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Hallucinogen - The Lone Deranger


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  • 2 weeks later...

I know im probably gonna get tortured and then burned alive, but THIS SUCKS. I

like Twisted, but this? My friend has this and i never liked it. Then i saw

all the rave reviews on this site and i gave it some serious listening, but i

really don't like this. The melodies are not well done and the whole

arrangement just annoys me. In short, this is really annoying.I really don't

know what you guys are on, but compared to Atmos "Headcleaner" this album just

sounds obnoxious, that's a good way to describe it.

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Guest beefybeast[at]hotmail[dot]com

I have NO idea what aje is talking about, this album RULES! Of course Twisted

is better, but then again, what could be better than Twisted? However, as

others have said, it is important not to compare this album to Twisted as it

is a masterpiece in its own right. All the tracks are good, with standouts

being Snakey Shaker (holy shit! what energy! gotta love the melody that sounds

like gibbering voices), Gamma Goblins 2 (that waterfall sound totally fucks

with my head, what an example of Posford's skills! I also like the second

melody a lot, its horrorific!), and Deranger (I looove the sample, love the

melody especially at the end where it changes time). I kinda have mixed

feelings about the Celtic melody in Jiggle, but hey, Simon P. makes it work!

Synthesizzler, the secret track, is also very good and lives up to its name :)

This album is Infected Mushroom's favorite and for good reason: it's dark,

psychedelic, just a work of genius.

Whereas Twisted is simply off the scale, this recieves a perfect 10/10!

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Guest slinker

Really good album...although i have to say i preferred twisted , but theres

some stormingly good tracks on this follow

up!...trancespotter..deranger..gamma goblins 2...technical brilliance this

dude sure is talented!!

some i dont get into that much..but overall this is pretty killer stuff!! dark

insane and influential...

9/10 =^,^= hallucinogen needs a third album release soon!!!!

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Guest _megatron



incredible album..don't now where to start..my copy has a track 9,

"Synthesizzler", and it is very neat and schizophrenic, close to "Deranger".

it starts with a sample from Pink Floyd.

this whole record is like a trip on a psychedelic drug that has yet to be

discovered....Posford is the Albert Hofmann of electronic music. 11/10.

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Guest Psyphon[at]chaosexistence[dot]or

AWESOME... That's really all that needs to be said about this album.... You

deffinitly can't compare this to Twisted, they have totally different

sounds... Both this and Twisted are Pyschedelic masterpieces... Although i

tend to find myself listening to this more than Twisted... I have a feeling

that i'm not the only one... This album is just SO complex and Deep... i've

had it for about a year and everytime i listen to it i pick up on a sound that

i never noticed before....

Simon Posford is GOD.... 10/10

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Guest Slidingtrancer

I just bought this in a normal cdstore, where i usually get my psytrance cd's

at importshops or by mail/postorders. I'm really bummed out i don't have

Synthesizzler on my cd. I haven't got a bonustrack!

Anyway, I love this album as well as i love twisted.This takes more getting

used to I guess, but it kicks musical ass and that's what I like. 9,5/10 Bom


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Guest kelven[at]canada[dot]com

All I have to say is... DAMN.

This is the first Hallucinogen album I've heard, and it is right up there with

the best I've ever listen to. This is DEFINATLY a great CD.

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Guest Ehsanur

Someone trying to compare "The Lone Deranger"/Sion Posford with





This album is pure insanity 10/10


Bom Shankar

Eshanti Brahman

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  • 2 weeks later...
Guest nerrahtek[at]goatrance[dot]com

I'd have to agree with Jeto. After a few times of listening to this album, I

absolutely love it. Simon arranges each mesmerizing voice so perfectly in

each song that it sucks me into this dark, swirling 'unsane' world. The

Celtic melodies in Jiggle of the Sphinx are an uplifting end to the

perception-bending album.

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  • 4 weeks later...
Guest manicmagicmmushroomman[at]hotmai

I've owned this for a while now - but although I loved it at first - it simply

does not retain its original perceived depth. With so many 'not psy trance'

noises going on, it just reminds me of bad infected mushroom, without the

melody. There are good points however - amazingly high production for 97 and

very forward looking, also nice to see someone break away from 4/4 time and

into the much more strange reality of 3/4. The last track is cheesey shit,

and really spoils the album for me. Seems to have moved away from this style

with my-looni-umi, perhaps he realised it wasn't good either. Not enough

going on at all to be classed as amazing, nor nearly underground enough.

Seems to me that this was fairly commercial in places even. Sorry to be the

only one to dislike this. One of the first Psytrance albums I bought, so I

guess it gets some credit for pushing me further into the scene, but thats

about all I can say thats good about this now. 4/10 for old times sake

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This album is really good...This was one of my introductions to goa trance, and

I'd say that Hallucinogen, along with Infected Mushroom are my two favorite

psy-trance guys.

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  • 2 weeks later...


without repeating all those damn praises above?? IMPOSSIBLE!

