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Entheogenic - Dialogue of the Speakers


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I can't get over how cheap this sounds... Without Thought, despite the nice title, is awful. So is the Ott remix - apparently even he can't save that track.


Haven't heard all of it yet, though.  <_<



Well, Ott couldn't do a thing yes, because he didn't remix Without Thought (Youth did, and he did one hell of a dubby remix).


And if you think Without Thought sucks then check your speakers, your ears, or your tracklist (maybe you're talking for another track) because this is one of the most original Entheogenic tracks in a long time and its quality all the way. Best track of the album if you ask me.

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Nice deep chill from Entheogenic. Again a great album from those guys . At this point the better release so far this year.



considering ambient as style yés I agree :)
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Nice Job Chillcode, nice Job indeed! :lol:


I really like the album, just a nice journey! Ott's remix of Timeless E.S.P.(track 2), is really nice, I just love the arabic scales in it, so very nice!

In general the tracks has a really good flow fits well together, and so nice to have a cd with so many good people on it!


The only negative thing is the cover... Its really not appealling at all just did'nt make me think of nice chill music when I saw it, more sort of popish! The flowers is accually quite nice but that woman just dont fit in... She just too damn "Barbie"....


Well thats just the exterior the music is still fuckin brilliant!


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Am I the only one that didn't like this album ?


After reading all your ravings I thought that this will be KILLAR but it is in fact rather average sentimental album...I am so sorry for this kind of opinion, I even rarely have bad opinion of some album but this album surely is OVERRATED.


It has certain level of sentimentalism clumsily combined with new age stuff...the only songs I like are Ott's remixes but the rest didn't grab me at all...:(


I am sorry for THE ONLY bad review but that is how I feel...5/10

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He ís right, but I for one still don't fully appreciate the cover. It has something to do with the woman's face. Somehow it seems 'off'. But yeah, the idea is great indeed, entheogens communicating through speakers... :) hehehe


Music is awesome, as far as i can see, the remixes all made the existing songs better. Especially Ott's; exactly what you'd expect from a cooperation between ott & entheogenic, f@cking brilliant! Vibrasphere's remix kicks ass as well, but i still havent found out why so many people seemed to like Youths remix. Its weird, didnt work for me.

And that Billie Jean-thing... well... its been done too many times to surprise me, although its pretty wel made.


Anyhoo, this is still a more than decent release, but not as good as the previous ones. 8/10 for now.

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Guest Le Lotus Bleu

Helmut Glavar & Piers Oak-Rhind are names not easy to remember. Entheogenic is, at contrary, a name which is henceforth very popular through the psytrance & chill scenes.

So, Dialogue Of The Speakers is the opportunity of checking the evolution of their sound, especially with Without Thought .

It’s also the chance of a big gathering of the present best chill producers bringing their remixes visions to Entheogenic soundscapes ; the Youth, Timesless ESP by Ott , Abakus (funny & weird idea to mix Entheogenic on a Michael Jackson’s Bass Rythmic combo, i mean Billy Jean’s one) & Shulman remixes are particurlarly remarkable here.

Mention too for the design, great job Miro.



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To: LeLotusBleu and Snowfly,


thank you for the nice comments about the artwork.

That was necessary to me after some idiots put the cover into the

topic about bad cd covers. So i wasn't really sure anymore if i'm still

on the edge of time or if the people criticising the artwork are living

in a world, which has already passed long time ago.


Some words about the process, when doing a coverdesign.

Every lable or artist coming to me for a design got more then

ten ideas for their cover. Mostly it's even more, for the new entheogenic

we had at least 20 ideas before we started to work it out.

When they had decided for their favourites, they got scribbles from

the best ideas – stuff like composition or colours. Afterwards the artist and

the lable-people have made up their mind about the concept i start to

visualize the whole thing.

You can see, when developing a new cover-design i'm working sometimes

plenty of hours to get it done. Also there are different people

which are deciding, what's finally gonna be on the cover. And they can't all

be wrong with their decission.


What i really wanna say is: i'm giving much energy to the content of the cd's.

Every cd i made till now looks different, depending to the artist and the lable i'm working for.

I have no generic readymade-designs in my library like some other designers,

which are doing mostly the same stuff either if it fits or not.

It's really disappointing to me when people don't take the time to view the

stuff properly but do some sort of not qualified statements about it.


I know that it's not possible to do a design which everybody is gonna like,

nevertheless i've spend a lot of time in the past to put some substance in every cover.

Only because it's no typical "psytrance-i expect the usual shit-cover" the most people

don't get it. Maybe it's just a lack of intelligence or this viewers are simply blind to any

development into a new direction. Hopefully they don't do the same to the music.


So i have to say it one more time.

Thank you guys for the nice words





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