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Hallucinogen - The Lone Deranger


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Hallucinogen - The Lone Deranger


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Artist: Hallucinogen

Title: The Lone Deranger

Label: Twisted

Date: 1997


Track listing:


01. 07'17" Demention

02. 06'22" Shakey Shaker

03. 08'36" Trancespotter

04. 07'32" Horrorgram

05. 06'47" Snarling (Rmx)

06. 08'47" Gamma Goblins Part 2

07. 07'33" Deranger

08. 06'40" Jiggle Of The Sphinx




The second Hallucinogen's album, and another GREAT album :-)

It's possible you don't like it so much at the beginning, because Simon has

slightly changed his style in this album, but after 5 listens you'll see

that you will also LOVE this album if you loved the first one :-) Best Tracks

are 1,2,3 and 7 (my favorite : Shakey Shaker !!!)

Rating : 8.5/10

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Real trippy album, but not as good as the first one...

He became more psychedelic and those tracks are not all dance-tracks...!! But I

think there are two killers on it, 7 And really 8!! Jiggle With The Sphinx is


SPecially the last 2 minutes...

Bom Shankar

"The Belgian GOA-Alien..."

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Guest zenit74[at]hotmail[dot]com

Is the best album of the 97's goa or psy album's, Simon really knew what he was

doing and he did it well, the effect's in Deranger are out space, 9.5 of a 10.


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Another very good album from Simon :) I like it less than Twisted, but it's

still very good. My favorite is Gamma Goblins Part 2, and I don't like at all

Jiggle of the Sphynx, because there is some kind of celtic melody at the end

:( Don't like celtic stuff.

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Guest Tequila

A really great album of Simon Postford.

Full of melodies, with an appreciating complexity.Not as good as Twisted but

excellent althought.

The best track is Shakey Shaker.

Waiting for the next CD of Hallucinogen

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Guest Infected Max

Next Cd of Simon should be disappointing...(I heard that nobody liked his new

music at South Africa 2000).


This one is good..but can't be compared with Twisted...Twisted was raw..this

one is too clinical.

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Guest Mindbender

I don't understand why so many people consider this to be worse than Twisted.

This is absolutely brilliant! It's different from Twisted, but in a positive

way. It's good that artists develop their style in general and this one of the

cases where I'm happier to get something new rather than another Twisted. On

the whole this is more deranged and slightly more trippy and psychedelic than

Twisted. This has also slighlty fewer sounds and melodies layered on top of

each other on. Like Twisted, this is very emotional and very visual at the

same time. Take the 'drops And bubbles'-sound in Gamma Goblins Pt2 for

example. All that I can say is WHOAAaaahhh! Combine this with the brilliant

melodies that vary from mean and insane to uplifting bliss. Add a nice groove

and there you go! Every track is excellent! I find this also danceable. I'm

wasting my words again, as this is one of those you just have to hear. 10/10

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Guest vm[at]alphatrance[dot]org

"The Lone Deranger" has always been riding somewhat in the shadow of "Twisted".

So, as I expected, most of the reviews here compare this album to that 1995

classic, which is really too fuckin' bad, cause "The Lone Deranger" is an

awesome album in its own right. Its concept is very different from that of

"Twisted" and yet its effect is just as powerful and enjoyable. It's dark and

groovy, totally out-of-this-world psychedelic and incredibly fun to trip to.

The range of emotions that this album produces is incredible - from silly

laughter to jaw-clenching fury bordering on insanity. It is also more mature

than "Twisted", sort of like "Magical Mystery Tour" compared to "Yellow

Submarine" (and I'm not sure if this is a really good comparison, but please

bear with me.) Overall rating: solid 10/10.

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Guest ChrisdeeACiD

Good album with some highlights. I have never heard anything like "Shakey

Shaker". This track has gotta be the best one by Simon! I sort of sounds like

a dramatic Opera?? hmm.. Anyway. Deranger it self is very good. How does he

manage to create these sounds!? Just listen to the change at 5:05...absolutely

fantastic! Tancespotter is another good example. 8/10

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Guest d.mcnair[at]dailyrecord.co[dot]u

One of the best moments on this for me is Jiggle of the Sphynx where he samples

fiddle playing. Let's see more Celtic crossover stuff like this cos I think

that it's really fresh and suits the vibe to a tee. I played it at a

Celtic-World music crossover club in Edinburgh and the place just went

banannas! I salute you Simon!