Well, all I can say is that it's an unforgettable trip to the

realm of Unsanity that made me go INsane right the first time I heard

it. Now to the tracks: 1.Demention: the perfect opener with that

dark voice sample in the beginning, I love it, this sample already

made me think: That's gonna be TERRIFIC! This is a rather calm track

in comparison to the rest, but as we know, it is an opening track, so

it's job is to create the special individual mood of this album and

it works perfectly, 9/10. 2.Snakey Shaker: Starts off with rocking

acid lines and soon changes to 3/4 rhythm, which I personally don't

like that much because it's a bit irritating IMO but it's a good

example for Simon's high creativity, 9/10. 3.Trancespotter: WICKED!

The voice in the beginning is totally deranged! Then a rather slow

rhythm (138bpm) but dark noises also, after some 4 minutes it speedes up

to 148 bpm and then it really starts rocking, but the best are these

spooky laughing samples. AMAZING! YEAH! 10/10. 4.Horrorgram: THE

melodic track here, I mean fantastic melody that gives a kind of

celestial touch to the otherwise quite dark album (though the rest of

the track is still dark, of course). Perhaps "Horrorgram" means that

there is only 1 gram of horror, and the track seems like 7 1/2 minutes

of safety from all those demonic creatures which have already entered

your brain to bring you unsanity. Rating 9.8/10. 5:Snarling Rmx: This

Black Mabel isn't just snarling any more, it has become really snappy. It's

also a little monotonous, that’s why I like the original better. Anyway,

it's almost as good, 9/10. 6.Gamma Goblins 2: My alltime favoutite Simon

Posford track! There's more Goblins in the beginning and more

Gamma till the end than in part one(which is already a killer by

itself). That well-known melody sounds more screechy (i.e.

more EVIL!) and the rest of the track is just SHOCKING!! 10/10.

7.Deranger: Another stunner with superb melodies and funny voice

samples, very deranged, 9.5/10. 8.Jiggle Of The

Sphinx: Not as dark, more orientalic (hm, maybe celtic, I’m not sure),

fastest track here, and I love the brilliant percussion on this, no

doubt, this is the ultimate floorkiller, powerful emotional majestic

ending, whole track 9.8/10. 9.Synthesizzler: Bonus track, very groovy

bassline, brilliant sounds & melodies, what can I say, totally psyched,

9.5/10. All in all, just two words: KIL. LER. 10/10 (100/100 to be precise)

PS: Special Tip: Listen to the album at night in a dark room,

alone, of course. It will be the ultimate creepy adventure if you can hear

some silent but really horrifying noises (I heared them in tracks 3&6)

that you cannot hear by day…

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  • 1 month later...
Guest Psymushroom[at]goatrance[dot]com

Probably the best album in my collection. It 's better than twisted, not much,

as twisted is a miracle all by itself, but a bit better! Snakey shaker is

FANTASTIC, Gamma Goblins kicks ass, Trancepotter is exciting. No need to speak

about Lone Deranger.

Hallucinogen has done it again, I am amazed!

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  • 2 weeks later...
Guest Vir2alExp

Tjis is a great album, but can't be compered to TWISTED, TWISTED was based on

ACID,and SCRATCHY Sounds like Shamanix but this one is more based on Psy But

there are some nice Classics like Gamma Goblin and Deranger Nice One 9/10

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  • 2 weeks later...

Comparing with recent goatrance-releases this is a very unique style.I think

Simon is a psychedelic geneous cause of his wonderful inspiration of melodies

and basslines.This music doesn't sound fake or boring, every song is a trip

towards the dark land of pleasure (don't ask me to situate this land on a map

,I call it 'Karma-Yoga').I realy like Shakey Shaker and the remix of Snarling

but the other tracks are pure art too.If you like Jiggle Of The Sphinx, with

the ecstacy-melodie in the end ,then I suggest you to listen to 'Angel

Johnatan'(by Infected Mushroom)which contains a slight resemlence also on the

end of the track.... Congratulations to Mr. Posford for his originality and

I give this album a psychedelic rating of 9.95 /10. Keep on tripping!

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  • 2 weeks later...

The following is a universal review of Hallucinogen-The Lone Deranger. No Goa

cd ever made to date is beyond platinum in psychedelic, depth, intensity and

insanity. Words do not describe how amazing this cd is. If you are on acid

while listening to this cd, you are fucked! 11/10 stars.

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So much going on. So ... many ... sounds... and details.

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  • 1 month later...
Guest glexcube[at]aol[dot]com

This is by far the best cd i've ever heard. I dont even think it should be

compared to twisted, because it's styles are extremely different. You can

tell simon learned alot of new tricks for 'The lone deranger'. His skills on

this album are 10 years ahead of everyone else. The production of each track

amazes me each time i hear it. Highlights are of course number 1,3,4,5,6,7,

the last track i could have gone with out, should have ended with a good psy

trance liquid explosion or something... Not to in to celtic shit, in my opnion

only.. Still the best cd in my collections.

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