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Audialize - Full On Chaos Magic

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Yes I totally agree. For me, this is for sure in my top 5 tracks that have been released so far this year. In fact, I ended my set last night with this track...such an amazing dark melodic stomper, a perfect energy builder that just keeps going and going...I love this track! The Gappeq track on Satellite is really good as well

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Guest Le Lotus Bleu

Pavel did you listen to Roop Suhana from Audialize, excellent tune too on Spectral rec 'The Door of Wisdom'?

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I think the best track by Audialize is on the Compilation "Evolution"


It's called "Audialize vs Midival Punditz - Dark age rmx"

Agreed. In a sense, it is kind of cheesy... but it really hooks people on the dance floor--I always notice a huge reaction when I play this tune. It works nicely with some Tranan and Goasia.

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:) I have that.. i got heard it on philosomatica a while ago and ordered the CD as soon as i could.. :)...

he has another one out, the title track of starship earth.... both are wonderful tracks that i would give anything to hear on a night out..


maybe if im really really lucky someone will play it at glade..


i think DJ's should do requests of some sort.... :D

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