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  1. there are 2 tracks on youtube.. if you search "Delirious Noon"
  2. HI ya... If you want to listen to ramdom stuff try these streams Dark Psy (Not for everyone.. But it does grow on you after a long while)..... www.triplag.com Normal and quilte full on.. http://www.philosomatika.com/ there is also http://www.psymusic.co.uk/ But Philosomatica is the better in my opinion.. :/ Have a listen and see what you think..
  3. I haven't been to a festival alone.. I go with people and then go off on my own for the whole day.. I may see a few of my friends through out the day but thats about it.... As for psy party's I'm normally always alone apart from a few times that i have taken friends or girlfriend. i can normally find someone to chat to if board and people sometimes talk to me.. But i am the only one of my friends who likes psy/goa and other forms there of... That and its really nice to get away from all the stress and strain of everyday life... just me and a few drugs... :posford: but the friends I have also influence this choice... They are ether running around after girls or getting so smashed (on anything they have and anything they are offered) that normally 1 or 2 of them will need looking after. So going alone is really the only way to enjoy my self and dance... the girlfriend is good when we go together, but she hates the naughty substances... so i do the night clean which can sometimes be hard if i have been working all day.. but yes go for it... its very relaxing to do what you want when you want... no stress no strain....
  4. I have that.. i got heard it on philosomatica a while ago and ordered the CD as soon as i could.. ... he has another one out, the title track of starship earth.... both are wonderful tracks that i would give anything to hear on a night out.. maybe if im really really lucky someone will play it at glade.. i think DJ's should do requests of some sort....
  5. i know i now post but once in a blue moon... but not long now yayyayay and the weather is starting to look ok all systems are gogogogogogo
  6. well i hope to see you there Mr W_Lizzard have a good one..
  7. howdy people.. its been a while since my last post but i feel this is worth my 2 pence.. i for one love this CD.. i have it in my car have have been playing it quite a bit for the past year.. its good to chill to, it calms road rage and makes the world generally look like a wonderful place to be.. hope he can find his faith is psy again
  8. i was there.. queuing to put my coat away when the sound "turned up a notch" think it was you playing... sadly was just a tad too loud for me.. and i left after an hour ish... but the music was really good. very good choice in tunes .. just a shame about the reverb... when its that loud + that much vibration it puts me in a bit of a panic over my hearing.. the decor was spot on.. some pix's from sparks http://www.3am.co.za/modules.php?set...view_album.php
  9. i was there.. queuing to put my coat away when the sound "turned up a notch" think it was you playing... sadly was just a tad too loud for me.. and i left after an hour ish... but the music was really good. very good choice in tunes .. just a shame about the reverb... when its that loud + that much vibration it puts me in a bit of a panic over my hearing.. the decor was spot on.. some pix's from sparks http://www.3am.co.za/modules.php?set...view_album.php
  10. Psy has been going on for ages... but I’m quite new to it. I don’t think its dying, there are many club nights here in England (London).. Antidote seem to do quite a few party’s, but they are a little bit commercial. They try to bring in the biggest artists and make as much money as poss... Even to the point where they will add other types of music to boost their night.. The last antidote night I went to was I.M at the Brixton academy, that had a house/ prog trance room mixed in. But if you hunt there are quite a few other good organizers.. The best psy night I have ever been to was run by these peeps http://www.kundaliniuk.com that was really magical… (I think part of the reason for this is they give any profit to charity) so they seem to put a lot more in to it.. There are a few other groups that have the same philosophy…. there are also the implosion nights… so it is a bit commercial but if you chose your nights right you can do really well
  11. on a happy side note.. they are playing at glade you can see them live and make a real Decision
  12. Just so you know how important you are I will download this at work and listen it I could be working, helping people, making there little lives a little bit less stressful....... but no I will listen to your mix...
  13. skyrise

    gnomeland 3

    it does look very nice and small and sweet.. i will look more
  14. its wrong to kill people... I shall let god sort you out.. Aka Eskimo i mean, dam it your blaspheming!
