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Spirallianz - Blast Food

Guest dvd[at]espace-plus[dot]net

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Guest davidtolsn

this cd is AMAZING. out of the 100 or so psytrance cds i have, it's in my top

5. listen to it loud.. it puts you in a trance.

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Guest kite flyer


all tracks are amazing

great german tech-trance

just go and buy this one if you like the german minimalistic sound

bom shankar :)

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Guest Arthur

YESSS my mind was "blown away into peaces" ;) when i Heard their LIVE set !!!!!

this is the true evolved psychedelia for the evolved psychedelic people !!!!

8) once again 10/10

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Guest seed[at]goatrance[dot]com

i think that track one way is most powerful track if you want to get high.. you

dont need nuthing to go with it, no weed, no nuthin, just one way and you´re

high.. love it..

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not really psytrance but more psy techno, but who can really tell nowadays aye?

this cb is great listening cd with minimal style that simply oozes from track

to track . you dont even realize the cd is over , the sounds are so dark and

smooth (if you get what I mean) beat by beat you quietly get taken in. the

stomping techno sound stays in your head for days on end. not a fan of techno

beats but this has a good crossover sound to it that makes it very listenable.


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Guest stills[at]yahoo[dot]com

Good work! amazing prioduction. this was one of the best albums that STORMED

our scene in 2000..... there are no bad tracks on this one 10/10

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Guest [Anonymous]

Hey Vlad...psy trance knows no musical boundaries. Does psy trance have to

have a definable sound as others?

This totally has do do with trance--look at who's behind this "industrial

masturbation crap"--Arne and Wayan.

I love this!! Heavy grinding noises, weirdo/trippy sound effects, excellent

sound quality, yes again, you have to have decent speakers, it sounds shitty

in a portable CD player, but in the car on the road (at least mine),

yesssssssssssss! "What the fuck kind of music?" looks is what I get.

Deepest, darkest 10/10. I can dance to this. Exactly as the D. Drum line

says...'Heavy - Bend your knees'. Spirallianz if you read this, please make

more albums and tour more!

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Guest sanomeier[at]sanomat3000[dot]de

nothing but excellent!

definitely one of my favourites ever.

dark, driving and far away from that boring melody-la-la.


great work.

still waiting for the next album :)



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  • 3 years later...

Not for the faint-hearted! ... This is some wild and crazy shit, and this has

got to be the HARDEST psy-release I've ever heard... This works VERY well on

MONSTER soundsystems or really expensive headphones, and though it can get

kinda-repetitive, I love this CD... "One Way Ltd." and "Submariniert" are

standouts for me! Get this -- or it will get you! 8.1/10


Ok ok, I wasn't the most articulate reviewer back then - and what the hell is up with giving something 8.1 in stead of 8? Haha... Anyway I just dusted this album off again and gave it a spin - and it still holds up pretty good...


Sure it has aged, and the newer Midi Miliz/Spirallianz stuff is more sophisticated, but this still has some frekkin' awesome moments... It's a milestone album! :)


Why isn't this one in RED at last?  It eats Classical Mushroom for breakfast.


Haha... It sure does! Both albums are great in their own right though - but as pure ownage, Blast Food does eat Classical Mushroom for breakfast!


Fucking Trip shit , it will blow your mind to peases


Radi's lost twin into tech-trance?



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Hum ... I don't like this CD ... there's nearly no melodies here (just drums

And bass) and it's kinda repetitive And minimalist ... nothing to compare to

X-Dream stuff ... very disappointed after having read the reviews above ...

Talamasca "Beyond The Mask" is MUCH BETTER dark stuff than this one in my

opinion ... in fact I don't think I should compare both CDs ... for me this

one is more minimalist than dark (and I don't like minimalist stuff) ...

Rating : 2.5/10


Here's one of those dubious Children reviews.


Anyway, I agree. The album still really holds up as a classic in the genre. One of my top 5, for sure.

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Pretty good album even though it is minimal...I mean, you buy the album expecting it to be minimal, why do people expect to hear psy or goa if you already know that this is going to be minimal album ? :huh:


I quite like this industrial influenced style...yes, it does tend to be monotonous in few tracks, but overall, this is one very solid minimal release...7/10

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