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  1. Without thought is a wicked track, different from the rest, shows Entheogenics potential to glory. :posford: That Abakus remix is fun to dance to, I guess it took some courage to get that one on the album though
  2. sorry, just dont have any overkill albums this year. And never had 20 of them / year
  3. mhh,... psy comes and goes classical stays, pretty clear choice to me.
  4. Any place I feel that special uplifting energy, that which takes me beyond my own little imagination.
  5. Those are your overkill albums, mhhhhhhh..................
  6. Good review Jon Cocco. Always appreciate the effort somebody makes to write a deep review. Funny though how taste is different and I guess this is a good thing. Skullcap would be my "favourite" on this album, didnt make it into yours though.So I guess there is something for everybody on this album.
  7. maybe you write to psyshop and ask, on discogs it says limited edition, what if they only sell those?
  8. yeah yeah, good album, I guess this will become one of those - must have in your collection albums - :clapping:
  9. thats a real beach classic, all we miss now is summer!
  10. The new Entheogenic of course!!!
  11. 100% agree with you, the best album, not just chill. This is the one to rule them all!!!
  12. What´s deleted from what site??? .
  13. Yes we want more masterpieces .
  14. I guess they sell well in and outside the scene.
  15. Pretty much agree with everything said in this review. My favorites would also be - Midnight Eyes - Golden Cap - The solution machine - .
  16. Top 5: 1. Entheogenic - Dialogue of the Speakers 2. Capsula - Synthesis of Reality 3. Unusual Suspects 2 4. Lish - Free Fall 5. V/A Quality Relaxation
  17. Considering the moment I voted Entheogenic
  18. Nice deep chill from Entheogenic. Again a great album from those guys . At this point the better release so far this year. .
  19. And a blast release it is! Personally I would have liked more new Entheogenic tracks, but the remixes are real good, some outstanding. The cover and booklet is very nice. Recommended! .
  20. Review but no release date .
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