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Guest goatrancer

yes twisted records second best album they have released

shpongle is the best!!! anyway this album contains

loads of very good traxs this was the first release from

twisted records and its not dissapointing first time

i listened to this cd i did not think that it was any good you have to listen

it five times then its really


best traxs:shakey shaker,deranger,jiggle of the sphinx,

my rating 8/10

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And finally I bought it (7/02/2000 - it's Poland, so I can consider myself

lucky I found it somewhere)! After hearing "Trancespotter", "Deranger" and

"Jiggle of The Sphinx" I had a very big expectations about this CD and it

didn't disapointed me - I was hoping for high-quality psy-trance and Simon

Posford delivered what I wanted! People who own (or heard) his first

masterpiece - TWISTED - may be a little bit dissapointed, because it's

different - less melodic, less catchy. The Lone Deranger is dark, noisy,

trippy and hounting. And if first LP could be easily called "goa trance", then

this one just doesn't fit this category. It's pure psy-trance how it should be

made!!! There's lot of well-known Simon's studio trickery (like famous cross

between 3/4 and 4/4 beat), but it doesn't sound to me like repeating himself -

that is his style and his own, unique, techniques and - because I'm trying to

do psy-trance music myself - I admire his musical skills and technical



Album starts with "Demention" (it's a state of insanity I think) and it's

pretty ...insane. Tribal drums in background and that psychedelic melody with

acid swirls behind it. Veeeery good one. Then "Snakey Shaker" hits you with

groovy bass and twisting acid - this tune is one of it's kind. I have never

heard something like it - it has this orchestral feeling I just can't desribe.

That is the kind of song either you will love or you will hate - I love it!

"Trancespotter" is a well-known track (released back in 1996) and it's still

great, especially after it speeds up at the middle. Then is "Horrorgram" - one

of the best here. Starts with 3/4 beat and then, as allways with Simon,

changes to plain 4/4 full-on stomper and when the melody comes in you think

you're in heaven. And you're wrong - heaven begins right after the melody,

when an acid(?) comes in. Where the hell is he taking his samples from? This

one is very spooky and, at once, irresistibly groovy! Right after is "Snarl!

ing (Rmx)". I haven't heard the original but this remix is very psychedelic and

full of strnge sounds. It lacks some energy, but overall is a very good track.

"Gamma Goblins part 2" is a continuation of well known tune (from TIP

Phosphoresscent) and is, again, more psychedelic than the original. This one

has it's moments of bliss (second half of the track, after "water"), but I

prefer the first part. Finally we come to the title track "Deranger" which is

still super, even if it's old. Those acid-melodies, those voices, this energy

- I still have no words!!! "Jiggle of The Sphinx" is sadly the last track, but

what a track it is! First time I heard it I thought it was stupid, but now I

think it's one of Simon's best works. Very groovy, full of great drum loops

and ofcourse THE MELODY! The idea of combining celtic music and electronic

beat is just insane, but Simon (and Dick Trevor from Green Nuns) knows how to

make everyone else insane with his music.

The CD I have is beautifully GOLD and all tracks are perfectly mixed together

in one, unforgetable journey. Listen to it in one go - don't skip the tracks

because every one here is essential and creates the mood of the whole CD. I

give it 10/10!

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Guest "getafix's"

delightfully EVIL stuff. yes, i think it's excellent evil psychedelic trance.

scary stuff, with names like horrorgram, snarling, demention. sounds like a

horror-movie soundtrack, hahaha. boohoohoohaahaaya! oh and jiggle of the

sphinx puts the squeeze down - i love it!!

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Not bad, but nowhere near as mind-buggering as Twisted. I still listen to

Twisted; I don't even know where I've filed this one. Mr. Posford seems to be

migrating more towards the Shpongle-land chill-room, and don't get me wrong,

the Shpongle efforts are amaaaazing in that direction. Still, it'd be nice to

have him back freaking out the locals on the trancefloor.

