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This weeks stupid covers


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It looks like a lame graphic from a 90's flier, poorly centred (why is the left-hand edge cut off?), the deep dream seems like a lazy attempt to modernise it that already looks dated, and to top it all off the artist logo isn't even antialiased.


i didn't realise that it wasn't an original image and missed that the torus is cut off. now that you say it, its place in here is well-deserved :)

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Sorry, I didn't mean to give the impression that it looks like a specific 90's flier graphic - I've no idea whether it's original or not.

ah, ok. well, it's still cut off at the left side in any case :)


if it's not ironical that is, if so it's pretty funny.

i have long given up on that idea. there are just so many, they cannot all be ironic, can they? ;)

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