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  1. This is arguably the best album in a while. It's positive, fun, sometimes dark, twisted, interesting... definitely different from what we are used to hear from Entheogenic. The beats are very cool and then again its a different couragious release. They have broken the mold, have set a new mark. No weonder there is so much talk about it. Skullcap is a gorgeous psychedlic downtempo track ! Trara another psychedelic beauty! Microcondian cant put it into a box but its totally owesome! Urubus is another great one. The others are not that psychedelic but none the less great material Vervain, reminded me of some Radiohead intro. I would give it a 9/10 but have really nothing to compare it too. .
  2. What style would you say Flight of the Urubus is. I love it, but cant put it into any category. Great album, unique maybe its his own style :clapping: .
  3. Was to be released in November, whats up?????????????????? .
  4. Great choices, very similar to mine, cant get enough of the first 2 Entheogenic albums. And I am very passionately awaiting the new Entheogenic album :clapping: .
  5. Excellent chill album, Fav: Midnight eyes - lovely chill song, 10!!! Golden Cap - unexpected and well respected, - I like the idea and execution of the old folk song. Zero Plus - great dance song, haven't listened to anything similar The solution machine - Great Journey!!! dark, bassy, a story and trippy 10!!! 9.3/10 .
  6. Ok, my votes: 1.) Entheogenic - Dialogue of the Speakers 2.) Derango 3.) Khetzal 4.) Jaia 5.) V/A Quality Relaxation
  7. Hi, Can anybody supply me with a list of festivals, concerts etc,..... in Brasil, between December - March? Thanks .
  8. It deserves the chart position. truly the best album so far this year. .
  9. Most people I know prefer Entheogenic over Shpongle, of course Shpongle has been around a while longer.
  10. Entheogenic vs. Entheogenic Shpongle vs. Shpongle .
  11. massively delayed is the key word, who knows when Shpongle will be released........ .
  12. looks like a monster trip .
  13. Juno are one of my favorites, wasn't the guy from total eclipse -dmt part of them?
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