  15. oh yes... I have more wants than money Tri - Force - V.A. After 10 Years of Japanese Trance DJ Sangeet - Psycho Tainment Miranda - Asynja Deviant Species - In the Hands of The Randomiser Growling Mad Scientists - Emergency Broadcast System Unison featuring Filteria - Explorer Dino - Neverland Hellraiser Space Monkey - Psychotic Episode Safi Connection - Figga Nigga Shift and Slug - Penguin Rebellion Orion - Delicious Menog vs Mr Peculair - Inner Panic Infected Mushroom - Album: Converting Vegetarians The Call of Gaia Rastaliens - Hadracadabra Rastaliens - Duality Smuhg - Balam (vinyl) Talamasca - Illusion World Talpa - The Art Of Being Non <<<<<<< Broken Toy - Broken Toy Save the Robot - Battle of the Mind Xerox and Illumination - XI
  16. Indeed nice Avatar.. Well judging by the fact that there are normally at least 2-3 resent Dark Psy topics open at anyone time.. I would say that there are quite a few people here that like it.. I my self LOVE it.. Im hoping to go and see Xerox & Illumination.. They have a few really nice dark Psy tracks.. http://www.antidote909.com/hsbc/details.cf...em_code=ANT0075 People in this Forum can list Dark Psy tracks till the cows come home…… This guy has a nice open mix on his site… http://adamwiggins.com/
  17. hmm ok... but by far the nicest party has to be the kundalini i went to last year... it was at the renaissance rooms in Vauxhall... Would go to another one of there psytrance nights in a heartbeat..
  18. well after the even i can safely say that there were very few if any chavs.... although i was quite drunk and could have missed them.... sky
  19. yollo... ok where to start U96 - das Boot Ace of Base - Waiting For Magic Tiamat - Teonanacatl Covenant- Helicoper Eiffel65- blue they are all wonderful to me... but crap to most other people
  20. well its not new.. but i just odered http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/oxy/oxy1cd001.html
  21. I don’t know why but i find that bear very scary.. if i was ever to trip again i think i could almost scream.... and as for Astro Cortex's Bear.. that reminds me of some childhood fear.... i don’t have a phobia of teddies... in fact i have some teddies from my childhood that i love and care for very deeply.. But those 2 bear scare me!!!.. Please use cute teddies..
  22. oh... sadly i was wrong about my self.... it could have been MP3.. i think it was Astral projection many years ago.. which i got from MP3.com..... yes it was free... and legal..
  23. Yollo.. For me it was a CD.. But one my mother brought from a psychic fair... i think she was hoping for something a little more relaxing... this was god knows how many years ago when I was at school…. I have always liked it.. But it wasn’t till I passed the outdoor psytrance event at glade that I started really liking it and now prefer it over most other types of music... nice bit of luck
  24. Yollo people I need a bit of advice (as normal) me and my new girlfriend are exchanging music Views. As such she took me to a punk night.. Which I haven’t done for about 12 years and that was scary but not too bad.. In Return I was thinking of taking her to the Infected mushroom gig in Brixton https://www.antidote909.com/hsbc/details.cf...em_code=ANT0044.. I have never been the biggest fan of I.M but when I saw them at the Stratford Rex, They did put on a very good show.. But im not sure how much of the goodness was thanks to the bean things… please note 1st April will be bean free. They are doing a album launch of “Vicious Delicious”.. I have looked on http://www.saikosounds.com/ and a few others but I cant find anything to hint as to what the new CD could be like. And yes I know it’s not released yet….. I would love some of your input if you know more than me.. (Which shouldn’t be hard).. If the worse come to pass then at least there are many other rooms to run off to.. and there is always Kristian and Simo to pick things up… I would like to know more to stop this turning into one mother of a April fools joke… Thanks..
  25. Hello I think Over all at the end of the night I was just toooo tired and happy to care.. But it did take me four and a half hours to get home... Thx to the wonder of trains... Once a national Tresure.. Now a National disaster.. But it wont stop me from making the most of london.... If you have a upload site or email I would very much like a few of your nice photos.. I know i had a dam good night... just wish i could remember more.. Next time I will lay off the alchol a bit...... Thanks Have fun..
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