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Your TOP 10 Best Albums of 2005 thread!

Jon Cocco

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What are your TOP or most FAVORITE albums of 2005???


1. VA - APSARA ... B+ ... A wonderful psy goatrance comp.


2. KHETZAL: COROLLE - B+ ... This will win best album of the year here. I know it.


3. ANTIX: TWIN COAST DISCOVERY - B or around 8.5/10 ... The progressive (Full ON?) trance album of 2005. It's that good.


4. NYSTAGMUS: THE IMMACULATE PERCEPTION - B ... A pretty good album. Some very catchy melodies and the Tommy sstory is unforgettable, but once you've heard the story the music loses replay value and allure. There are some very good and few great songs on this album. Some people complained that the second half has tracks sounding stolen or too similar to Classical Mushroom but I can't confirm it. I know the second half is where my favorite songs are on this album... Hopefully his next album will push things further, much further, as Talpa did on his debut, and both keep the IM sound OUT!! A very cool release nonetheless.


5. JAIA: FICTION - B or 8.5/10 ... Cool album, unique, melodic, has feeling at times more than others... just don't compare it to Blue Energy!


6. GHREG ON EARTH: SIGILWEAVER ... B ... The best dark psytrance album of 2006 IMHO.


7. Droidlock: Elefantronika - B- or 8/10. Very psychedelic, melodic, interesting... the first half of the album is really good. The second half is decent. There's one song that's really something...


8. PLANUM: ELABORATE - B- ... Check out my full review in 2005's review section for Planum!


9. SHPONGLE: NOTHING LASTS BUT NOTHING IS LOST - B- ... Many people were disappointed with this one. However, it's pretty good when compared to most downtempo/chill being released in 2005, (has some great moments, parts, melodies, etc..) but it's not THAT good when compared to the first two brilliant albums that many consider masterpieces; classics. I too expected more for a final (?) Sphongle album. Why not? The first two albums put the benchmark so high. It's like while making this album, the masters had fun, too much fun or not because I don't feel as though they pushed the bounderies with this third album as they did with the first two. It's different, somewhat rehashed with good ideas, and just not what many people familiar with their earlier work imagined it being: a magical masterpiece...far from. It's good but not great or superb as a whole I feel, and that's where the disappointment lies. :huh:


10. TRIPSWITCH - CIRCUT BREAKER ... B- ... One of the best downtempo album of the year. Not all tracks are great and few are decent at best IMHO. Overall this is a beautiful release with several very strong songs.


Follow ups:


WATERJUICE - MELBAPHONICS ... B- ... Umm yeah, can you say underrated? I don't know which album by them I liked more, but this was deff different being downtempo/chill trance. It has some good songs.

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Well finally! What do YOU consider the BEST -- YOUR TOP TEN (more or less) albums of 2005???


It has been hard for me to finalize my TOP 10 list because 2005 had few albums I consider good / great. You KNOW it's not a good thing when I'm sticking IM the Supervisor in the list, :blink: but I have yet to hear some albums, which explains my lacking list, which I'll post an *UPDATED* at the top when it's complete. I have yet to hear Jaia, Derango, Ghreg on Earth, Droidlock, Broken Toy, etc.. in their entirety, so from the albums I own and have heard, so far my list is...

Khatzel - Corolle - B+


Nystagmus -The Immaculate Perception - B


Shpongle - Nothing Last - B


Entheogenic - Dialogue of the Speakers - B-


Planum - Elaborate - B-

Best compilation of 2005


Apsara - B or B+[/b]

...list in progress, please post yours! ;):lol:  :)B)


Khetzal - Corolle 9/10

Shpongle Nothing Last - 4/10

Enthegenic - Dialogue Of The Speakers - 5.5/10



Apsara 8.5/10

Schlab 7 - 8.5/10

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Dude, that thread was posted in March of this year, nearly 10 months ago. Now is a much more appropriate time to post a fresh thread that hasn't been corrupted with incomplete album lists and uncertainty from those unsure of their TOP albums. Plus, I post a "Your Top Ten" thread once a year on this site. I always wait until the end of the year. ;)
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Dude, that thread was posted in March of this year, nearly 10 months ago. Now is a much more appropriate time to post a fresh thread that hasn't been corrupted with incomplete album lists and uncertainty from those unsure of their TOP albums. Plus, I post a "Your Top Ten" thread once a year on this site. I always wait until the end of the year. ;)


Fair enough that the first couple of pages were posted in march, but if you take a closer look you'll see that the last 6 pages consists of posts made from medio november and up to a few days ago. In other words, most of the people in here have already posted their opinion, and the rest can also do so in the other thread.

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well, there were a few remarkable albums, but the best definetly was

Eskimo - Baloonatic




lol just kidding


1. artifakt - artifakts 2

2. shpongle - nothing lasts

3. va - Life is dimension

4. bluetech - sines and singularities

5. antix - twin coast discovery

6. oforia - headed for infinity (yes, '05)

7. xerox & illumination - xi

8. psycraft- computech

now come the shitty albu,s

8. va - the godfather

9. gms - ebs

10. va - israliens 5



Im sure Derango, ticon and some more kick asses however didnt hear them


what a bad year

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ghreg on earth - sigilweaver on # 1 for sure


followed by, in random order


derango - tumult

manifold - x-ray attraction

va - run motherfucker run

va - crazy goblins and wicked pixies

para halu - world of peace

va - apsara

va - hammering the gates of soul

droidlock - elefantronica

megalopsy - the abstract machine

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procs - stuck in.....


derango - tumult


boldly audio


mushy mystery


multiple personalities


kindzadza & friends


ocelot - vector selector


cpc - uber den.....



not listed in any specific order

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From what I have heard (and that's not much):


1. Shpongle - Nothing Lasts...but Nothing is Lost

2. Ghreg on Earth - Sigilweaver

3. Various - Fahrenheit Project Part Five

4. Various - Apsara

5. Ticon - Zero Six After




Oh, it's top 10... well...


6. Antics - Twin Coast Discovery

7. Derango - Tumult

8. Flexitones - Joyrider

9. Nystagamus - The Immaculate Perception


...and... umm... I don't know if I have _fully_ heard any other album... so I guess I cannot even fill the last place.

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Jon Cocco, I'd add "IM the Supervisor" to my list as well, but this album is from 2004.



My list is the following


Chillout/Fast Abstract first:

Waterjuice - Melbaphonics

J.Viewz - Muse Breaks

V.A. - Life is Dimensions...

Amon Tobin - Chaos Theory

Pedra Branca - Pedra Branca


Psytrance ...

Broken Toy - Broken Toy

Rinkadink - Pirate Signal

Ocelot - VectorSelector

V.A. - Check Your Pulse

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first comes Antix - Twin Coast Discovery...


and then the rest:


ticon - zero six after

puff dragon - sazanami

kaya project - elixir

bluetech - sines and singularities

jviewz - muse breaks

waterjuice - melbaphonics



these are the ones I remember right now

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  • 9 months later...

Wow it's been a year already! :o


So much for my little, poopy "Best of 2005" thread which most people seemed to miss. :(:D


This thing was pushed down fast once Moni released the more official "Best albums of 2005" thread.


Looking back at things, I find few exceptions in 2005. It was a weaker year, especially compared to 2004 which roocked!!!!!! :)


I'm still surprised Waterjuice rapped to downtempo/trance in track 10 on their 05 album. Nice try but, umm yea no. See below.




Hmmm... according to amazon.com and several other sources, Phutureprimitive - Sub Conscious officially release in 2004.



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