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    Ticon - 2AM

    just finished hearing the album. another great album from a great duo. (actually i liked this one better then zero six after)
  2. A very good album imo, some tracks are amazing, and provide endless brilliant melodies. They were even able to take a melody from a lame Israeli song and make it likeable (track 7 - Mia Nihta..) . However, this still isn't better then "in search of..", which is the best ambient album to date. 7/10
  3. nice album, but won't age well. couldn't find any psytrance elements, except for eat it raw and heavyweight, but 2 tracks can't sustain an album. I loved forgive me and in front of me a lot, but those songs fits an electronic band and not a psy duo.
  4. lol i didn't understand shit from this conversation. I asked for opinions about the mentioned above album.
  5. lol, if I love something in this forum is that all of u exaggerate when it comes to bad music. "scary" "turn off the music". no one force u to listen to it, say u dont like it and thats it. as for me, I dont like all those remixes and void's new album in particular, but i dont bash it edit: cd2 is actually nice.
  6. lol i once came across a title : "I was young and I needed the money" http://www.discogs.com/release/220492 besides that theres "around he world in a tea daze" and "divine moments of truth" by shpongle. "the serpant and the healer" by bulletproof. actually its not such a good title, but great comparing to other banal ones.
  7. euchkuh

    I HATE

    is it just me or mfg are in the same section of yahel?
  8. can't say its nostalgic to me. since I was 6-8 years old back then. but i can say what I prefer, and its the melodic style. cant stop listening to "the prophecy" "teleportation" "project genesis" and "trust in trance 3" these days.
  9. hearing now the 2nd track. so far so good (:
  10. first and second albums are unbeliveable, however the third is a bit disappointing, especially because of the division of tracks.
  11. actually that cover was sweet, lol. (but not whats inside) and besides, urging ppl to take LSD has nothing to do with music making.
  12. lol I remember "good morning Israel", I was 9 years old and everyone loved it, dunno why
  13. I used to compare Hallucinogen and Shpongle albums in order to see where did Raja contribute. are u shopongled is very similiar to hallucinogen albums, so I assume Raja contributed in tales of the inexpresible much more. moreover, there are more instruments in it, which are his specialty if I got it right... Anyway, I love the Shpongle albums much much much more then Hallucinogen's, so I guess Raja isn't just a decoration.
  14. euchkuh


    oh, my bad. however in psyshop it is titled only as trust in trance.
  15. euchkuh


    no no, the first one. http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/pho/pho1cd041.html
  16. euchkuh


    I own trust in trance a year now, and only recently I discovered the greatness of it. now I understand all of u that praise them. 9/10
  17. euchkuh

    Raja Ram presents

    to my surprise, I loved this album, a lot. is this the same 1200 mics from the "the time machine"? I dont think so. dances between worlds is one of their finest works. same thing goes for gms. this is quite good, and not reminding EBS at all. hujaboy and eat static also did a great job. go tip world
  18. also notice the difference in the audience quantity
  19. damn, how did I miss this /=
  20. it started because of the post-military trip. but today, since there are many Israeli artists, teenagers who havent served in the army yet are exposed to psytrance and become addicted (like me).
  21. 10/10 O_o I dunno why I gave the album a chance
  22. like every genre, psytrance is always evolving, and sadly not to a good direction. we'll see better days (:
  23. All time favs: MFG Hallucinogen Sandman Man with no Name Astral Projection Juno Reactor and some that I haven't heard yet and I must: California Sunshine Transwave
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