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Spirallianz - Blast Food

Guest dvd[at]espace-plus[dot]net

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Guest dvd[at]espace-plus[dot]net

Spirallianz - Blast Food


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Artist: Spirallianz

Title: Blast Food

Label: Spirit Zone

Date: 2000


Track listing:


01. Sidewinder

02. Submariniert

03. Mj Problem

04. Blast Food

05. One Way Ltd

06. Ghost Brigade

07. Run To The Sun

08. Shaolin Shuffle

09. Heiterheute (Rmx)

10. The Re Entry




It sounds like a ghost train, dark And powerfull atmospheres with

some of the most dramatic rhythms i've ever heard. Something between

X-DREAM and his dark 1/2 side, THE DELTA (without the bass

overload...).Favorites tracks: SUBMARINIERT And ONE WAY LTD (look at this

high metallic kick, pfffff...). 8/10 oh yeah...

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Guest skincom[at]mullum[dot]com[dot]au

Very good for building the dance floor with its driving trance sound.Much use

of reverse noise and alike to take the listner to an alternative level.

Features a remix of major problem in australia by kox box. Altogether a dark

sounding release. Perhaps not the best introduction to trance music for new

listners but highly recommended for lovers of the dark side.rating 7.5 /10

Love and light Richard:-)

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Guest Mascok


some tracks are real great, dark, 2viil and quality!.

though i like better the midi miliz and the spiralkinda project...

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WAAAAAAAAA! Heavy, heavy dark and scary X-Dream/The Delta influences. This is

the good stuff! Requires massive speaker technology because you will WANT TO

PLAY IT LOUD! The last half of the record loses track a bit, but the first

half is pure sensory overload.

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Guest Pit-UFO

Yessssssssssssss!!!!!! this is my cup of tea. Chaotic, repetitive, dark,

pounding. Filthy music he he. I admire them and Marcus for such hard to

shallow tracks like Mj problem that really challenge the ear, the mind and

patience. But, but, in the second part losses some direction with average

tracks except for The Re-entry. Recommend One way, and Sidewinder. 8/10

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  • 2 weeks later...

Hum ... I don't like this CD ... there's nearly no melodies here (just drums

And bass) and it's kinda repetitive And minimalist ... nothing to compare to

X-Dream stuff ... very disappointed after having read the reviews above ...

Talamasca "Beyond The Mask" is MUCH BETTER dark stuff than this one in my

opinion ... in fact I don't think I should compare both CDs ... for me this

one is more minimalist than dark (and I don't like minimalist stuff) ...

Rating : 2.5/10

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Guest andrescottin[at]hotmail[dot]com

dark, mean, gritty, POWERFUL....if you doubt any of this when you hear the

album, let me assure you, I saw them live a few weeks ago in new york and the

tore down the dance floor with their huge, powerful sound. I agree with

mascok, more than psytrance, this is mean, dark, downright nasty psytekno

designed to pull out your brains through your ears and leave you dazed and


7/10 if using headphones at home

8.5/10 if blasting from a proper sound system at a party.

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Guest Ravemail10

Hmmmmm. Good for a party. Not good for listening. VEEEERY powerful :-) If you

like the delta you will like this album. It's not melodic, repetitive and

very, very powerful. I would enjoy this thing much more if they did not loop

the same melody for 7 minutes(like in Sidewinder). This is not a bad album,

but it's not goa or psy since there is almost no editing in the sounds, and it

does not progress. Again, if you like "The Delta - Pop" or "Thing" you will

like this. This gets 6/10 on my weird-shit-o-meter. Piece! - Raven

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Guest skrag[at]worldonline.co[dot]za

possibly the sikkest shit okes>>anyone who knoks this, knoks themself - u know

what me is sayin? The line is so fat, deep and rolling, the tek edge is

perfect - chek this out on a big rig, can't wait for the summer - I'll

definatley be hauling out this one!! Rating - 9/10.

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Guest Zoltar

I WANT MORE DAMMIT£¢¤£¢¤¬ :) Please don't listen this with your cheap

headphones, use decent speakers. Pure minimalistic dark beat Vs ambient noise

( ! ) Forget the melody let's listen something different, something that will

scare your wannabe neighbouroods HAHAHA. Insane. Hmm, 8.0/10?

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Guest Acidhive

Phew, talk about brainwashers..!! This one is hard to get into and maybe even

too dark .. :-) But, once you get into it, there's no escaping their dark

mood. Stand out tracks for me are: One Way Ltd. And Heiterheute (Rmx)

The rest is really minimalistic, especially Sidewinder. I like their style, but

you really have to be into minimalism to enjoy this one to the max! 7,5/10

from me.

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  • 4 weeks later...

This album is made by Arne Schauffhausen (the producer behind The Delta).. so

that's why it has the "same" audiopicture here... it's totally AWESOME!!!!....

Great production... it demands some serious speakers to enjoy.. I liten in my

headphones which are better compareed to my lousy speakers...

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Guest Telepath

Well, this album is for serious Psychedelic-Techno lovers it took me a long

time to get into this one to enjoy it to the max. this is much more advanced

than the delta, but dont get me wrong the delta is great too. this beat is the

sickest i ever heard after listening to the Delta, but cant be compared to

x-dream cause its 2 different styles as some think. kick ass tracks are One

Way LTD, and Heiterheute(RMX). BTW watch out for the second album from the

delta coming out soon in europe(wink , wink , ) some insight info..peace,


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Not for the faint-hearted! ... This is some wild and crazy shit, and this has

got to be the HARDEST psy-release I've ever heard... This works VERY well on

MONSTER soundsystems or really expensive headphones, and though it can get

kinda-repetitive, I love this CD... "One Way Ltd." and "Submariniert" are

standouts for me! Get this -- or it will get you! 8.1/10

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Guest manicmagicmmushroomman[at]hotmai

To provide a more thorough analysis though...

Obviously I love this album hence the rating, but does it belong on a psytrance

page at all? I mean in one sense it is pure trance music, as it just sucks

you into its own world, and it certainly is psychedelic too, but sooooo much

of this is pure techno. The beats SOUND trance on a superficial listening,

but thats just in tonal quality, the breaks are techno, the swirly noises are

techno and the feel is techno all over, but the basses are pretty much trance

(albeit pummelingly hard). In fact I'd say I've never heard music like this

before really. And I love it. And I want to buy a lot more of it!!! The only

thing that comes even close is COP's el nino that I've heard, but huh huh, I

wonder why that is?????Anyone who likes the dark side, minimalism and pumping,

hard as you like trance should enjoy this album HUGE amounts, but I gaurantee

you will have never heard music like this in your life.

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The fact is that it has been released on SPIRIT ZONE RECORDINGS, one of the

biggest/oldest labels in the scene. Evolution won't stop for no one on this


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Guest slinker

i must admit i had to listen to this album a few times for it to really grab

me...but grab me it did!!...very well made and trancy music on a minimal and

banging tip!

unlike anything i can compare it to..the percussion is fantastic the basslines

bold and in a club this must be absolutely insane! 9/10 bring on the sequel


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Guest Epic Automata

I like my music like I like my women - big, dark and hard. Ha! Blast Food is

all of these as well as one of 2000's highlights. And yes: If you're not

listening to this on a good system or good headphones, you're not going to

like it. It wasn't built for that. It was built to throttle you. So: $10

headphones: 2/10; $100 headphones: 9/10.

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