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Guest AtomikElf

brilliant and ENERGETIC!!! this album grooves you and moves you, it's unsane!!

i don't see why "twisted" is better - i think they're perfectly on a par....i

mean, imagine simon p. came out with this cd FIRST!!! it's a friggin

masterpiece, created by a sonic genius....end of story. it's FULL of

psychedelic sound, i mean - he really packs it in there ;-) my fave is

trancespotter - i absolutely am in love with that song...with the groovy

little elf on lsd jabbering in the background there (see, never give an elf

lsd - he just jabbers and laughs in this unintelligible triplanguage)oh, back

to the song - it wipes out the dance floor - it takes control one time big

time!!! lovely stuff. this cd is pure excellence - there's not one bad song

(not even nearly bad). it does play with your emotions/mind/thoughts tho - all

the way thru (what do u expect hehehe)- extatic, lost, freaked out, extremely

joyous, mentally hollow, squished out love juice, etc etc - but it's designed


way - with the last two songs - you can't help but feel overly joyous!!!! this

is beyond a rating - it's off the scale, but if i have to....10/10!! it's one

hellavu ride hehehe!! have fun, boys and girls.

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Guest Goa Sage

Yiiihaaa! What an incredible sequel to Posford's debut album "Twisted"...it's

even better! Creepy, spooky sounds and intelligent melodies... While "Twisted"

sounded like what I'd like to call "Acid Party Goa", this is a more mellow

Psytrance style... This CD contains the best Hallucinogen track ever..."Snakey

Shaker"! Oriental melodies and groovy acid lines!! Other great tracks are: the

remixes of "Snarling Black Mabel" and "Gamma Goblins" (cool intro with

psychotic "killer clown" melodies), "Deranger" and the Celtic party stomper

"Jiggle Of The Sphinx"! What a bomb...

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Guest jsbedard

PURE QUALITY. Simon posford's best goa project. Personally i prefer it to

Twisted. It's more powerfull, tribal and kicking. Lot of new sounds with a

very original concept. True artists changes in theirs musics, it's


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Guest clark_303

Yes, this is a better album than Twisted although there aren't any absolutely

perfect tracks here(like LSD). All of the songs are at least very good and my

favorites are Shakey Shaker, Deranger and Jiggle of the Sphinx. Twisted wasn't

as sophisticated as this album and that makes this one better. -Clark

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Guest Dead74

Let's face it, this one is not as twisted as "Twisted," but it's still one of

the essential albums. Compared to "Twisted," Hallucinogen lost some of the

power behind his tracks, but he still retains his genius. I think of

Hallucinogen sort of like Miles Davis...the things he thinks up is just so

innovative and creative. This album has two really sick tracks that makes

this album worth getting. "Shakey Shaker" and "Deranger" Don't get me wrong,

all the tracks on this album is really good except for the last one.(I'm just

not fond of the Irish violins, but if you like it it's all good.) I would

give this album a solid 8/10, and much much respect and thanx to Hallucinogen!

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Guest chis[at]matrik.ndo.co[dot]uk

Very strange - I can't really stand the celtic style, but put Posford's magic

behind it and it just kicks serious arse. And then how about the truely

UNSANE, evil giggles and laughter and "that" melody at the start of Gamma

Goblins? IMHO this is a MUCH better version than the original, which was a

serious floor-worrier in the first place! A shame then that Lone Deranger as

a whole doesn't get any more evil than this; I wish it would. It's also a

shame that Simon didn't put some chords behind the Horrorgram melody to change

with it, because that would've sounded fantastic - specially if he were to

change key further in. As is however, 'gram is also a great track - it, along

with Sphinx and Goblins are the standouds for me on this album. Overall

though, it just doesn't quite live up to the standard set by Twisted, where

there wasn't a single track that _didn't_ stand out. It's very close; both

albums are fantastic, and no unsane man should be without either. Essential.


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Guest sysweed

Posford has done it again; produced an weird, psychedelic and melodious album

that is very nicely produced. My two favourites are Shakey Shaker and Gamma

Goblins, part 2. The latter is a completely insane version of the famous

horror melody.


Score: 9.1/10

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