



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This one made a huge impression on me in 1999. I was mindblown by the playful artwork and indeed very futuristic-sounding Psytrance. Here you could really tell they had lot's of fun in the studio experimenting with new sounds. And it still sounds crisp!

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