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Elysium - Dance For The Celestial Beings


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Elysium - Dance For The Celestial Beings


Artist: Elysium

Title: Dance For The Celestial Beings

Label: Nova Zembla

Date: 1995


Track listing:


01. 10'49" Elysium

02. 10'25" Aliens

03. 06'55" A Journey Into The Complex Brain

04. 07'50" Dance For The Celestial Beings

05. 10'38" Keep It Cool

06. 09'29" Illusive World

07. 09'00" Interpretation Of Dreams (Ethnic Mix)




One of the first good Goa-cd's... altough it's already old it still sounds

nice! It's mostly pretty dreamy and tribal Goa-Trance with Indian Chants and

percussion, but there are also some dance-songs (in 95) on this CD, but they

won't work enymore on parties now, the dance-songs became simply too slow!! My

favourite songs are 1,3,4,6&7!! Song 4 is even one of the best

downtempo-Trance songs I've ever heard!! So nice work from Elysium here!!

Bom Shankar

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Guest Dandoo Forest

wow! elysium so crazy!!! old goa morning psy

very cool and i don't realy like this old goa styl

but this groupe so FUCKING GOOD!! buy it buy this fucker


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Guest ecstasymfl[at]bol.com[dot]br

i would like to know one site where i can buy this cd...

some of you please help me!

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Guest combeferre

found this one 2nd hand, I can only say I think the person who sold it must

have some sort of hideous inner-ear defect. Lovely soothing dreamy sounds, I

like it on a lazy sunny afternoon =)

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Like to play it when driving. It's so chilly and soft. The best slow goa I ever heard. Music doesn't bore or else at all. This CD have funs among people who know nothing at all about Goa and Psytrance - it is really meen something!! :)

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Sounds good.


On saikosounds it's a double album however. There's many more tracks than the tracklist above. Why is this?



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Avatar and Pro File once again present eDance For The Celestial Beingsf as a special reissue that not only features an additional unreleased track on the album, it actually comes as a special 2 CD set and includes a whole bonus CD with tracks never released before...!



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Tribal Goa Trance. Laid back goa. Hippie beach goa. Wait...isn't that the same thing? Whatever you want to label it it's good music that will snatch you up in it's steady, melodic atmosphere. The original was probably pretty great (even today it sounds solid), but the Avatar reissue with the 2nd disc comprised of mostly unreleased tracks makes this a must have.

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